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Nordic Nations Pitch For US Data Centers

bwayne314 Re:Sweden???!!! (130 comments)

I dont think they realize that with american data, will come american economic interests, which will inevitably bring american policy pressure and interference in their government.

more than 2 years ago

Do Companies Punish Workers Who Take Vacations?

bwayne314 Re:the answer is yes (948 comments)

I know where you work, I work there too :)


more than 2 years ago

Reddit Turning SOPA "Blackout" Into a "Learn-In"

bwayne314 Re:And Slashdot? (241 comments)

so thats, like, what, about three people hitting F5?

more than 2 years ago

How Doctors Die

bwayne314 Re:What about their children? (646 comments)

can't tell if troll, but, you forget that we have multiple immune mechanisms.

the people who "rarely get sick" are still typically exposed to the same environmental factors as everyone else, including pathogens.

What makes them different is that their primary immune system is able to nip the invader in the bud, usually without the person even realizing that they were exposed to a pathogen. From that point forth they develop secondary immunity to the pathogen, avoiding all the inconvenience of fever and other symptoms.

The people who get sick frequently don't an adequate primary layer of defense for that particular pathogen, and must suffer through the aches and pains and fever until their secondary response can kick in and deal with the invader and give them more permanent protections.

These people get legitimately sick every time they encounter a new variation of a pathogen - typically once every flu season.

more than 2 years ago

How Doctors Die

bwayne314 Re:What about their children? (646 comments)

no particular reason, just figured that a hole in the ground is easier to come by than an incinerator.

more than 2 years ago

How Doctors Die

bwayne314 Re:What about their children? (646 comments)

That's pretty much also my parents view toward my brother and myself (both parents are Docs).
The only times i've been to a doctor outside serious injury was for mandated physicals and dental checkups.
Now I work in healthcare as well, and don't feel the need to take meds for minor problems that will clear up on their own.

-played in the mud my entire life
-never understood neosporin and band-aids (although i did need to use duct tape and paper towels to halt profuse bleeding on one occasion)
-never had an infection
-I get a cold/flu maybe once every 3-4 years and i don't take anything for it.

back to the original point

-I am not afraid of death
-I'm not going to need my organs once im dead
-I'm not going to need a $20000 coffin once im dead

When I die, take what you possibly can out of me, toss the rest into a pit in the ground, no need for the box, have a beer. <- that is how I want my funeral to go.

more than 2 years ago

How Doctors Die

bwayne314 Re:Ken Murray's blog (646 comments)

I never had any problems with addition,
well, ive had *problems* sure, and sometimes they were difficult ones.
But eventually i overcame my demons and won my battles, without any outside help, mind you!

Now, multiplication, that's a whole other story!

more than 2 years ago

Russia Building World's Largest Li-Ion Battery Plant

bwayne314 Yo Dawg (128 comments)

I heard you like battery, so we put some batteries in your bat so you can battery while you batter.

more than 2 years ago

GameFly To Jump Into Digital Game Rentals

bwayne314 Re:"Rentals" make no sense (39 comments)

Don't mind me, just a poor student coming through... I will still be pirating whatever cracked games I can just because its less hassle (anyone been reading the Diablo 3 news btw? forced permanent tether?) and also happens to be cheaper.

Don't you think that this stage of gaming "experimentation" has been going on long enough to draw rational conclusions about the market by now? Do you think that this industry, that twirls around billions of dollars, has not yet paid some very smart people to predict the market outcome in the long term? Of course they have, and the results are in - the most important slice of the clientele doesn't care and doesn't know about implications of DRM, the average housewife/grandma/baseball-dad has no clue, you could convince them to buy a blank CD for their kids if the cover looked cool enough.

This is the target audience of the industry, because this is the largest chunk of the world population with a modicum of spending cash.

Catching teenagers and nerds for pirating is just the cherry on top after the soccer-mom payoff.

more than 3 years ago

Use Your Car To Power Your House

bwayne314 Re:not that simple (271 comments)

This ! If only I had points!

more than 3 years ago

Re: the debt deal reached Sunday night ...

bwayne314 Re:Darn (788 comments)

+1 Funny

more than 3 years ago

PayPal Hands Over 1,000 IP Addresses To the FBI

bwayne314 Re:oooh 1,000 infected computers (214 comments)

As much as I don't like it, I have to agree with your logic, it is sabotage. That having been said, politically correct protests and pickets are not exactly possible to do using the tubes. If you chose to picket a brick and mortar store, you would be able to physically interact with people walking in and out, you could be holding signs that they might inadvertently read in passing and maybe change their mind about doing business in the store. You could be chanting some clever slogan about the evilness and corruption that people would be forced to hear, and so on. How would you accomplish this on the internet?

Yes you could start something like ... That site has been around a few years, and has it made a difference?

If I was said customer, how would you get your message to me about the evil of paypal if I type into the URL bar and go directly to their site?

Now, if there was a way to set up a legal virtual picket, I would be all for it. Something like, briefly redirecting users to a page with protest signs or whatnot. But then guess what, every single site would get "picketed" by somone or other.

more than 3 years ago

New NASA Data Casts Doubt On Global Warming Models

bwayne314 Re:Dr. Roy Spencer... (954 comments)

I don't have the scientific background to assess his work on climate change.

But I do have the scientific background to assess his work on choosing a monicker on slashdot, and from that I know he is some combination of a) a really crappy scientist, and/or b) someone willing to pretend to be a superhero.

Either criteria gives me ample reason to doubt any article he's published. If some qualified and credible scientists investigate and vouch for his paper than I may be willing to give it a second thought. But until then I'm not going to take the word of a known superhero pretender just because I'm not trained to disprove his particular brand of quantaman-ackery.

Mods, prove me right!

more than 3 years ago

Linguists Out Men Impersonating Women On Twitter

bwayne314 Re:Let's hope that 15%... (350 comments)

HAHA! omg, thats soooo cute! ....

oh, yea, :)

more than 3 years ago

The Electric Airplane Is Coming

bwayne314 Re:SMES (187 comments)

You sir, are technically correct, which is the best kind of correct :)

more than 3 years ago

The Electric Airplane Is Coming

bwayne314 Re:SMES (187 comments)

You also didn't take into account that the jet-fuel payload decreases throughout the duration of the flight as it is burned up, typically by the end of the flight most of the fuel is gone and the plane is much lighter, resulting is better fuel efficiency. While batteries can't be dumped out of the plane after they are discharged.

more than 3 years ago

One-Way Sound Walls Proven Possible

bwayne314 Re:Wave diode applicable to light? (177 comments)

I believe that spring-based toy cars are completely dependent on highly disparate levels of energy between the relaxed and tense state of the spring. Toys based on rubber-band tension, or batteries, have a totally different physical mechanism.

more than 3 years ago

Anonymous Denies Sony Claims of Disruption, Credit Info Theft

bwayne314 Re:Derp (275 comments)

But don't you think that stealing all those CC numbers and immediately releasing them into the wild on TPB is much, much, much, much worse than waiting a couple of weeks, let Sony shit their pants, allow time for all the PSN customers to change/chancel their cards and reset their passwords, and THEN after all that data is essentially harmless release everything, you know, for the lulz?

Granted, it still sucks for the guy with a playstation in his living room, unable to play online for a week and then having to go to the trouble of calling Visa(or whatever) to get a new credit card number, while shitting his pants that his identity might get stolen. But then again, maybe it is just a hard-learned lesson that could have been much worse.

more than 3 years ago

Apple vs. Microsoft, By the Numbers

bwayne314 Re:Bought my first Mac (296 comments)

I am in the exact same situation as you - I own 3 windows machines: a 1997ish gateway which is lost somewhere in the garage, a 2001(ish... I cant recall the exact year) Dell tower which after one vid card replacement still works because back then Dell shipped quality product and a 2 year old Acer laptop which I bought to replace the Dell tower but don't bring anywhere due to it's 1-hour battery life and hefty 19inch screen.

The status of the acer laptop leaves something to be desired, nothing major but little things here and there that have ceased to function over time: one of the USB ports is glitchy and with the slightest jiggle will lose connection, the light-up media control touchpad (exact one pictured here: goes unresponsive every once in a while, there is a way to reset it but requires full powering down and taking out the battery. Because the surface of this touch-pad is literally glued on top of the housing, a corner of it has recently come unglued (this happened long before the freezing) and sometimes can catch onto things because it juts out a little.

So when the sandy bridge processors were released in the new macbook pro iteration (and nowhere else) along with the thunderbolt port (which, yes, at the moment is pure hype) and I realized that the minecraft server I play on is hosted by a ten-year old macbook and that my second-gen ipod touch (my first ever apple product) still works as well as the second day I bought it despite multiple falls and lack of protective case, I decided to take the plunge.

The OS is taking some getting used to, but not as painful as I expected: the thing I miss the most is the 'end' and true 'delete" buttons on the keyboard... not the 'windows' one.

more than 3 years ago



Ask Slashdot: Physics of Water

bwayne314 bwayne314 writes  |  more than 3 years ago

bwayne314 (1854406) writes "We have been having a debate at the lab about mechanics of water and leaky bottles that I am hoping you slashdotters might be able to put to rest.

One group claims that capping a bottle or tube with water residue on the seal will cause some water molecules to remain in the seal and allow liquid from the container to leak out (under certain conditions, like shipping) despite being tightly closed. They call this phenomenon, "creating a river" and opening and drying of the the seal on such a bottle would prevent a leak.

The other faction thinks that any bottle that leaks, simply has a poorly fitting seal and that closing a wet bottle with a proper seal should push any water residue either into or out of the bottle. The distinction here is that there should not be a difference between capping a bottle that is dry vs. capping one that is wet.

So what happens on a molecular level in this situation and who is correct?"


bwayne314 has no journal entries.

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