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Google x86 Native Browser Client Maybe Not So Crazy After All

bsy_at_play Re:Won't work on 64-bit Windows (332 comments)

32-bit browsers running on 64-bit windows can launch another 64-bit executable.

more than 3 years ago

First Acoustic Black Hole Created

bsy_at_play Re:Sort of Hawking Radiation (165 comments)

heisenberg: uncertainty in energy times uncertainty in time has a lower bound. what is the energy of the phonons? given the small time that heisenberg allows the virtual phonon pairs to exist, how far can the phonons travel? without actually working out the numbers, my seat of the pants guess is that the number of virtual phonon pairs for which one member crosses the acoustic event horizon will be vanishingly small.

more than 5 years ago

Solving the Knight's Tour Puzzle In 60 Lines of Python

bsy_at_play one line of python (kinda slow) (311 comments)

$ time python -c "import sys; sys.stdout.write((lambda size, sizesq, allp, openclose: ((lambda mkbrd, brd, mv, av, d, finished: ((lambda h: h(h, mkbrd(), 0, 0, 0)) (lambda h, b, r, c, v: [ lambda: ([ lambda:'', lambda: ((lambda nb, nv: d([lambda:h(h, nb, r-2, c-1, nv), lambda:h(h, nb, r-1, c-2, nv), lambda:h(h, nb, r-2, c+1, nv), lambda:h(h, nb, r-1, c+2, nv), lambda:h(h, nb, r+1, c-2, nv), lambda:h(h, nb, r+2, c-1, nv), lambda:h(h, nb, r+1, c+2, nv), lambda:h(h, nb, r+2, c+1, nv)]) ) (mv(b,r,c,v), v+1))] [av(b,r,c)]()), lambda: brd(b)][finished(v,r,c)]()) )) (lambda: [-1] * sizesq, lambda b: '\n'.join((''.join('%4d' % v for v in b[i:i+size])) for i in range(0,sizesq,size)) + '\n\n', lambda b, r, c, v: b[:r*size+c] + [v] + b[r*size+c+1:], lambda b, r, c: int(r >=0 and r = 0 and c 0)]())), lambda fl: ''.join(f() for f in fl)][allp], [lambda v,r,c: int(v==sizesq), lambda v,r,c: int(v==sizesq and r==0 and c==0)][openclose] ))) (int(sys.argv[1]), int(sys.argv[1])*int(sys.argv[1]), int(sys.argv[2]), int(sys.argv[3])))" 6 0 1
      0 7 4 13 2 29
      5 12 1 30 23 14
      8 35 6 3 28 31
    11 18 9 24 15 22
    34 25 20 17 32 27
    19 10 33 26 21 16

real 0m43.784s
user 0m36.254s
sys 0m0.052s

arguments: the 6 is the size of the board, 0 means to print the first found rather than all, and the 1 means to look for a closed path rather than an open path.

more than 6 years ago


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