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Bill Blunden's Rejected DEF CON Presentation Posted Online

bradorsomething Actually RTFA (40 comments)

This is a conjecture talk, I can see why they rejected it. Bill, if you happen to read this comment, I think your talk was refused because it uses a lot of "could" and "might" to build a global picture of corruption, landed back in the banking system and corrupt government, failed to point out any non-obvious outcomes or opportunities, and didn't suggest any ways an attendee could constructively effect or participate in the problem. Generally you can expect DEFCON talks to be based on hard facts, with bonus points when it teaches you something or shows you a technique or process you can apply later.

The book plug at the end also seems like a split purpose for making the talk.

about 8 months ago

New Service Lets You Hitch a Ride With Private Planes For Cost of Tank of Gas

bradorsomething Re:Having a private pilots license (269 comments)

If you do not hit something at the end of your flight, you have either been abducted by aliens or achieved orbit. Neither are good. It's how controlled that strike is that concerns people.

about 10 months ago

WSJ: Prepare To Hang Up the Phone — Forever

bradorsomething Are they wanting access to the copper? (449 comments)

I know the copper lines can be used for very high speed dsl; are they trying to get the lines abandoned and then purchase them on the cheap for services?

about 10 months ago

Facebook To Pay City $200K-a-Year For a Neighborhood Cop

bradorsomething Not a bad deal, actually! (235 comments)

When you take into account cost of his titanium armor, ammo for his special sidearm, computer support systems... really that's not a bad price per year.

Wait, we are talking about Robocop, right? I mean, come on, it's Google. He wouldn't be the first computer driving a car around there or anything...

about a year ago

Chinese Lunar Probe Lands Successfully

bradorsomething Obligatory Pun (250 comments)

It is only a matter of time until they wok on the moon.

about a year ago

Have 100GB Free? Host Your Own Copy of Wikipedia, With Images

bradorsomething Re:Article Ownership (151 comments)

It comes with software that automatically reverts your edits and insults you.

Citation Needed.

about a year ago

Call Yourself a Hacker, Lose Your 4th Amendment Rights

bradorsomething Re:I declare myself a Diplomat... (488 comments)

Well I'm now a firetruck, so get your diplomatic vehicle out of the way.

about a year ago

Navy Version of Expedia Could Save DoD Millions

bradorsomething Plan Your Next Occupation with TET! (55 comments)

I have to invade Iran because my boss is making me. But our fleet really wants to occupy North Korea this summer.

Thanks to TET, we saved enough money we were able to plan both invasions, and ended up with a slight surplus. Thanks TET!

about a year and a half ago

NSA Director Defends Surveillance To Unsympathetic Black Hat Crowd

bradorsomething Re:Aren't NSA blackhats too? (358 comments)

The CIA are the Black Hats. The NSA collects and analyzes by charter. There are no White Hats in the government, really... maybe, maybe DHS if they ever got off their butts.

All the White Hats seem to work for Universities.

about a year and a half ago

Data Storage That Could Outlast the Human Race

bradorsomething Re:outlast humans? who will be able to decode/read (231 comments)

... not like the future "beings" of this planet are going to be able to figure out how to read the damn thing - we've all see planet of the apes and how inferior those beings were.. good use to document everything if it is just a hologram on a piece of rock..

They'll probably just use the damn things to encode their own histories and over-write ours!


Hang on a second...

about a year and a half ago

India To Send World's Last Telegram

bradorsomething Required Telegram Joke (205 comments)

Is appears the article is wrong about telegram services ending over all, and they actually won't Stop

about a year and a half ago

Mice, Newts Retrieved After a Month Orbiting Earth At 345 Miles Up

bradorsomething Re:Just my intuition.... (85 comments)

....but the Fish and crayfish didn't survive then!

There's no information given about the chordates and arthropoda in question.

That information might be classified.

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: How Do You Sell an Algorithm To Venture Capitalists?

bradorsomething A Word About Angel Investors... (205 comments)

Tell them broad strokes, not enough to figure it out. Remember that they're called Angel Investors because they can swoop in, take your idea, and do it themselves with their own money. Otherwise, most advice here is solid. They want to see how you develop it, what the exits are, and how much they can reasonably make.

about a year and a half ago

Richard Branson Plans Orbital Spaceships For Virgin Galactic

bradorsomething Don't Forget the Fuel Surchages (177 comments)

They probably take Air Miles.

Yeah, but it's Virgin. The fuel surcharges will cost more than $200,000 to orbit and back if you use miles.

about a year ago

TSA Accepting Public Comments On Whole Body Airport Screening

bradorsomething Meet you on the No Fly list! (223 comments)

My Comment to Them:

"I travel about twice a month and have been a regular traveler most of my life, and because of this, the deployment of this technology has had a major impact on my life.

This technology is not wanted by air travelers, and was put in place with less testing than the shampoo I am no longer allowed to carry through security. Experts have found that shadowing can cause items to slip through this screening, and these devices cannot detect anything inside the body. They have also created long, bunched up lines of people at airports, outside of the "secure" cordon, which would allow a terrorist to kill many more people than would be on a single airplane... and these deaths could ironically be attributed directly to the delays caused by these devices, which regularly slow the lines and require pat-downs when they don't read properly (my experience when waiting).

Security at airports has become a reactive reflex which always fights the last threat. I am confident I am not the only tax payer who feels their money was completely wasted on these devices, whose only value, I feel, was to make some contractor rich, and get some person re-elected by convincing the under-informed that they were "safe."

about 2 years ago

IAU: No, You Can't Name That Exoplanet

bradorsomething Re:You find it, you name it (142 comments)

And when we finally meet the aliens from Tostitos III, how do we explain that to them?

Over nachos?

about 2 years ago

National Security Letters Ruled Unconstitutional, Banned

bradorsomething Mod Parent Up (231 comments)

Giving to EFF is a good step.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: I Just Need... Marketing?

bradorsomething My Experience with the Same Problem (212 comments)

I have experience in another industry with the same scenario; I provide the operational expertise and oversight, and have marketing side opposite me. This was a very tough issue for me, as I know marketing is crucial for me from an operational standpoint, but I don't have the time or the drive to smile all day and shake hands.

I initially partnered with some marketing folks, where we were going to go halves on the costs, they were the marketing side, and I was the operational side. Their funding backed out after I had a lot of sunk costs (naturally), so I used whatever support they could still give me based on the good-will of our intended relationship, while I worked with people familiar to the market.

The most important advice I can give you is to work with people that already know the customers in your strongest base. As you appear to have experience in the area you're working in, the people who market for you should optimally know many of the same customers you do, know more about them, and know many more people you don't.

The second most important advice I can give you, is incentives for your salespeople. My initial partners had a strong incentive (if we did poorly, they lost money too). My new folks are rewarded for the increased business, and I feel that marketing folks you employ should make very low salaries in set income, with the ability to make more than you make in bonuses if they are wildly successful. Structures on this vary, but always do a reality check when you negotiate them; a smart salesperson is one that makes a small fortune making you a bigger one. A smart con artist makes themselves a small fortunes while you make about the same you would have without them.

about 2 years ago

DHS Can Seize Your Electronics Within 100 Mi.of US Border, Says DHS

bradorsomething A Compromise on Bush/Obama.. (597 comments)

How about this... we democrats will say Obama is as bad as Bush on civil liberties, if you republicans say Bush is as bad as Obama.

I think we can all meet in that middle ground.


about 2 years ago

Richard Stallman's Solution To 'Too Big To Fail'

bradorsomething Re:Unholly Partnership (649 comments)

Pass a failed law: Go to Jail. Politicians need to have fear of jail. Obamacare would have never ever passed.

What is missed is that "when you are to big to fail", you got that way by hiring ex-politicians, using lobbyists and donating huge sums to politicians in return for writing favorable laws.

In return politicians want "a return", so they put rules on things like the banks in order to satisfy their political party or favorite group.

The Community Reinvestment Act was obviously at the root of the MMM (mortgage meltdown mess), but we don't see any laws making politicians go to jail for having voted for that law and then failing to eliminate or restructure it when it was known it was going out of control.

We are all part of the same compost heap. We are the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world. Like the first monkey shot into space... without pain, without sacrifice, we would have nothing.


about 2 years ago


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