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Roland Piquepaille Dies

brarrr Re:Roland Piquepaille - Mod Him Way Up, IMHO (288 comments)

I know this is off topic but it's worth mentioning... this is the first time in several years where I've seen a post by any of you sub 1000 (non-rob) UID folks that has content and isn't about the ahem size of your UID.

(not that I mean to rip on you guys or say that you don't make posts that I just don't see, but it is just such an infrequent occurrence in my view to be worth noting) ... and I will wait patiently for some 56 user to make a non-witty, meaningful post to prove me wrong :)

about 6 years ago

Steve Jobs Issues Update On His Health

brarrr Re:News because (320 comments)

You've clearly never been in a design, sales, or marketing meeting with him - involved would be an understatement.

about 6 years ago

Saving 28,000 Lives a Year

brarrr Re:Look at Airplanes (263 comments)

please mod parent up under the RTFA Funny tag.. oh wait...

yes i know it was a way to long FA but it specifically brings up the introduction of checklists in aviation - specifically. ie a plane crashed and they figured the cause was that it was too complicated to fly so pilots should have checklists to prevent such problems.

more than 6 years ago


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