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Lennart Poettering: Open Source Community "Quite a Sick Place To Be In"

burni2 Because only few know 4chan and the bear .. (993 comments)

Saw also some smaller decals on cars.
And thought to myself, perhaps someone wants to state that he or she is pedophile and warn others ?!

about two weeks ago

Diners Tend To Eat More If Their Companions Are Overweight

burni2 Re:Fat suit? Weird. (126 comments)

Not really, it's just if they paid a fat lady to stuff food into herself, they could have been sued for damages.

about three weeks ago

Diners Tend To Eat More If Their Companions Are Overweight

burni2 Re:America = snowball (126 comments)

The snowball has reached europe, and it hit the U.K.
first, but we europeans are starting to catch up.

about three weeks ago

First Birth From Human Womb Transplant

burni2 Re:Just because you can... (120 comments)

Perhaps you will think differently when you became disabled?

Btw. the logic way would be that you start only doing indoor cycling, because otherwise you take higher chances to become disabled.

But it's your own choice to end your life if this happens. Perhaps someone at Silk Road X sells red pills and you can pre-order some? And as a precaution you should make a "patients testamony" that you don't want life extending treatment.

about three weeks ago

First Birth From Human Womb Transplant

burni2 Re:Just because you can... (120 comments)

Is that difference really that big?

If you look into the history of eugenics you can clearly see that both arguments (sterilizing disabled and euthanasia of so called "unworthy life") come from the same way of thinking - rationalism.

And well (nazi)germany has implemented both - crimes against humanity, however the philosophy of total rationalism (which eugenic & euthanisia) was discussed in many other countries at that time including (pre-nazi)Sweden and Great Britian.

In Sweden(yes Sweden the country of the Nobel prize!) till the early 1990s disabled people were being sterilized - this btw. does not only include physical or cognitive disabilities but also cases of psychiatric patients.

And you said it yourself you "chose" not to breed,
nobody made the choice for you.

There is no real difference between both solutions:

Because they both stem from the same "total rationalistic" way of thinking. The totalitaristic rule of the total rational thinking, will treat human life and freedom of choice being somewhat expendable and hindering.

about three weeks ago

First Birth From Human Womb Transplant

burni2 Re:Just because you can... (120 comments)

Well sience has 20 years to find a solution for that.

Btw. what you ment with "should" is, that you want to hinder reproduction - natural and assistent - because of the possibility of transfering a birth defect.

To paint the picture you could also say "Sterilize the genetically disabled"

Or to go further, why should you support disabled people who cannot care for themselves, naturally they would die!?

My answer to this is: because it's the difference between humane and inhumane.

about three weeks ago

NASA Eyes Crew Deep Sleep Option For Mars Mission

burni2 Use the more efficient ION-Thruster (236 comments)
(successfully tested)

You also need to carry a big reactor = big mass (F=m*a) with you + propellant and thus combined with radiation protection problems for the crew and the inefficiency of the system if your mass gain(reactor+additionalshielding) outruns your win (2x specific impulse) over chemical rockets the system is out of question.

Like that "nuclear bomb drive". Sweet on the outside but bitter if you dig into the realisation problems.

about three weeks ago

NASA Eyes Crew Deep Sleep Option For Mars Mission

burni2 Longterm use - tried out on humans ? (236 comments)

All information points to Torpor as a short term treatment option - indeed there are animals but those are adapted to that condition, humans are not.

The first set of problems that comes to my mind are kidney stones -> Solution catheter/bladder flushning -> next problem infections in the urinary tract due to catheters. Due to the urinary tract not being "flushed" regularly keeping the germs in the lower urinary system. This problem is also much more challenging for women.

Also the subjection of different germ kinds to the lower temperature needs to be taken into account.

Different germ populations have different temperature ranges were they show different reproduction rates. If the cold condition does not favour the reproduction rate that the lactic acid producing germs over the germs from No.2
this can lead to -> Vaginal flora will be less acidic = starting point for "unwanted/dangerous" germs from No.2

Don't think that when your body is in this "pseudo stasis"
germs are too, they aren't.

about three weeks ago

FreeBSD 9.3 Released

burni2 Re:What is BSD good for? (77 comments)


the chance not needing to start up many services to have a modern *Nix*Free*Li*net* OS
that is running like a quick, responsive machine, three generations older than the one needed for CentOS.

The "Free" in FreeBSD - is for Freedom: we choose what services our machines run, no fucking installer.

The "Free" in FreeBSD - is for OptIn not to be Opted in by default.

And the BSD in FreeBSD - stands for structure, clean, deterministic behaviour, not that clutter a Linux Distribution is built uppon
(have a look at linuxfromscratch)

Just download the FreeBSD source tree kernel and userland, you will recognize every source for each non-builtin-command is placed in a directory with a make file.

If you want to alter something just edit the source "make" it, and install it in your system.

about 3 months ago

OpenSSH No Longer Has To Depend On OpenSSL

burni2 Rock the boat! (144 comments)


thank you, that's a similar bad feeling I carried arround with me everytime hearing AES-CTR.

The further interesting analysis on AES-CTR encrypted traffic would be if when the data is not appearing to be "random" enough,
if you could recognize patterns inside the data and then resolve back to the encrypted data.

Like the famous ECB encrypted pengiun could still be recognized attacks. [1]

It would even introduce a lower level of
a.) you transer your passwords file over openssh
b.) I recognize the pattern of that file

= Will start working on that specific data, perhaps the machine juice needed would be out of the question for a normal individual. But the real crypto attackers are not normal individuals, super power computing power is at hand.


about 6 months ago

Australian Exploration Company Believes It May Have Found MH370 Wreckage

burni2 Re:Pseudoscience? (293 comments)

Earth Remote Sensing = using sattellite sensors (different sensors)

Multispectral imaging = common you combine data from sensors that have different spectra, like overlaying an RGB CCC with data from a thermal imaging sensor .. (Predator)

Gamma irradiation = yes possible, during cold war the US sent satelites into the orbit search for gamma ray bursts (which you would expect from a nuclear test) and they found many because the REDS tested their nukes in far away galaxies, just kidding extra terrestrial Quasaroids were the source

I cannot however say if you can detect the small amount of primary or secondary gamma radiation from an enclosed nuclear warhead especially when submerged under water.

Radiation Chemistry = common, C14, isotope analysis etc..

NMR spectroscopy = exists, however it is ment to analyse
for molecules

about 6 months ago

Australian Exploration Company Believes It May Have Found MH370 Wreckage

burni2 Re:Hmmm. On the edge of possibility... (293 comments)

If you draw a line between the last civilian radar contact and the
last military contact

CIVIL 6Â 55â 15â N, 103Â 34â 43â E
MIL 5Â 40â 50â N, 98Â 56â 27â E

You would extrapolate to the bay of bengal.

But: Airplanes when they are out of fuel do not "fall" out of the sky.

Like airgliders these aircraft have the ability to enter a glide path, if you don't stall the aircraft. Also a water landing where the hull mostly remains intact is possible however as soon as an engine nacelle hits the surface and gets submerged the aircraft would capsize (there is a video from a big passenger airplane crashed in the mid 90s you can find it on youtube)

I'm not familiar with the autonomous systems of the 777 but for a modern autopilot to enter a glide path as a last option as a failover would be a better idea other than to stall the aircraft and falling out of the sky.

about 6 months ago

Australian Exploration Company Believes It May Have Found MH370 Wreckage

burni2 Simple solution: Call India for Help! (293 comments)

From the images I saw the grid they use is pretty fine,
if shape and grid do really conform each other, then the resolution is approx 100mx100m so the position in this grid is also very detailed. WikiP-tells me The water depth is "4694 " at max and
2600m average.

This is not so challenging, also the Indian Navy(submarine+sub hunters) operates in these waters so the best address to transfer the coordinates to is India. If they could check the deep sea surface there with sonar imaging.

hard Result: Positive or Negative

about 6 months ago

Why the Sharing Economy Is About Desperation, Not Trust

burni2 Capitalism vs. Protectorism (331 comments)

The Shares choose capitalism.

Land of the free home of the brave. God Bless the USA.

about 6 months ago

Declassified Papers Hint US Uranium May Have Ended Up In Israeli Arms

burni2 Re:Good for them. (165 comments)

Wake up, Blame & Shame .. it's what you are doing right now, you are running around in circles and complain about that you cannot advance.

But yes, israel is too blame for many things, so is the Hamas & Fatah, because suicide bombers against civilians are murder, as well as bombs against civilians.

My point is: both sides have blood on their hands, so they both need to find a way to solve their conflicts.

But one fact remains, Israel is stronger by any means, accept it, why Monty Python:Live of Brian & a citation answers everything:

a.) "People's Front of Judea"
b.) "Judean Popular People's Front"

especially the final scene when Brian was cruxified.

But palestinians need to choose their actions carefully, so they actually get a strong backing (U.S.) which they recently lost due to their own short sightedness.

about 6 months ago

Why Portland Should Have Kept Its Water, Urine and All

burni2 Found a person with common sense !! (332 comments)

And it's you, thank you & the guys at

Also the comments from "David Shaff" a.k.a. "The Drain Man" are contradictory to the extreme

"we fish out nature transgressions(dead brids, leafs ..)"
"do you want to drink someone's pee"

"Do you want to drink the rot fluids of a dead bird" - yes because if we would clean the pool to often.

Salem witch trail style reasoning.

about 6 months ago

Declassified Papers Hint US Uranium May Have Ended Up In Israeli Arms

burni2 Good for them. (165 comments)

Actually, I have two oppinions on this matter

1.) if a country is in possession of nuclear weapons,
they should join the nuke arms test & proliferation ban

Israel should join this treaty.

No army and nobody should own nuclear weapons.

And Mordechai Vanunu should be given the chance to go exile.

2.) Israel is a special case

a.) The country is actually nothing more than an airstrip, from north to south it's approx. 200km wide. If aggressors try to invade it's a really short walk.

Or just four thermonuclear devices to split a country.

b.) Israel would never use the nuclear bomb as a first strike option. This can be seen as it never officially admitted having nukes, but everybody knew. It's a much critized politic style - but it worked - and choses nukes as a means of mutually assured destruction or retaliation.

So actually I'm ok with Israel having nuclear weapons and german fuel cell drivin subs to launch them.

But to be clear on the other point when it comes to Israel:
I'm absolutely not ok with the politics Israel undertakes towards the palestineans, the actual worst enemy for peace in Israel( In my count Gaza and west jordan area are part of Israel) is the whole politics of blame and shame.

about 6 months ago

"Nearly Unbreakable" Encryption Scheme Inspired By Human Biology

burni2 "nearly unbreakable" = "unsinkable" Titanic (179 comments)

Many of you may know FeFe "Felix von Leitner" Extreme-Coder/CCC-Member with his infamous but german blog ""

His statement/no citation but sense of words:

"REAL crpytologists will take

1.) a long time,
2.) many attack tests and
3.) mathematical proofs

before they dare to call a crypto safe ENOUGH"

And this statement remained valid till now, just think about the eliptic curve that was shaped to comfort the NSA.

So if you accept fefes prediction you can really deduce that the contrary to the researchers claims will be the case, because of many reasons.

1.) narrow sight - if you're doing research your biggest enemy is you, because you are in danger of being so full of yourself or your idea that you won't see the invariants.

Just remeber how often you have written code you thought must work 100%, and got supprised because you didn't catch an "invariant" that was actually in plane sight.

2.) hostile thinking - and well this is much worse we can suspect one thing especially after the "Rescola" Gambit

The agencies gotten too smart to only taint the sources, because that's to obvious you need a social drive like a group leader of a standardization group, or the official statement of people with an unscathed background (social engineering people into a certain behaviour).

Be paranoid, don't trust people analyse their arguments!

about 7 months ago

NSA Confirms It Has Been Searching US Citizens' Data Without a Warrant

burni2 Small World(s) Phenomena anyone ? (274 comments)

If you have communicated with someone "believed" to be a terrorist:

Say your friendly Kebab dealer at the corner where your phoned in and ordered 2x Lamacun 1x Doener Kebab,

perhaps his brother is an "orthodox" muslim (now it misses the bitter taste of calling extremist such) is believed to be a terrorist, so is his brother (blood is thicker ..) and so your are for (a day or two or a month, hey don't reason with a machine ..)

So questions to be asked:
a.) under which conditions is someone believed to be a terrorist

b.) how deep is the search depth

c.) what is ment with "communicated"
- ebay buyer/seller
- same chatroom (e.g. IRC)
- same kebab dealer .. "hey you dropped this 5$US bill ... Ohh thank you" this is "communicating"

about 7 months ago


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