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How Amazon Keeps Cutting AWS Prices: Cheapskate Culture

bsane Re:Economy Class Only (146 comments)

They have (had?) regular flights between their west coast locations, you just show up and take a seat. I don't know that they fly charter flights anywhere else on a regular basis. It also wasn't unique to Intel, HP used to do something very similar.

about 6 months ago

More Than 1 In 4 Car Crashes Involve Cellphone Use

bsane Re:Did the accident rate increase? (367 comments)

It does matter- take away phones and you could see the total number of accidents stay the same- now with phone distractions replaced with 'HE CAME OUT OF NOWHERE!' ie: not paying attention.

about 7 months ago

Lit Motors, Danny Kim, and Changing How Americans Drive

bsane Re:Will believe Elio it when I see one (144 comments)

Those are pretty crazy sales targets they have, but my first thought when seeing a $6800 car that gets 84mpg is: I can buy one with the money I currently spend on gas when commuting. It'd be a no-brainer, a much better investment than a 50k Tesla that I'd be putting 30k miles on a year.

about 7 months ago

SpaceX Launch Achieves Geostationary Transfer Orbit

bsane Re:SpaceX is so cheap (131 comments)

I'm sure there is a liability factor there too- nobody wants astronauts to die in a spacex/dragon launch. If this was 100% NASA it'd be a loss and PR disaster and as bad as the hit would be, they'd move on. If it happens in the first couple (dozen?) dragon launches it will sink the company and with it the falcon and the possibility of cheap launches.

about a year ago

Image Lifted From Twitter Leads to $1.2M Payout For Haitian Photog

bsane Re:Sweet sweet copyright justice (242 comments)

So SAG isn't doing their job? Or they negotiate for the 99%s and when the 1% writes gold, they get screwed?

about a year ago

Movie Review: Ender's Game

bsane Re:Orson Scott Card (732 comments)

Yeah, I don't get the hate for I, Robot movie... their wasn't a coherent story in the first place. Just a bunch of related shorts, none of which were long enough for a movie.

The movie took one of Asimov's later realizations as its main point: eventually the 3 laws go wrong. If they're rigid laws and they're smart enough robots, then you get the 0th law and they protect humanity at the expense of the individual. If they're flexible they see themselves as the greater good and the expense of humanity. Asimov wrote both ways.

about a year ago

Feinstein and Rogers: No Clemency For Snowden

bsane Re:clemency? (504 comments)

That and she already fucking knew what was going on. The very agencies she wanted him to go to were part of the conspiracy. I'm sure Snowden knew that, so why would he go to them?

about a year ago

How Safe Is Cycling?

bsane Re:How safe? (947 comments)

Miles traveled alone would be the wrong metric- unless you're comparing the same routes/types of trips. If you're computing accident rate on short range commutes, then fine. Comparing short range commute accidents per mile vs accidents per mile that includes interstate driving it wouldn't be valid.

about a year ago

Administration Admits Obamacare Website Stinks

bsane Re:What does IT run on .. (516 comments)

Often times the killer is something stupid like incorrect http headers that prevent caching, which means every request to akamai hits the origin.

1 year,13 days

Bennett Haselton's Response To That "Don't Talk to Cops" Video

bsane Wrong assumptions (871 comments)

I think you missed the whole point. If they're interrogating you they 'know' you're guilty and will do whatever it takes to convict you.

In other words, if you're arrested, suppose the cops really are so dumb and/or evil that they would quote your "I never liked the guy" out of context to try and get you convicted.

They're not dumb or (in their minds) evil. They 100% convinced that you're guilty of the crime and want you convicted. The DA has the same motivation, if he thought they were innocent you wouldn't be prosecuted.

1 year,14 days

Ask Slashdot: Has Gmail's SSL Certificate Changed, How Would We Know?

bsane Re:Revocation (233 comments)

Firefox checks and updates when you run it. On OSX Chrome creates a launch service that keeps a daemon running that constantly communicates back with goog- even if you never open chrome again. Delete chrome? Background daemon continues to talk to goog- it doesn't go away until you use the CLI to remove it.

1 year,24 days

Apple Starts Blocking Unauthorized Lightning Cables With iOS 7

bsane Re:FUD article (663 comments)

I can't believe I had to scroll 2/3 down the page to get this- and only +3. Nothing fucking changed except the wording of the message. The cheap cables I bought from china still work, but the message is slightly more verbose. Mostly FUD article, total unmitigated bullshit headline.

about a year ago

Germany Produces Record-Breaking 5.1 Terawatt Hours of Solar Energy In One Month

bsane Re:NO NO NO (687 comments)

This is basically every environmentalists wet dream. You want to live in a concentration camp? Knock yourself out, but don't drag the rest us with you.

about a year ago

Relicensing of MySQL Man Pages Just a Bug

bsane Re:Duh? (68 comments)

No everyone should stop new development against MySQL or MariaDB (which will eventually sell us out, just like they did in the past), and start using a better- truly FOS solution: Postgres, you'll be glad you did.

about a year ago

Oracle Discontinues Free Java Time Zone Updates

bsane Re:ORACLE = One Raging Asshole Called Larry Elliso (405 comments)

My suggestion would be to skip Django. Besides the differences between 2 and 3 are _trivial_ compared to what you'll need to learn about Django.

about a year ago

Kim Dotcom Wants Money From Google, Twitter For 2-Factor Authentication

bsane Re:Extortion maybe? (122 comments)

Don't hate the player, hate the game ;-)

about a year ago


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