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Einstein's 1,427-Page F.B.I. File

byronbussey Re:His 'crime' was that he was willing to think. (509 comments)

It's amazing there are still people defending communism after the experience of the twentieth century.

No one is doing this. What people are saying is just because Communism isn't a viable method of government does not make Capitalism some sort of infalible system. The trap that people like Hoover fell into, was the belief that since Communism was "evil", they felt justified to do anything nessecary (within the Law, and often beyond it) to defeat "evil".

To make a comparision, only to make a point, the Nazi's justified murdering the Jews and others, because in their minds the outcome would be a German utopia. In effect, you can justify anything when the outcome is a "heaven on earth"; a place devoid of evil.

Now obviously Communism fell into this problem as well because they were looking for their own Utopia. This all comes back to human nature, which exists in all forms of government. Capitalists can behave in exactly the same ugly ways as Communuists, (and they have). Capitalists can fall into the same spiral as the Communists did. And the current call for an objective self- analysis of behavior is the responsible path to take. The people that don't do this are the Fascist and Communists, because they blindly think/know that they are right.

Furthermore, the defeat of Communism does not validate Capitalism; Hoover was more of a Communist/Fascist than a defender of Democracy, he ran all over liberty and freedom.

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