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U.N. Lends Backing to the $100 Laptop

brendano Why the big-name rush? (253 comments)

Why is there such a rush of governments, the U.N., and so many others already pledging support for this initiative? It sounds like it could be a good idea, but shouldn't people wait to see whether the thing actually works? They have a whole boatload of new, innovative features like automatic peer-to-peer wireless, their own specialized Linux software, etc. -- surely it'll take time to work out the kinks...

about 9 years ago



"Search engine" in 20 lines of Bash

brendano brendano writes  |  more than 6 years ago

brendano writes "Yes, this is a joke: About GhettoSearch.net — We invented the cutting-edge Bash on Rails Web 31.4 platform to power GhettoSearch.net. Our Stochastic Web Grep technology is SIMPLE yet POWERFUL. It harnesses the emergent semantic collective intelligence of the web. Instead of the standard "index" software used by other inferior search engines, GhettoSearch.net integrates the crawl and query-document matching into a seamless user experience. This represents a transformative, game-changing paradigm shifting moment in the industry."
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