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Top 10 Items in the Linux Admin Toolkit

brighton Re:A windows XP CD (357 comments)

You sure about that? I think its a 'fantastic' example of everything that is wrong with proprietary softwware providers trying to passively adapt their products to the Linux environment. Take instead a mysql installation: yum install mysqld Or, if you're afraid of the command line, fire up synaptic click search type "mysql" , click the checkbox next to it, and click 'apply'.

more than 8 years ago



brighton brighton writes  |  about 8 years ago

brighton writes "It would seem that there's an imminent "killer" web 2.0 app on the horizon, and yet no one is yet talking about it. The personal and small business accounting service market is chomping at the bit to make billions for advertisers and service providers, as the next 2.0 service success story. Probably second only to webmail itself. But who's apt to bring it to the market first? And when can we expect it?"


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