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Ask Slashdot: What Are the Strangest Features of Various Programming Languages?

brystar Re:Platform lock-in (729 comments)

Actually I spent this week writing C# in Visual Studio for Android and IOS devices. The new Xamarin.Forms is fantastic, native UI but still cross platform C#. Microsoft doesn't seem to be locking anyone in and even standardized the platform enabling cross platform development.

about a month and a half ago

USB 2.0 Spec Is Final - Up To 480 MB/s

brystar Ugh.. USB needs to go faster? (227 comments)

I just want to say that usb already manages to ruin most of my days at work.
I work on diagnostics for a hardware company that sells docking stations and we have a product with usb in it. Developing a software diagnostic was a pain in the ass. The protocol is so screwed up. I think its a conspiracy to up the processor speeds the average computer user needs.
The OHCI implementation (OPTI & CMD chips) causes an interrupt every millisecond. When this interrupt occurs a bunch of data is sent over the link. Lots of software driver activity. Regardless if there is a device plugged in or not watching this on a Logic Analyzer you see a bunch of data being processed that basically means "I'm ok, I'm still here". If that interrupt isn't handled properly system crash or at least USB crash. Actually using a device increases this of course but I think for a USB mouse to suck this much resources is.. bad?
UHCI (Intel) implementation is slightly better. Except no one can get it to work if its not built into motherboard (except VIA, what does that say?). Doesn't cause as many interrupts, and its IO based. Basically USB 2.0 is going to increase the frequency of interrupts. Faster processors benefit who?.. Of course I'm just being paranoid because i'm a software guy at a hardware company.
~Bryan Starbuck

more than 14 years ago


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