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Book Review: The Plateau Effect: Getting From Stuck To Success

bplipschitz Re:Seems familiar (121 comments)

I think you may have missed the point (and, I don't think his point was clearly made). The thing about "all those shark attacks" that took place 5-10 years ago one Summer? Not statistically significant, in terms of the annual average. There really weren't *more* shark attacks that year, just more got reported. People don't realize that, then they freak out, stay at home, and die from carbon monoxide poisoning or raining frogs.

about a year and a half ago

Micro Plane That Perches On Power Lines

bplipschitz A little side note to the geniuses at MIT (192 comments)

Miniature surveillance aircraft would never need to return to base if they could cling to overhead power lines to recharge their batteries. Now engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are close to perfecting the trick – taking inspiration from birds.

Uh, the birds aren't recharging.


more than 4 years ago

Hacking Nuclear Command and Control

bplipschitz Re:Windows on submarines? (256 comments)

No, it's the screen doors you have to worry about. . .

more than 5 years ago

45-Year-Old Modem Used To Surf the Web

bplipschitz A Sad Day. . . (622 comments)

I took my 22 year old Leading Edge Model D [complete with 640k RAM and huge 40 Mb HD] to the recyclers yesterday.

My first real computer, purchased with my own money.

LEWP was a decent word processor.


more than 5 years ago

The Low-Intensity, Brute-Force Zombies Are Back

bplipschitz Well, my current crop of zombies are brain-dead. (203 comments)

Maybe that's redundant, but "james" has tried 7500 times in the last 5 days to login to a machine that neither allows password authentication, nor has a user named "james".

Something is broken on their end.

more than 5 years ago

Did Bat Hitch a Ride To Space On Discovery?

bplipschitz Re:119V-0080 (422 comments)

Eric the half-a-bat.

more than 5 years ago

Exchange Comes To Linux As OpenChange

bplipschitz Best Ground-up OSS alternative? (249 comments)

For a small business that is just now looking at getting an Exchange server, what would be the bess OSS alternative?

Thinking that it would be much easier to build and integrate the OSS solution from the ground up, rather than shoehorn it into an existing Exchange environment, what's the best approach here?

more than 5 years ago

How Does a 9/80 Work Schedule Work Out?

bplipschitz Re:80 hours (1055 comments)

Insightful?! You've got to be kidding me--do the damned math, it's 8.8 hours per workday.

Shit, I'm already doing 10+ hrs/day. 80 in 9 days would be gravy. . .

about 6 years ago

Dancing Micro-Robots Waltz on a Pin's Head

bplipschitz Pictures. . . (89 comments)

or it didn't happen.

more than 6 years ago



bplipschitz bplipschitz writes  |  more than 8 years ago

bplipschitz (265300) writes "I have been tasked by the Boss to evaluate upgrading Office97 for our office. [BTW, I'm not the IT guy, just a known Open Source proponent, so I was tagged with this job]. Do we do the smart thing, and upgrade to 2003, knowing that it's got to be more stable [with patches] than 2007 will be [when released]? Or, do we wait 6-8 months and upgrade straight to 2007? Most users in our less than 50 seat shop only use Word and maybe Excel on mostly NT4.0 and some XP machines. My advice would be to get those users on OpenOffice, and upgrade only those that really really need true Microsft compatibility. One sticker [to me, at least] is backwards file compatiblity for all components of Office. How good is it? What pitfalls are there? Will the 'mass file coversion' schemes really work? The biggest unknown at this time is Access. We have a lot of Access reports that are run through our ODBC interface with our manufacturing database, and I don't know enough about Access [I'm a MySQL guy, myself] to know what we're getting into with either upgrade path. For folks that are also in this predicament, what are your thoughts? Switching everyone to OO is not an option."


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