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Xbox 720 Might Reject Used Games

buddahfool Will be irrelevant as physical media withers away (543 comments)

I play games often, but it is always digital downloads when they go on sale on Steam. It server the same function as used games (pick up older game a few months after launch for cheap) but the money goes to the developers. This hurts used game retailers trying to sustain their shrinking business model, gamers without internet connections, and lovers of physical media.

about 3 years ago

Newest Energy Source — Pond Scum

buddahfool Water in the desert? Trade one problem for another (289 comments)

The article mentions that the ideal place to house this type of energy plant would the desert, like the pilot in the American Southwest.

  I am assuming that this is not a total closed system and thus will consume water. Since it mentions doubling the biomass in "a couple of hours" I assume it would consume a lot of water... (but IANAMarineBiologist)

  As a resident of the southwest I can say that one of biggest ecoplogical hurdle we face is our need for water. We keep "doubling our biomass" with a constant influx of people excaping the big cities on the coasts with no new sources of water. We constantly are threatening to run the Rio Grande dry in spots and put many species and ecologies in threat. Not to mention all the farmers and communities competing for the same resource.

  It sounds like a great idea but not in my backyard. Lets do it, but near a big water supply, not the desert southwest...

(Hmmm... I assume the algae can handle salt water, how about nearer to the ocean? But then the real estate costs more!)

more than 8 years ago



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