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Former Senator Wants to Mine The Moon

burkmat Homonyms... (351 comments)

I wonder whether it reflects poorly on the U.S Senate or myself when my first interpretation of this title was that he wanted to place explosive mines on the Moon...

more than 3 years ago

Security Researcher Finds Hundreds of Browser Bugs

burkmat Re:Pass the salt please (145 comments)

...maybe not very serious, nothing a program restart wouldn't fix, but still - damage.

I'm sorry, what?

Most browsers don't run in a particularly well secured sandbox. Sure there are additional security features, but the majority of people today still seem to be running (1) outdated browsers (2) as administrators (3) without any clue whatsoever regarding security.

A security flaw exposed from this fuzzer could easily end up being a major trojan outbreak. Not exactly something you fix by restarting Firefox...

more than 3 years ago

Two small "bombs" detonated in Stockholm

burkmat Letter from assailants (2 comments)

Also worth noting that TT (Swedish News Agency) and SÄPO (The Swedish Security Police) received a mail around 10 minutes before the attacks informing them of the terroristic nature of the events. It seems people did not really realize we were even being terrorized until they checked their e-mails.

more than 3 years ago

WikiLeaks Starts Mass Mirroring Effort

burkmat A smart guy once said... (586 comments)

"Only wimps use tape backup: real men just upload their important stuff on ftp, and let the rest of the world mirror it ;)"
  - Linus Torvalds

Although I must admit this is a bit of a new approach... Ask the rest of the world for a shell on their boxes and mass upload. The point of having a lot of nodes copy the main one is redundancy, if someone *cough* The US *cough* get into Wikileaks stuff, what's to keep them from just logging onto all these servers and erasing the copies too?

Taking a redundant system and making it dependant on a single node... Not too clever.

more than 3 years ago

Thought-Controlled Apps On Android May Not Be Far

burkmat Re:Wow, that's even worse (72 comments)

Had a similar experience on the bus a few weeks ago, five people sitting in a row talking to themselves. I probably wouldn't even have noticed the crazy one if he hadn't been wearing a cape, a trash bag and flip flops (Swedish winter) - and the lack of a phone upon closer observation.

more than 3 years ago

Mr. Pike, Tear Down This ASCII Wall!

burkmat Re:huh (728 comments)

Not to mention the differences between monitors.

At my previous job we differentiated different tickets through a coloring scheme. These colors were pretty much unique (luckily there weren't that many tickets), but still helped a lot. It's quite effective just using basic pattern matching against the title of the ticket and the background color.
Every now and then, a monitor would go dead and be replaced - Suddenly all the colors had shifted, ranging from miniscule amounts to red going dark brown. Color might be a good idea when you don't actually need to reference anything by it. Documenting colors would be impossible.

more than 3 years ago

Vans Drive Themselves Across the World

burkmat Re:Autonomous vehicles (157 comments)

Finally, us, the geeks, will be the overlords! Disobey our commands, and we might just ARP-spoof your default gateway into a concrete wall!

more than 3 years ago

Launch Command Preserved In Power Failure, But Nuclear Designs Still Risky

burkmat Re:Why have them (167 comments)

And you won't see tactical nuclear weapons being used in the field likely ever, as that is the invisible line in the sand that would justify the enemy using nukes, perhaps on civilian targets. And there is no justification for using them against an enemy without nuclear capability.

Remind me again how WWII ended for Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

more than 3 years ago

Judge Allows Subpoenas For Internet Users

burkmat Re:Hrm (338 comments)

I do believe I'm still innocent until proven guilty?

To share this kind of information as soon as someone accuses me of doing something wrong is really bad. Especially considering all the frivolous DMCA-crap flying all over the place.

about 4 years ago

Swedish authorities raid Wikileaks colo

burkmat Update (1 comments)

According to the same source (SR), the authorities did not seize any assets and left shortly after inquiring about 2 IPs. Not exactly the same MO as the previous raid, where they took down every machine in sight in the hunt for TPB.

about 4 years ago

UK Royalty Group Wants ISPs To Pay For Pirating Customers

burkmat Re:Difficult to implement (289 comments)

Actually, I hope they do implement this dumbass idea, and do it in such a moronic fashion that ISPs suddenly stand to gain a lot from encrypting traffic. Maybe it's the push needed to make encrypted connections standard.

Of course the Goverment would realize this and I get the impression they don't really approve of when people talk without them listening in...

more than 4 years ago

"Canadian DMCA" Rising From the Dead

burkmat Re:Pirate Party of Canada (211 comments)

This is incorrect.

Right now, according to PP's own website we are currently the 5th largest party. Also, according to Sifo the sum of "Other" parties have around 1% of votes, with PP somewhere in that 1%.

Unfortunately, I'm somewhat doubting our ability to make it in the elections (about 4 months remaining). All the fuss around TPB really got us a lot of media attention, but it seems people lost interest a while ago. For a while I got approached by random people on the street who wanted to ask about TPB and PP and wanted to discuss copyright, and these days I rarely hear or read anything about it in the mainstream media.

more than 4 years ago

Why Overheard Cell Phone Chats Are Annoying

burkmat Re:Paying researchers (344 comments)

Stop replying this to every story about scientists finding something you thought you knew.

Everyone knew the Sun rotates around the earth.

more than 4 years ago

Canadian Judge Orders Disclosure of Anonymous Posters

burkmat Re:From TFA (250 comments)

I'd say we draw the line between expressing an opinion and expressing facts.

I should be allowed to say whatever I want, as long as it's clearly my opinion: "I think...", "It is my opinion that..."
I should not be allowed to say whatever I want if I'm presenting it as fact.

"I think John Doe is a pedophile and a terrorist" - You go ahead and think that.
"John Doe is a pedophile and a terrorist" - You can't go around making false statements like that


more than 4 years ago

Wikileaks Releases Video of Journalist Killings

burkmat Re:How are we supposed to understand this? (1671 comments)

Even so, firing at the van stopping to assist the wounded is something I simply cannot wrap my head around.

Say for sake of argument that the crowd of people really were bad guys.
Someone comes driving along, and finds a large amount of dead bodies, with a wounded man writhing at the side of the road. The driver pulls over, and runs out to help the person - and this grants the coalition forces the right to engage? Someone finds a wounded person and tries to help, and for this they deserve to die?
Even if that was a Really Evil Terrorist I can't grasp how the ROE would permit engaging someone to stops to help a wounded person.

more than 4 years ago

Magnetism Can Sway Man's Moral Compass

burkmat **AA (586 comments)

Anyone care to venture a guess when the RIAA will buy every single black van and large electromagnet within 100km of Washington for... "marketing" purposes?

more than 4 years ago

Full ACTA Leak Online

burkmat Re:Will Someone Please!!!? (201 comments)

You've misunderstood things: The law doesn't apply to the people writing it.

more than 4 years ago

New Russian Botnet Tries To Kill Rivals

burkmat Re:yes (136 comments)

...your XP.

First of all, there's no need to insult me. I don't run Windows, thank you very much.

Second, I've yet to come across any malware with polymorphic defense mechanisms. Sure, I've read about it here and there, and I haven't encountered any infected machines in a while, but is this kind of behavior really par for the course already?

more than 4 years ago



Two small "bombs" detonated in Stockholm

burkmat burkmat writes  |  more than 3 years ago

burkmat (1016684) writes "Two small charges are reported to have been detonated earlier today in Stockholm, Sweden. So far it has been determined that a car burst into flames ( ) and that around 300m away from the car, a man was found dead with what appear to be explosion-related wounds around his stomach. Apart from the bomber, two people have reportedly been taken care of with "minor wounds"."
Link to Original Source

Swedish authorities raid Wikileaks colo

burkmat burkmat writes  |  about 4 years ago

burkmat (1016684) writes "Swedish Radio channel P3 News is reporting (Swedish) that Swedish police have raided the server halls of PRQ in the hunt for "illegal filesharers". The police have yet to release any information, but are planning to hold a press conference shortly.
This is the second time this facility has been raided, and I'm sure you all remember the first time."


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