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Ruby 1.9.1 Released

bstadil Re:Twice as fast... (226 comments)

Sorry it wasn't clear. No it is Ruby implemented to run on a Virtual Machine. You write your Ruby code as normal and it gets compiled to byte code that run very fast. This is how Java is fast. Ruby can in principle be as fast as Java. Ruby is not inherently slow just the current implementation is somewhat slow.

about 6 years ago

The Power of the R Programming Language

bstadil Embedded FUD (382 comments)

I have high regards for Ashlee Vance and miss his Podcasts he did while he was at The Register. It puzzles me he included this old FUD chestnut. Seems like a throw back from the 90's.

Anne H. Milley, director of technology product marketing at SAS ... adds, "We have customers who build engines for aircraft. I am happy they are not using freeware when I get on a jet."

about 6 years ago

IT Job Without a Degree?

bstadil Job Market Signaling (1123 comments)

Read Noble Laureate Michael Spence's famous article about Job Market Signaling Once you understand the thinking of this article you should try and think about what signals can you send to potential employers. It has to be something that can not easily be falsifier and it has to have been "expensive" for you to achieve. Expensive defined as effort by you. Contributing meaningful to an Open Source project or something like that.

more than 6 years ago


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