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Blowing Up a Pointless Job Interview

bucktug 2 Questions... blah! (692 comments)

During an interview the HR guy asked me 2 questions that had the rest of the folks at the table offer me the job...
Q1: What 2 words best describe you?
A1: I would have to go with "Springer Guest"... Wait... the judge said "Repeat Offender"

Q2: What is your greatest weakness?
A2: I have a great distain for trick questions. I know you only want me to say something positive about myself because the negative thing about me is somehow a positive. But I am pretty grumbly hateful about it instead of humbly grateful.

about 9 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What Is the Best Way To Add Forums To a Website?

bucktug Disqus (259 comments)

Customize it with CSS... call it a day. Forums are just pages with styled links. Your server doesn't suffer the load... the federated login is handled by others...

about 2 years ago

Journalist Tricked Captors Into Twitter Access

bucktug Re:Okay, but... (141 comments)

Will you shoot the blue earth down?
In the space station
Polishing the ray gun
You say correllation is not causation .... I know your a supra genius.

more than 4 years ago

Anti-Google Video Runs In Times Square

bucktug Do not track me list? (346 comments)

Isn't keeping a list of who not to track a form of tracking?

more than 4 years ago

Adobe Pushing For Flash TVs

bucktug Re:*Argh!* (345 comments)

So if a client has money and wants to pay you money to produce a flash application, you say "N O"?

So your client wants the following:
Cross platform
Pixel precise design
Media assets (video/sound)
Custom media controls
Robust charting (Flex Charting).
Give you money to do it.
Accessibility for blind users.

What do you use?

My main reason for use Flash/Flex is that the runtime is consistent across platforms and I don't have to take the time to rebuild portions of my application for IE anomalies. I take the time to make my controls accessible for blind users. In my videos I even embed a Closed Caption player. I can lazy load my data when it is needed on the screen. And I can cache my RSL's to make my content smaller the next time you come back.

Until something better comes along. Long live Flash/Flex.

more than 5 years ago

When Is a Self-Signed SSL Certificate Acceptable?

bucktug 3 instances of when Self-Signed SSL is right (627 comments)

1. Test box
2. When you have a smaller user base of users that actually know you. Like a workgroup that might uses a web front end to a database that isn't usually public facing but for whatever business reason isn't behind a firewall.
3. When you are cheap.

Blah blah... price of everything... cost of nothing... blah blah...

more than 6 years ago


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