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Study: People That Think Social Media Helps Their Work Are Probably Wrong

c008644 Productivity (40 comments)

Don't worry Ninja cat will distract them.

about 10 months ago

Silicon Valley Billionaire Takes Out $201 Million Life Insurance Policy

c008644 Re:We need to stop big tax dodgers useing loop hol (300 comments)

We can assume they paid their taxes when they received their paychecks. Why should their heirs pay them again?

For the same reason why when I pay my plumber out of money I have that was already taxed, he has to pay taxes on it as well.

Money is usually taxed when it changes hands. Now I'll admit in case of estates it's not really practical because there are so many ways to get around it, and it also makes stupid situations happen, like if a parent wants to help an adult child pay for an expense they have, they are limited to the ~$14,000 a year gift limit without the kid being taxed as well.

So I admit it's a stupid law, but saying it's already been taxed is not a good argument against it in my opinion.

You could always loan them the money and forgive $14,000 a year then state in the will that you forgive the rest of the debt upon your death. or just set up a trust and make your heir the executor. There are so many ways around the inheritance tax.

about 10 months ago

Why Robots Will Not Be Smarter Than Humans By 2029

c008644 Dr. Soong (294 comments)

Robots wont be smarter than humans because Dr. Soong hasent been born yet.

about a year ago

The First Open Ranking of the World Wide Web Is Available

c008644 Missing data (53 comments)

How can porn account for about 75% of all web traffic if the most common web sites are not listed on this report?

about a year ago



Petition to have the FCC take control of the network from Verizon and AT&T

c008644 c008644 writes  |  about 10 months ago

c008644 (3529249) writes "There is apetition over at moveon.org demanding that the FCC take control of the backbone of the internet from the ISPs. The petition states that the internet in today’s day and age is more of a utility as people use it in their daily lives, yet with companies like AT&T and Verizon fighting to maintain status quo instead of improving their networks, America has fallen in terms of network speed and risen in prices. (Paraphrased)

This appears to have been just submitted as it does not have any signatures yet, but it is an interesting read."

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