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Ubuntu: Where Did the Love Go?

burdicda Who's this guy ? (778 comments)

Every single word is negative
Just like he's being paid
A Microsoft Ad to begin the article
All other articles at bottom of page also negative towards Linux

I say this guy's a troll in the first degree



more than 3 years ago

Swiss Canton Abandons Linux Migration

burdicda Re:Why Linux isn't desktop ready (442 comments)

I have been using Linux for my desktop since 1992 with no glitches whatsoever.....
and again.....

Why is Linux NOT ready for the desktop ????????????

more than 4 years ago



Minimal Distros for Minimal Resource PC's

burdicda burdicda writes  |  more than 7 years ago

burdicda writes "With the majority of pc's worldwide running Windows and the majority of them running Windows 98 here is a listing of various Linux distros that thrive on old legacy hardware. Distrowatch and other sites so far have not elected to carry separate listings or categories of "lite" operating systems or distros......this particular page is very useful if these are what you've been searching for..."
Link to Original Source

burdicda burdicda writes  |  more than 7 years ago

burdicda writes "Hey this app is Great !!
I downloaded it
Used it
I notice the guy is starving but still doing OSS

Can we get a little bitty mention on the worlds greatest
school of donating fish and maybe do a mercy mission
and feed the guy ...

I just sent him $20 and told him eat then code ... LOL




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