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Will Secure Boot Cripple Linux Compatibility?

bryanbuckley Re:"Freedom" (545 comments)

You know you are posting in a thread of linux geeks when all the responses are inline.

about 3 years ago

Google Buys IBM Patents

bryanbuckley Re:Build custom Google chips??? (72 comments)

Big rumors on a few websites that TI is selling off their OMAP division... Perhaps Google is looking at that?

more than 3 years ago

The Rise of Git

bryanbuckley Re:Best Way to Learn Git? (442 comments)

These sites helped me a bit when I first started using git. The best way is to just start using it and set a goal to use a feature you just read about if you think it applies to your situation. I think the point of good-enough use of git is successfully operating like below, being able to use interactive rebases successfully and to know what command to use for the job (merge, rebase, cherry pick):

more than 3 years ago

Public AAC Listening Test @ ~96 Kbps [July 2011].

bryanbuckley Re:Many claim so and most a quite wrong. (277 comments)

Want a good way to tell the difference? Use decent in-ear headphones (I have a pair of Shure's)

more than 3 years ago

Earth's Population To Hit 7 Billion This Year

bryanbuckley Re:7 billion? No wait, 8? 9? (461 comments)

The reason given is rising standard of living. People living in abject poverty (and I don't mean first world slums, I mean abject poverty which is something most slashdotters have never seen firsthand) have lots of kids. Raise them out of poverty to a standard of living that includes such luxuries as medicine, clean water, adequate food and shelter and they have fewer kids. This is human nature, and it's as true for the western world as it is elsewhere. Our population growth didn't slow until our conditions improved, so why should we expect otherwise elsewhere?

So we will eventually hit population stability. Now the catch is that the global demand for energy will more than double in the process. Given that many of our energy sources are either environmentally disastrous or finite, this is going to become a problem, as is competition for other natural resources. So we're not out of the woods, but Malthusian predictions about population growth are as wrong now as they were when they were new.

True. The real doom and gloom is that more people are coming out of poverty thus consuming more resources and the corollary of negatively impacting the environment. Some people would rather have 4 billion impoverished than 2 billion with an order of magnitude better standard of living. Of course in other domains there is plenty of money to be made by increased standards of living.

more than 3 years ago

7 Days With a Google Chromebook

bryanbuckley Re:Summarize for you (127 comments)

Are you really telling me you don't ever expect a coworker to hand you a USB drive with a few files on it? With the Chromebook, you won't be able to do anything with those files until you upload them to Google Docs, and if they're in a Zip file on the USB drive, you're going to have to find another computer or ask someone to open it for you.

Didn't you hear? Google Docs supports zip and rar now.

more than 3 years ago

The Ugly State of ARM Support On Linux

bryanbuckley Re:The GPL remarks GPL in the article are nonsense (94 comments)

Some employees try to upsteam some patches. They are free to do so since the vendors' trees are public anyway (you can go look at what the big boys are doing to get 3.0 running right now) Most would probably LOVE to see their stuff merged upstream (either to Linux mainline or at least to Google's) so that they don't have port patches to new kernel versions.

A few reasons you don't see more upstreaming:
    - Some of the code is chip specific (errata, custom IP)
    - The market demands fast iteration, so having an engineer work to get his patches merged upstream is quite a thorn in the side when considering the time frame that can take.
    - A lot of the code that is submitted upstream is flat out denied already (for expected reasons: not elegant enough, too "my way or the highway" on part of vendor)

It does look like Linus really wants to be able to build a generic kernel to be able to boot up on any ARM. That seems to be what Linus and company are getting at. Because currently you have to build the kernel with a specific configuration to be able to boot a specific SoC.

Really a lot of the problem lies in the make process for the kernel... there is just no good dependency handling right now...

more than 3 years ago

USAF Gets F-35 Flight Simulator

bryanbuckley Re:Top Gun (252 comments)

Not really. The impact of firebombing is somewhat overestimated.

No one said it was just the firebombing...

more than 3 years ago


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