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NASA Proposes "Water World" Theory For Origin of Life

bugs2squash Re:It's alive (112 comments)

Is that you Dr. Frankenstein ?

2 days ago

Retired SCOTUS Justice Wants To 'Fix' the Second Amendment

bugs2squash Re:Militia, then vs now (1575 comments)

Saihung is overly harsh, to my mind there's no reason why people should not be able to own a gun or a knife or a sharp stick or use it when they need to defend themselves or others or to hunt reasonably or just for the fun of shooting at targets. There are however plenty of reasons why we should not allow people to threaten others with impunity. The gun crowd simply behave in an overly entitled way whether it involves shooting kids at a gas station, scoffing at grazing laws then crowing over the responsible back-down of LEOs, casually threatening people with death, filling the woods with lead and not cleaning it up or shooting bystanders that they didn't bother to check were there.
The penalties for behaving like a brat or being willfully ignorant with a weapon of any kind should be severe. In general, this is the same crowd that expects welfare recipients to "take personal responsibility for their lives", whether or not they espouse that view they should take personal responsibility for the costs that are incurred by keeping the country awash with guns. Instead they stifle research into the problem, stymie attempts to keep weapons from lunatics and serve to diminish any consequences of recklessness or pigheadedness but only when it involves a gun. The overall behavior of the gun interest groups demonstrate profound irresponsibility.
The focus needs to change to how people can keep their guns without having the social impact that they do and the threat needs to be "reform or you can't keep the guns".

3 days ago

Theo De Raadt's Small Rant On OpenSSL

bugs2squash Re:Summary. (301 comments)

I have to wonder why writepast, readpast and double free checks, along with memory zeroing are not directly supported for fine-grained allocations in MMU hardware, I know the MMU can handle memory in chunks, but why not extend that protection to any arbitrary length of memory allocation. I would have though that such functionality could be beneficial, effectively directly handle the basic malloc, calloc and free functionality in hardware with real GPFs thrown every time something amiss happens.

about two weeks ago

Google: Teach Girls Coding, Get $2,500; Teach Boys, Get $0

bugs2squash Re:Why would they do anything else? (673 comments)

No, the goal is to take the jar from 80% men/20% women to 80% men/ 80% women and keep the total payroll cost the same. I welcome more women to the field, and I'm always pleased to see schools get more cash, but this particular move by Google is about increasing the supply of coders overall.

about two weeks ago

London Council Dumping Windows For Chromebooks To Save £400,000

bugs2squash Mad (193 comments)

They must be barking...

about two weeks ago

FWD.us Wants More H-1B Visas, But 50% Go To Offshore Firms

bugs2squash Re:Most "executives" are morons (325 comments)

H1B is not citizenship and I don't think one can naturalize under an H1B alone. I see the H1B as a good way to spread US influence among talented people and bring talented people into our workforce (there are never enough good people). As I see it, the system's biggest flaw is that it ties the employee to a single company. If someone qualifies for an H1B then the US has an interest in letting them move from company to company, it might curb some companies' abuse of the system.

about two weeks ago

Your Car Will Tell You How To Hit the Next Green Light

bugs2squash Hitting the lights (364 comments)

If you're hitting the lights perhaps you should steer a little to the left or right to avoid them.

about two weeks ago

Intel Upgrades MinnowBoard: Baytrail CPU, Nearly Halves Price To $99

bugs2squash Re:Dual interface ? (92 comments)

I meant just to act as an ethernet port expander. One 1G ethernet with 4 VLANs plugged into a $40 5-port managed gigabit switch (eg. mikrotik, but there are others) gives the equivalent of 4 x 250Mbit/s ethernets, arguably faster if your application allows slack on one VLAN to be taken up by another.

about three weeks ago

Intel Upgrades MinnowBoard: Baytrail CPU, Nearly Halves Price To $99

bugs2squash Re:Dual interface ? (92 comments)

plug it into a cheap mikrotik switch and run VLAN on it.

about three weeks ago

Researchers: Rats Didn't Spread Black Death, Humans Did

bugs2squash Teeth (135 comments)

Who would have thought it possible that the Brits might succumb to any disease related to dental hygiene.

about three weeks ago

Gunshot Victims To Be Part of "Suspended Animation" Trials

bugs2squash Re:Old idea. What makes it possible now? (357 comments)

You get it when the join the military or as a part of their parole agreement when they get out of jail.

about three weeks ago

SXSW: Edward Snowden Swipes At NSA

bugs2squash better call saul (116 comments)

From the screenshot I saw it looked like he was getting legal advice from Saul Goodman.

about a month ago

Speedier Screening May Be Coming To an Airport Near You

bugs2squash Re:And a pony! (163 comments)

It doesn't have to work. Just so long as nobody knows it doesn't work.

about 2 months ago

TSA: Confiscating Aluminum Foil and Watching Out For Solar Powered Bombs

bugs2squash Re:Enough with the security theater! (289 comments)

The vast majority of people only fly rarely, they don't care how inconvenienced travelers are.

about 2 months ago

Fishing Line As Artificial "Muscle"

bugs2squash Re:Fly fishermen have used this property for years (111 comments)

I don't think it cycles back. I didn't see that in the article. Just that in the lab you stretch it under heat. wait to cool, then when reheated it can shrink again, one time (or perhaps more if you take it back to the lab and repeat the stretch/heat). I got the impression that once it cools after it has contracted it is then set at the contracted length.

about 2 months ago

Non-Coders As the Face of the Learn-to-Code Movements

bugs2squash Re:Am I the only one.. (158 comments)

There was a time when computers were more amenable to such things, less easy to screw up requiring expensive recovery, The raspberry pi has at least tried to address that end of the market. It's easy to hose the OS on the SDCard, but you probably downloaded and installed the (free) image on the SDCard yourself anyway, so you can recover from even the worse rm -rf * incident.
I'm not sure most people could rebuild their windows laptops from the recovery CD that came with them so people are not as at liberty to mess with them as I was as a kid when my ZX81 and my Atari 800 ran from ROM and it was always just a power cycle away from being "back to normal".

about 2 months ago

Non-Coders As the Face of the Learn-to-Code Movements

bugs2squash Re:Spokespeople? (158 comments)

I disagree, the bar does not need to be raised very high to get a lot of productivity gains. I have been astounded how long people spend trying to do simple data mining or formatting that would take a few minutes if they could just code a simple script or pipe together a few bash commands. In my experience, having a little understanding of something leads to a greater appreciation of people who are highly skilled in that discipline, not the other way around.

about 2 months ago

GOP Bill To Outlaw EPA 'Secret Science' That Is Not Transparent, Reproducible

bugs2squash Re:The Science will Remain Opaque to Ignorant Peop (618 comments)

It seems to me that the purpose of the parties is to create wedge issues and then keep them going for as long as possible. One side can defend the EPA right or wrong and the other can spread FUD to paint it as immoral and outrageous, the truth being an unavoidable casualty of the war between the parties. That way both sides can use the issue to fill warchests and "the right thing" is never done to address problems in the EPA without opening the door for polluters to profit at everyone's future expense. I can see this bill getting bipartisan support for this very reason.

about 2 months ago

Satya Nadella Named Microsoft CEO

bugs2squash wait for it... (293 comments)

So he's the new chair man ?

about 2 months ago



robot projects for K-5

bugs2squash bugs2squash writes  |  more than 5 years ago

bugs2squash (1132591) writes "Some of the parents of kids at my son's elementary school would like to set up a robotics club for the children. I see that Lego has a new line of robotics bricks called wedo and that seems to be the path of least resistance to doing something. But I wanted to ask...

What experience do all y'all have of running a robotics club for this age group (5 thru 10 years-old) and what factors made it a success (or failure) ?

Did you use a commercial kit of parts or brew something from scratch ?

What kind of projects work well with kids this age ? — I was thinking maybe making robot flowers (yes, I know they'd all rather build robotic sharks with lasers)"


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