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Does Learning To Code Outweigh a Degree In Computer Science?

buk110 Loaded Question (546 comments)

Am I going to learn all the skills I need in undergrad? Probably not. But I will learn how to deal with idiots, how to get along with others, and commit to something and follow it through all the way. Plus HR wants the degree - so you get the degree.

about 5 months ago

Live Q&A With Ex-TSA Agent Jason Harrington

buk110 Disposing Throwaways (141 comments)

If I came to the airport and had a bottle that was over the 3.4 oz or had a disposable lighter or some other item, where/how does that stuff get discarded? Would seem to me if these materials were "dangerous" they are just sitting in an airport bin and that's slightly better than the airport but not by much

about a year ago

The Extremes of Internet Gaming In South Korea

buk110 Typical of their culture (152 comments)

"To impress his father, he wanted to be the world's best." Swap out gaming with piano and would the media be so concerned?

more than 2 years ago

Google On-shores Manufacturing of the Nexus Q

buk110 Re:No paywall links (326 comments)

There should be a rule on Slashdot that no paywall links are allowed to be posted. How can we comment on an article that we cannot see?

Since when do you expect me to RTFA?

more than 2 years ago

Facebook Says Your Email Is @Facebook

buk110 How many people will quit (346 comments)

And how many people threaten to quit are two entirely different things. Unfortunately many people won't even notice these changes let alone care

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: What To Do Before College?

buk110 Take a break (335 comments)

I know you're looking for work stuff to do, but this is most likely the last real break you're going to have. Because it's classes & internships & part-time jobs & everything else. Take some down time to just relax...read a book...chase some girls/guys/whatever You're only young once

more than 2 years ago

Why Kids Should Be Building Rockets Instead of Taking Tests

buk110 Blame the Unions (381 comments)

Blame the teachers unions. You do what you're told - nothing more and nothing less. Well of course, once you have tenure it's "nothing more" and "as less as you can without getting fired". The teachers don't care - nor do they want to care. The Department of Education needs to be scraped and academics need to be more academically focused instead of making K-12 a government funded daycare full of youths that would prefer to text on their cellphones and be told to regurgitate a bunch of nonsense for pointless "standardized tests"

more than 2 years ago

SCOTUS Refuses To Hear Tenenbaum Appeal

buk110 Kick-backs (420 comments)

I'm sure the RIAA will give some of that money back to the lobbyists whom influenced the decision to not have the case heard. Justice for those that can afford it makes this country great

more than 2 years ago

General Motors: "Facebook Ads Aren't Worth It"

buk110 Re:What? (400 comments)

Bingo. Between ad-block or your ad-blocker of choice && the ability to just filter out the noise (ads) it's easy to go about your business. The whole concept of being paid for anything minus link clicks is a bit off to me. I can't name 5 ads I've seen on facebook...and I know I've clicked on zero.

more than 2 years ago

Facebook To Go Public On Friday, May 18

buk110 Pump & Dump (182 comments)

We all know how this will go. Initial investors will get in on this sucker nice and low. Then the unwashed masses and people with visions of a google type skyrocket jump in only to see the price freefall once the investors pump & dump this thing. Stay far far away from it

more than 2 years ago

IBM Offers Retirement With Job Guarantee Through 2013

buk110 Re:70% pay for 60% of their schedule... (192 comments)

That's an empty promise. IBM will just keep forcing them to work overtime and now only pay them 70% of their salary.

Nothing like some mandatory unpaid overtime to make up for mismanagement and under bidding on work.

more than 2 years ago

Coping with Exam Panic Attacks?

buk110 How I coped (207 comments)

Nothing helped take the edge off before a test better than a shot of whiskey and a smoke....

more than 8 years ago


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