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Qt Upgrades From LGPLv2.1 to LGPLv3

borrrden A nail in the coffin? (117 comments)

It was my understanding that the LGPL was created so that applications could link against them without needing to open source themselves. So the LGPL v3 is going to put a nail into mobile developers' coffins and punish them for the actions of the hardware they develop for? Obviously, the ability to swap out dynamic libraries easily on mobile systems is not going to change, and since LGPL v3 was created to stop that, does that mean that the only choice as developers is to stop using LGPL v3 libraries, or basically use GPL v3 instead? Reading over the text of the LGPL is about as useful as trying to communicate in English with a donkey, but which part of it actually closes this loophole?

about three weeks ago

Japan's Radiation Disaster Toll: None Dead, None Sick

borrrden Re:Japan doesn't need nuclear power (319 comments)

Yes, Eastern Japan and Western Japan were influenced by different countries in the western world, as I understand it. The first generators in each were from two different countries that operated on different frequencies. By the time they thought about the difference it was too late to do anything about it.

about a year ago

Japan's Radiation Disaster Toll: None Dead, None Sick

borrrden Re:Japan doesn't need nuclear power (319 comments)

Also I believe they started up some of their old geothermal plants. Either way, the Kyoto Protocol seems like it is no longer an option here (I am also a resident of Japan).

about a year ago

3D-Printed Gun May Be Unveiled Soon

borrrden Oy vey (625 comments)

As if guns weren't easy enough to get without a proper license...

about a year ago

Protecting the Solar System From Contamination

borrrden Re:Too late... (121 comments)

This sounds very similar to the plot for "Contact"

about a year and a half ago

EA Building Microtransactions Into All of Its Future Games

borrrden Required? (303 comments)

As long as it is not required (or not unreasonably hard to continue the game without buying), I don't care. I went through all of Dead Space 3 without any urge to purchase anything, and finished the game. As long as I can keep doing that, I am happy. If not, however, there will be hell to pay.

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: What Video Games Keep You From Using Linux?

borrrden Wrong Question (951 comments)

It's not that current games are keeping me from switching, it is that I want to be able to play new games when they come out, not after an enormous delay. That delay may have become shorter in recent years, but that is the reasoning that sticks with me.

about 2 years ago

Apple Announces iPhone 5

borrrden Re:Durability (1052 comments)

What was the point of mentioning the price? "You can get a screen replaced for a couple hundred dollars"....where have I seen that price before....OH right, the price of a new contracted 16-gb iPhone 5!! I will never pay $200 for a screen replacement when the parts cost a mere $20 and it takes less than an hour of my time to accomplish, and neither should anyone else.

about 2 years ago

The Panic Over Fukushima

borrrden Re:I'm still blown away (536 comments)

They had systems in place for a loss of power event. The problem was they didn't anticipate the length of time the loss of power event would continue. There was a steam/battery powered system designed to cool the reactor without any external power but the batteries ran dry before any help could arrive due to the devastated state of the roads and land around them. I suppose they assumed that if they lost power, they could sound the alarm and quickly get a generator truck in place while they worked on restoring the main power.

more than 2 years ago

Biochemist Creates CO2-Eating Light That Runs On Algae

borrrden Re:Rearranging the Equation (121 comments)

The 2nd line was not a conclusion of the first. The first two lines were the givens. Though I thought the same thing when I first read it. His post is in reply to this one:

CO2 + Light = Algae

CO2 + Algae = Light

more than 2 years ago

NOAA Study: Radiation From Fukushima Very Dilluted, Seafood Safe

borrrden Re:Sanity vs. politically motivated scaremongering (267 comments)

The Tokyo one seems mislabeled as milli instead of micro (especially going by the block sizes). I think there would be a huge problem with 40 millisieverts.....

more than 2 years ago

Javascript Game of Tron In 226 Bytes

borrrden Re:Damn. (115 comments)

Works fine for me in Firefox 12.0

more than 2 years ago

Journalist Gets Blasted By the Pentagon's Pain Ray — Twice

borrrden Re:future weapons ? (357 comments)

As for number 2 I'm pretty sure OP was just saying 0.01 seconds to eliminate the acceleration factor from his argument about the 1.3 seconds.

more than 2 years ago

Japan's Nuclear Energy Industry Nears Shutdown

borrrden Re:See? (267 comments)

Probably not....Japanese people are much more willing to put up with personal discomfort for the sake of the collective. A big part of their culture revolves around keeping harmony with the people around them, so speaking up with a complaint is unbecoming. Also having an idea that differs from other peoples' is frowned upon. This summer will probably turn out to be the same as last summer, with the rolling blackouts making a comeback. Although since more power plants have been shut down, the radius of blackouts might be extended. I don't know what my company will do during the blackouts if they come to our area, since we develop software and obviously can't do that with no power ;P.

more than 2 years ago

Eternal Copyright: a Modest Proposal

borrrden Re:Please be satire (184 comments)

Oops, accidentally modded this....replying to clear it

more than 2 years ago

iPad 3 Confirmed To Have 2048x1536 Screen Resolution

borrrden Re:Nice. (537 comments)

Hah! I usually let my mod points go to waste because I feel like I'd just be trying to use them before they expire otherwise, but in this case I wish I had some!! +1 Funny!

more than 2 years ago

How the US Lost Out On iPhone Work

borrrden The reason America can't (1303 comments)

Yeah....the reason that "no company in America can match that" is that any company that tried to would be facing legal prosecution with regards to indentured servitude, a human rights violation which is outlawed in the U.S. as far as I can tell. Nice omission there Apple.....

more than 2 years ago



Why Fukushima Will Not Be Like Chernobyl

borrrden borrrden writes  |  more than 3 years ago

borrrden writes "Science and Health advisors from the British Embassy in Tokyo, among others, definitively state that even if all three reactors at Fukushima Daiichi were to explode this crisis would not be nearly as bad as Chernobyl and the severe effects would be limited to the already evacuated 20 km radius."
Link to Original Source


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