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Study: Chimpanzees Have Evolved To Kill Each Other

bussdriver Chimps... George Bush... (170 comments)

But seriously, primate research is worthwhile on it's own. You can't directly prove connections between us and them; but that is not unlike a huge amount of science which relies upon observation, statistics and expert judgement calls. When they act similar that can be a clue or merely a coincidence but it warrants further investigation. It's a technique that allows for faster probing of the problem space. BESIDES, if you think that observing chimps influences their behavior (as the "skeptics" denier fanatics always claim) just imagine trying to study humans! Humans are way more difficult to study without influencing their behavior thereby tainting the study.

The biological connection is obvious; any "insights" they do in the research with a biological connection become useful even if at 1st they seem unjustified. The work can be applied in new ways later on if one proves there is no connection.

As far as pure human nature study by primate research; well, that is based upon theories which may or may not be proven some day in the future. You have the classic old Feud work on "base desires" which think about the primitive instinctive aspects behind the manifestations; his work in this area is the basis for modern propaganda (WW1 and really big after the Nazis used it so well. Today, it controls most consumers.) Following that success, one could approach further from that perspective - making our relation to primates and their more primitive state ideal.

Ultimately, I think most the work in the area ends up with the search for biological parallels between us. Say that HATE is really just a manifestation of FEAR; can you ever prove such a thing? nope. not in a hard science way; it's all subjective. But if you can study primates you might find more concrete proof with them on a biological level. A Turing machine is a lame computer nothing like your CPU but it's useful to prove things (the difference being that you can concretely prove the CPU is equivalent to the Turing machine and you can't with a chimp since they evolved differently even if they are nearly the same DNA.)

As far as evolutionary pressures-- the best theory for human brains was we already made it to the top of the food chain being as primitive as chimps and what made the apes of the plains smart was that they had to war against each other for resources. Just like humans have always done; my tribe and me against you and your tribe. Given how we are the most evolved distance running animals on earth, territorial borders are meaningless. Your group isn't going to give up after running down a lion to exhaustion for 20miles simply because you ended out of your usual turf.

9 hours ago

ISIS Bans Math and Social Studies For Children

bussdriver ISIS propaganda (943 comments)

ISIS seem like the perfect fit for US propaganda... Given history, one can assume a portion of what we hear is simply US propaganda. We could just ignore them, if they can't learn MATH they will become poor, broke and weak... How about we find an STD we can infect their goats with?

Perhaps for their American cousins, it should be "Fat Ignorance with Feet."

What has always baffled me is the inability to realize similarities. Change a few traits and somehow you can make a pig into a rabbit by adding bunny ears and a puffball tail.

2 days ago

Torvalds: No Opinion On Systemd

bussdriver Binary logging? (355 comments)

WTF? They need to screen people, whomever put that feature in has to be a Microsoft employee! Don't think MS wouldn't stoop that low, they would.

2 days ago

Say Goodbye To That Unwanted U2 Album

bussdriver Re:iTunes? one step? (319 comments)

No, a filesystem is actually complicated for many people. The metaphor is rock solid-- but haven't you known people who can't even manage their few real-world filing cabinets? If they can't handle the real world one, they are going to have trouble with the metaphorical one in the computer with relatively unlimited space.

iTunes started out less complicated. I don't know about iTunes leaking RAM on windows but it does include all the mac frameworks which make it take up more RAM. It's built-in browser can expand RAM use significantly, but it's not like they could have used Windows browser library... with IE being so broken. It's still a classic monolithic app (like most are) and doesn't learn from the unix it is designed to run upon.

Part of the problem is that they know there are millions of users who can't learn so they've shoehorned everything into their 1 app --- just like Flash had to do because getting people to use another plugin/app is a huge huge barrier, even if it works exactly the same-- getting it installed is the primary problem.

Personally, I've been looking for replacements since they started to bloat it up. I've not found any yet. Nothing compares so far. WinAmp doesn't either (plus I wouldn't go to anything that doesn't have a linux port.)

2 days ago

NASA's Manned Rocket Contract: $4.2 Billion To Boeing, $2.6 Billion To SpaceX

bussdriver Rocket Science (184 comments)

What was that expression?? oh yeah, "It isn't rocket science" which is used to convey that everything is relatively easy compared to rocket science.

It's not an iPhone... even the iPhone is an example of the pinnacle of human manufacturing (note the use of "an" not "the.) A mass produced wireless super computer that fits in a pocket and understands the spoken word better than a congressman.

2 days ago

Say Goodbye To That Unwanted U2 Album

bussdriver Re:iTunes? one step? (319 comments)

I think iTunes was an extremely well designed program. Since around version 10 or 11 it has gone backwards significantly. It is pretty good for what is a essentially a database front end with tons of records... and then it added a customized web browser... and other junk.

As far as making it hard to delete something; it isn't that hard and it shouldn't be too easy because you don't want accidental deletions... think of all the computer illiterate people out there.

Somebody at Apple needs to be fired... perhaps he was? Mr. Pseudomorph is gone so maybe iTunes 12 will undo the damage?? Also, somebody at Mozilla also needs to be fired as well-- or we just need to know which person is to blame so we can start an internet rumor about him being anti-gay so he can at least get fired...aka "resign."

2 days ago

Extent of Antarctic Sea Ice Reaches Record Levels

bussdriver Re:Some thoughts (607 comments)

4. Winter is turning to spring in the SOUTHERN hemisphere (where Antarctica is)
5. 2D surface measurements over a short period of time, over ocean, not land. Land you can possibly find evidence, while the sea washes it away.
6. Sea ice melts quicker and is not as thick as the land ice (which is a problem if it goes into the sea.)

Fleas on a dog arguing how much the land goes up and down as the dog breaths:
Short sighted flea: It's just the same natural cycle we've always seen.
Wise flea: There is a long term trend, the dog is getting fatter - if this continues it'll increase space but shorten the life of our home.

3 days ago

Justice Sotomayor Warns Against Tech-Enabled "Orwellian" World

bussdriver ignorance is bliss...short term (163 comments)

People openly TELL corps like facebook in less time more than an agent could get spying on them. You can fool some of the people ALL THE TIME! You only need to appease and distract a majority, they won't care about small groups unless they get a ton of positive media attention.

Monitoring all your technology data is passive and unobtrusive but when people just volunteer everything without any thought... growing up tweeting their every shallow vapid thought... to gain some kind of validation; as if they didn't have a family life or peers or community for that... (the technology tends to make what they do have further away, not closer... plus it makes all the interactions easily recordable.)

Companies actually engineer FOOD so it loses taste quicker because you are not eating it fast enough! I'm NOT kidding! It's to the point where experts actually have to tell the public to CHEW YOUR FOOD for your own health! Not to mention all the addiction related things they do on purpose-- causing people the most exposed to have weight problems. Eventually, they'll figure out how to get those thin people too...(or create exercise freaks; not that thin people are healthy, they overeat bad food too.)

5 days ago

Justice Sotomayor Warns Against Tech-Enabled "Orwellian" World

bussdriver ignorance is bliss...short term (163 comments)

People openly TELL corps like facebook in less time more than an agent could get spying on them. You can fool some of the people ALL THE TIME! You only need to appease and distract a majority, they won't care about small groups unless they get a ton of positive media attention.

Monitoring all you technology data is passive and unobtrusive but when people just volunteer everything without any thought... growing up tweeting their every shallow vapid thought... to gain some kind of validation; as if they didn't have a family life or community for that (and it would seem many don't! an the technology tends to make what they do have further away, not closer.)

Companies actually engineer FOOD so it loses taste quicker because you are not eating it fast enough! I'm NOT kidding! It's to the point where experts actually have to tell the public to CHEW YOUR FOOD for your own health! Not to mention all the addiction related things they do on purpose-- causing people the most exposed to have weight problems. Eventually, they'll figure out how to get those thin people too...(or create exercise freaks; not that thin people are healthy, they overeat bad food too.)

Perhaps when the robots kill most jobs that will be the solution! The marketing economy -- for eating and weight loss! robots can't do that for us; just everything else.... until they master marketing... then all we are is PETS to the system of machines. Eat and crap while the "master" can take care of us (and train us using marketing) to gain some bit of purpose. Sorry, pet owners.

Everything seems to be way too complex just to provide sugar to our bacterial majority living in our gut. Wouldn't that be funny, we evolved by random chance for the sole purpose of housing our bacteria; who are the actual god favored lifeforms?

5 days ago

Justice Sotomayor Warns Against Tech-Enabled "Orwellian" World

bussdriver Re:old person surrounded by old people (163 comments)

I read it multiple times in fact; it has the depth of thought that one simply can't grasp it all in one reading... well some people might. Having teens or even college students read it is NOT the right time, they are not ready to grasp it. It needs to be read later after some growing up and experience with humanity, plus some understanding of history. After reading Brave New World, again. These intellectual books of influence should have historical context - realizing the connections between Brave New World and 1984 changes perspective; it's an indirect rebuttal and while imaginative it's not on the level of BNW.

Animal Farm is great as well, but somehow the use of animals make people think it's a children's book and cartoon; oddly, adults who should realize animals are merely a device, make this mistake. This one is shown at an even younger age where it makes even less sense. It's hard for some adults to grasp the book; I've heard supposedly educated experts totally screw up on their comprehension of the book (on TV-- which as we know prefers entertaining frauds over competence, so that isn't saying much...)

Both books accurately reflect human nature and if they didn't model reality so well, they wouldn't be so compelling. Also, good ART "rhymes" like history does. It is vague enough to be interpreted and personalized but true enough in abstraction to convey something real (and hopefully meaningful.) Both realistically cover the brutal dark sides of human reality in politics but are different situations.

5 days ago

Justice Sotomayor Warns Against Tech-Enabled "Orwellian" World

bussdriver old person surrounded by old people (163 comments)

Old person explains something new to THEM or something THEIR peers are ignorant of but every younger person is aware of.... not news.

1984 wasn't about technology, it was about authoritarianism taken to the next level using primarily negative feedback. A realistic response (because history shows negative feedback is totally dominant) to the highly praised imaginative Brave New World which used positive feedback to control populations. It's a rebuttal based on historic human behavior. Both books need to be studied because techniques from both camps are used to control populations. Soft sciences make it more effective and technology is merely a tool.

When somebody has an epiphany; that is great, humor them for catching up. Then try to guide them to the next step and let them have another one. Technology isn't 1984; we have always been there as humans. Few societies are organized so well using the latest social science as 1984 did. It just allows things to go further and the technology allows for more micromanagement-- which is the holy grail for authoritarian systems... the end game solution. Oh, 1948 was the date of the book; 1984 is meaningless, just a future date taken from 1948 but close enough for people at the time to THINK about it.

The micromanagement technology is arguably is required for an end game solution like 1984 because it's been tried thru out human history but eventually it fails because they can't control all the people all the time-- 1984 is the end game solution, where they finally can. Nothing is different except that it's permanent an unable to be stopped. No revolutions. Likely, there are no other nations to invade or conquer either (likely just a smokescreen.)

Terrorists like the founders of the USA would be caught early. No revolutions. Violent human struggles on the group level would end. ORDER is one of the top priorities of authoritarians. can't allow unrest. can't even allow protests -- you need a permit or it's disorderly --- we accept that despite it being in the 1st next to speech; we don't quite accept speech zones or permits for free speech... but we are not that far from it.

5 days ago

The MOOC Revolution That Wasn't

bussdriver Groups suck. (182 comments)

The ideal group work maybe has people learn better.

I've never had a group project in my life where we all learned that well. Usually, a few of us did most or all the work and even when a functional group did happen, the work was distributed so each person had a part of the whole picture and was missing out on the other parts. It only works if people share and want to learn--- when the group finishes the task, hardly anybody is interested in picking up on what parts they were not exposed to. Perhaps one could facilitate the ideal conditions but that is never done and I'd not be surprised if we had little on how to properly facilitate the desired outcome (and I'm not talking policy solutions which is all people ever discuss, having students rank each other etc are policy BS that is extremely limited.) For example, an alternative approach could be to have a series of group assignments which force rotate their roles; or even better... you have them rank each other or you rank them... then next step you purposely put all the weak ones in the worst positions and grade them as a whole... that would force them to help each other!

I wonder how they study the benefits of group work because the studies seem to always back up the theory. If you measure it wrong you'll end up with the same results and it's entirely possible the common techniques used produce biased results until the day somebody proves they have better techniques to study such things... Before that happens, most people will continue to adhere to the conventions they learned in school and even religiously stick to them even after they begin to be dis-proven.

I'm skeptical group work is so great; also, previous experience tells me that even a valid result gets overly generalized and over applied. It's like telling somebody to reboot their computer when they have a problem so then every time their ISP goes down they reboot their computer until the internet works again. I had a client who called me every time (for years) their ISP was down because their website didn't work! I'd have to prove it each time by having not work either. ("oh, well if microsoft doesn't work either it must be a big problem..." heard that a few times too!) Now imagine having somebody that thick headed in a group project...

The last group study I read was teaching programming. Showing that pairs of students do better. not 1, 3,4,5 but 2 people did best. I didn't feel confident in the results because I wasn't given any idea what they tested them on. Depends on the kind of work and the kind of metric used if working in pairs helped or not. If the test involved nearly the same kind of thing as the assignment then the poor student could just recall and BS their way to a better score from being exposed to the solution, without a greater understanding... it's understanding that is the goal. (or was trends seem to be in the other direction. thinking must be too dangerous.)

Your education SUCKS if you can't tell the difference between an online course and a classroom course. think about that. Also if your high school is offering college, it means your high school sucks and so does the freshman portion of a college education. I remember taking AP and testing out; I took the course anyway-- AP really is a scam... if you don't get it, then your unaware or your education sucked.

5 days ago

California Declares Carpooling Via Ride-Share Services Illegal

bussdriver Serial Killers weap (288 comments)

All the sickos just becoming aware of these services because of the media attention are now going to have to go to another state.

I went from the south up to Disney once and I never noticed a car pool lane; I also could see why people would want to use their phones too... so much time is spent going nowhere during rush hour.

The objection is this is NOT car pooling because money is changing hands. This is really no different than the FAA rules about pilots, you can't take money for people rides in your plane and you can't even give people free rides in your plane if your only purpose is to transport them. You can take people along for the ride and that is it. As soon as you go out of the legal bounds you end up into the regulated commercial sector which doesn't want you hobby pilots messing with their jobs.

5 days ago

Early iPhone 6 Benchmark Results Show Only Modest Gains For A8

bussdriver Are you joking? (207 comments)

When Siri came out people figured out right away they just encode and send the audio to the "cloud" to do all the work.

about a week ago

Text While Driving In Long Island and Have Your Phone Disabled

bussdriver Mod parent up. (363 comments)

I object to GPS or MP3 while driving because what the apps are is not that important, people can't multitask and those apps also are a serious problem.

In my state, they regulate GPS apps so they can't have a distracting interface-- only then is GPS allowed and the cell phone ban applies to ANY TECH that is distracting. The exceptions require a law, like the GPS regulation.

MP3 and car stereos might be better now, but last time I looked into a car stereo (back when mp3 was new) I couldn't find a single car stereo that wasn't an example of horrible GUI... and they all were graphical with unlabeled buttons around the border (micro print does not count.)

Touch screen madness is everywhere today. That is distracting stuff; I want physical knobs and buttons back because they are provably superior under driving conditions. Oh, and animated diagrams prove these "UX" people are full of shit; if you understand interface design at all, you should be aware of the situation the thing is used. Nothing should move when driving except the child running out into the street you catch in the corner of your eye because your brains recognition system is BASED AROUND MOTION. no gps, app, billboard, TV should be in the peripheral.

Hopefully these laws restrict themselves to the DRIVER. Not that far from now the driver will be a computer and that day can't come soon enough for me. If you have to use apps and drive, learn to car pool and hand off your phone.

about a week ago

To Really Cut Emissions, We Need Electric Buses, Not Just Electric Cars

bussdriver Busses still win. don't bother. (486 comments)

A bus holds so many people that their waste is undone by the fleet of cars they replace. You would do better to digitize management of the bus system where the routes differ on demand and add call boxes at bus stops etc. Ideas like that, including robot bus drivers. That would save more than replacing them. One could do something similar for taxi... but just look how the beginnings of that are turning out... can't wait to see the fight the robot google taxi causes...

How about automated trains where the robo taxi syncs up for going longer distances? lots of options possible. If you chuck public road funding completely you have a TON of money to invest in just about any kind of system; likely all of them are cheaper than what we do now in the USA. Just think of the insurance... oh, never mind, insurance will lobby away any possibilities.

If congress wasn't so corrupt, we could have had the USPS go electric in a big way and jump start the industry. City delivery is a perfect place for electric; more so than a bus-- especially when most stop every 30 feet and never go faster than 40mph peak.

Nuclear has emissions, of a different kind. + a disaster every decade. Fusion... is always 5 years away. More work on storage is needed.

about two weeks ago

UN Study Shows Record-High Increases For Atmospheric CO2 In 2013

bussdriver taxbagger? (427 comments)

Tax complainers are largely a bunch of selfish, ignorant, complaining jerks with character disorders. (some or all of those.)

I've had a millionaire bitch to me how taxes were "killing him" as he picked up the tab for lunch and just after how he was talking about the PAIN of owning 5 (FIVE) houses, one in Hawaii. I pay more taxes than he ever did and that % I pay is felt by me more than the lower % is felt by him! If you are wondering, educating these people is impossible; the behavior is a symptom of psychological problems so fixing an issue of ignorance or whatever just manifests as something else until they get their broken minds fixed. Sadly, my experience is that them having money makes them more mentally healthy and better than normal people; so they are far less likely to ever seek help or take advice. (If you luck your way into money, then you are less likely to think that way; it's a matter of perspective. Entitled superiority vs lucky joe )

Environmental taxes are not a significant problem. Way more tax money is spent on other things we don't need. In the USA, we don't have hardly any environmental taxes. I'm going to assume the poster is thinking of regulations as opposed to taxes but not address that BS to keep the post short.

The LACK of sane environmental policy is indirectly costing me FAR more than the taxes-- in MONEY. Non-monetary things matter too and should be a factor over just numbers. I WANT more environmental taxes!!

My insurance rates are HIGHER and despite shifting companies, the rate of increase is higher than decades ago; business owning friends have had it much worse.

The energy commodity trading market is a sham (Enron like) and adds MORE to the price of gas than gas taxes do; under the guise of stabilizing the market when at least in modern times it has not done so.

You are not being taxed "the hell out of" if you live in the USA. Look at all the other 1st world nations (which might not be fair since the USA arguably is no longer 1st world but in transition backwards with the majority of factors already there... not that all such metrics are equal which is why I'm not concluding it myself at this time.)

about two weeks ago

Surprise! More Than Twice As Much Mercury In Environment As Thought

bussdriver Re:Back when Moby Dick was a minnow ... (173 comments)

My science teacher had similar comments; however, he was really careful with the stuff. It can cause a lot of problems, it's deceptively dangerous it is not like a poison. Different people have different thresholds, plus you also have younger generations growing up with higher exposure rates for their whole lifespan which makes them less tolerant. Handling it with your hands is one thing, eating it is another. In a powder or gas it's bad stuff --- which is why procedures are over protective, if you spill a liquid they act as if you atomized it into the air because legal policies are designed to fight future lawsuits-- they go to stupid extremes to make extra sure that employee who sucked on thermometers doesn't blame them for his problems simply because they had him near the stuff on the job. We need those laws that allow people to sue evil employers, but the result is over protection and greedy people who abuse the system (who are not much different than the greedy employers who started the mess.)

Also keep in mind, you didn't play with mercury as your job-- it was just an amusing thing you did for a short period until it was no longer amusing.

Personally, I've noticed the warnings about eating fish caught locally get worse every few years from when I was a kid fishing with my father. A smaller lake can be ruled off limits if contaminated and it takes an amazingly small amount to ruin a lake... you'd think some ex-spouse would think of devaluing a house/cabin by destroying a lake... Thank goodness it hasn't... there's another thing for insurance to jack you on...

about two weeks ago

Bill Gates Wants To Remake the Way History Is Taught. Should We Let Him?

bussdriver (362 comments)

His personal political views are separate from his work. Yes, even if they influence his work they are a separate matter. He may agree with the people he cites but putting their words in doesn't make his history work invalid. He doesn't lie or do the history wrong or even mislead but he does use the facts he chooses to collectively push central themes which are aligned to his opinions. That is no different than anybody else except that he is far more open about it; he doesn't hide it. People who disagree grasp at things to attack him; but the proper counter is to use history. His history is not invalid; now his opinions can be argued on that point but he is not sneaky like traditional history is under it's guise of being neutral or the modern technique of giving too much to weak positions (much like how the media gives equal time to crackpots under the guise of being fair.)

As far as omitting things-- that is a classic fallacy attack that is really hard to make actually stick. Anybody can be attacked for omission. I don't begrudge him for skipping things that are widely known or overly complicating matters-- which one can so easily do. At some point you have to edit for the space allotted. As far as big controversial matters, given how different most history is; I don't think he needs to waste space addressing things that are bound to be yelled about, discussed, or thought about critically.

What would be nice is a split textbook which mixes traditional along with Zinn. I don't think much would get left out (again, as an overview for a non historian, you can't cover everything.) Besides, we are talking school... students have an attention span less than a goldfish and zero interest in the past (unless it's TV reruns) everything has to be summarized. Now if Zinn can get people to think at all or get motivated in anyway-- that is GREAT. Besides, most people tend to get conservative with age so it's not going to turn society into Marxists or whatever.

As far as "I lived in" crap, I don't care. Doesn't make you an expert. Just because you saw things that are worse doesn't mean I'm wrong. It's not black and white. Politically, I'm outside the whole mainstream in the USA. The USA mainstream ranges from mild to strong authoritarian and I'm medium Anarchist, in absolute terms on the freedom scale. Economically, I'm not in the Anarchist half of the scale but the mainstream is. I do know what I'm talking about; I've dabbled quite a bit in both PoliSci and Anthropology, but I'm not an expert, just well read (and it's academic stuff not infotainment. I also never owned a TV.)

about two weeks ago

Silicon Valley Fights Order To Pay Bigger Settlement In Tech Talent Hiring Case

bussdriver Sorry (200 comments)

When you sue for damages you are in CIVIL COURT. That is a different system, you can't do jail time and about all you can do is deal with money.

Stealing is a criminal offense; you'd have to find a criminal law on the books you could get them for doing this. I hear that racketeering criminal law was somewhat broad...

As far as the amount of $$ as a civil case one shouldn't be able to sue as punishment but only for damages (which they seem to extend to the limit with mental harm etc.) This big corps always seem to get the money knocked down on some sort of grounds of the harm caused wasn't as big as the $ amount or just bribing judges like the supreme court did with the exon spill.

about two weeks ago



Making graphene supercapacitors with a DVD writer

bussdriver bussdriver writes  |  more than 2 years ago

bussdriver (620565) writes "Researchers at UCLA found an easy cheap way to produce a graphene sheets by 'printing' them using a DVD Lightscribe laser on a coated CD or DVD. They then demonstrated a DIY super capacitor powering a LED.

A video demo by the professor on youtube and a short description is available here. The paper is on an
evil paywall Journal"

Link to Original Source


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