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Judge Rules Man Cannot Be Forced To Decrypt HD

brobak Re:Relinquish or Destroy? (775 comments)

The real reason that this doesn't happen is because its pointless. The first thing that a data forensic team does is mirror the original drive, and store the original away as evidence. They then work on the mirrored image.

So, you go and give the self destruct key, and it renders the data on the copy useless. Big deal. They just go and mirror the original again, and you are back at square one.

more than 6 years ago



Leasing Land to an ISP

brobak brobak writes  |  more than 6 years ago

brobak writes "I live in a rural part of West Virignia. As you might imagine, broadband options here are extremely limited. Population density is low, and we are about 25 miles out from the nearest CO. Currently, the only game in town in a WISP with a tower about 6 miles away. I am a subscriber to their service, but recently, they have oversold the bandwidth on my tower such that between 5pm and 11pm every day, the service is unusable. I have been pricing out an option to bring in a real T1 and have several quotes, but this is fairly expensive given my distance from the CO. Another option I thought about was to lease some of my property to a telco, or ISP for the purpose of installing some kind of hardware to bring the bandwidth out to me and the surrounding community. Has anyone ever negotiated a deal where a long term lease was given on a piece of your property for a business to install a communications closet? How did you find a business to work with? How did you negotiate the terms? Do you have any other suggestions for successfully gaining enough business interest to have them come out?"
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Entry Level Astronomy

brobak brobak writes  |  more than 7 years ago

brobak writes "I'm getting ready to move into a new home on a couple of acres of rural property a significant distance from any large source of light pollution. I've always been interested in astronomy in general, and I was thinking that putting my dark skies to use by picking up decent telescope and learning a bit about the skies over my head. I have been doing a decent amount of web research, but I thought that the Slashdot community would be the perfect place to get opinions on entry level equipment, websites, and books.

The overall budget for this project is going to be around $1,000, and observations will be made from the back of my home primarily. I am particularly interested in the subject of astrophotography, but I understand that may be outside the scope of the initial budget. I would welcome any and all of your comments and suggestions for getting started in this fascinating hobby.

PS — I've already signed up for my local astronomy clubs next monthly meeting."

brobak brobak writes  |  more than 7 years ago

brobak writes "I haven't owned a pure gaming machine in several years, but the recent release of some of the consoles has gotten me interested in gaming again, and I've decided to build a solidly performing workstation with an eye to playing PC games. To that end, I've ended up with a video card that has dual DVI outputs, and is capable of driving a resolution of up to 2560x1024. While I find the use of two monitors at work to be extremely productive, I was wondering if Slashdot had any insight as to a monitor setup for this gaming PC. Would I be crazy to get two 17" 1280x1024 capable LCD panels, rip the bezel off of them and 'make' myself a widescreen monitor, or should I just go with a more standard 'widescreen' LCD with 1680x1050? Are there other options I should consider? Money of course, is a large consideration, but I can see myself spending somewhere around the $350 mark to get this acomplished."


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