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Building the Infinite Digital Universe of No Man's Sky

bucket_brigade Re:What does "effectively infinite" mean? (100 comments)

Define infinite. There are no infinite things in observed reality and there obviously can not be any in a computer game. Infinite simply means that you can always come up with more of whatever object is under consideration. For example no matter how large a natural number you name I can always name a bigger one. In this case it probably means that when you reach a "border" of the world some more "world" is generated. Given that they claim it is procedurally generated.

about a month ago

EU's Top Court May Define Obesity As a Disability

bucket_brigade Re:on behalf of america (625 comments)

True, however, their verdicts can have influence over existing laws. If there are laws concerning treatment of disability in the workplace and some responsible body makes up a new disability it sort of is like passing a law.

about a month and a half ago

R Throwdown Challenge

bucket_brigade so different (185 comments)

Yeah R is so different from Python, I mean everything is the same but not quite and I totally have a point and not just bullshitting because like Japanese sushi and beef Argentinian soup, brocolli.

about 2 months ago

Free Software Foundation Condemns Mozilla's Move To Support DRM In Firefox

bucket_brigade Re:Plenty of forks already ... (403 comments)

Because when you fork something it instantly becomes unstable and memory corruption bugs appear. Or you could, you know, remove that one bit that you don't like and keep the rest the same.

about 2 months ago

Fixing the Pain of Programming

bucket_brigade What pain of programming? (294 comments)

The only "pain of programming" I have experienced was always the result of my own poor design choices. Is there an IDE for that?

about 2 months ago

US College Students Still Aren't All That Interested In Computer Science

bucket_brigade Re:Not terribly surprising (306 comments)

"and much more to do with general math/logic" well thank fuck. Anyone can learn to code on their own, not so with general math/logic.

about 2 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What Should Every Programmer Read?

bucket_brigade Re:K&R (352 comments)

Excellent arguments, I'm convinced.

about 2 months ago

Zuckerberg's $100 Million Education Gift Solved Little

bucket_brigade Re:Breaking news (335 comments)

"How about just talking to the school directors, asking them what they need most, and then giving it to them?"

I don't know for sure but I am pretty certain every government in the world would make doing that impossible.

about 2 months ago

Mathematical Model Suggests That Human Consciousness Is Noncomputable

bucket_brigade Re:If it's not computable... (426 comments)

I suspect that "it's magic" is precisely the conclusion they want to draw to protect their threatened special snowflake status. Otherwise clever people (Roger Penrose, etc) end up looking like total baffoons because they cannot even dare contemplate the notion that their mind is not a transcendent miracle of galactic proportions.

about 3 months ago

Mathematical Model Suggests That Human Consciousness Is Noncomputable

bucket_brigade Oh dear (426 comments)

Apparently making grandiose statements about things you have no clue about is how I should have been doing science. Instead of, you know, working hard to justify your conclusions beyond all doubt.

about 3 months ago

Russia Quietly Passes Anti-Blogger Law

bucket_brigade Re:Russia you were so close (284 comments)

There's a sort of pride among russians in not turning against Russia and it's culture no matter how badly it fucks them. It's like a battered housewife only the size of a country.

about 3 months ago

C++ and the STL 12 Years Later: What Do You Think Now?

bucket_brigade Re:Simple (435 comments)

There are applications where no overhead is always better than any overhead. Mostly stuff involving the simulation of physical processes. For example in computer sound synthesis and processing no matter how much computational power you throw at me I will use it up. A musician buys a computer twice as fast as the previous one? Great now he can use 10 convolution based reverbs instead of 5 or use that new virtual analog synthesizer plugin that emulates each transistor of some old korg synth perfectly and he will and his computer will choke just as before. Peoples needs are different. Just because you can't think of uses for extra CPU cycles does not mean other people can't and if your program wastes those cycles people will buy from someone else.

about 3 months ago

Apache OpenOffice Reaches 100 Million Downloads. Now What?

bucket_brigade Re:What now? 1 billion! (285 comments)

In the context of everything else that is available (R, etc), yes.

about 3 months ago

Apache OpenOffice Reaches 100 Million Downloads. Now What?

bucket_brigade Re:What now? 1 billion! (285 comments)

Why would anyone use Excel for anything?

about 3 months ago

Code Quality: Open Source vs. Proprietary

bucket_brigade The only problem (139 comments)

The only problem with this is, of course, that what they claim to be doing (automatically examining code for defects) is literally impossible.

about 3 months ago

Toddlers May Learn Language By Data Mining

bucket_brigade err (213 comments)

since when is old news considered new and exciting research?

more than 6 years ago


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