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Kyocera's OLED Phone Concept Charges As You Flex It

c_fel Re:Can it really be charged that much?? (101 comments)

It surely can't. Moreover, they plan to use memory shape alloys to pop out the keys, which is a very bad idea since these alloys are very energy hungry. In fact, I'd avoid putting any memory shape alloy on a small battery-powered device because it would eat the battery in seconds. I bet this device won't happen in years with those specs.

more than 5 years ago

Offline Gmail Launched

c_fel Re:Why not just use a client? (220 comments)

Personnally I'd like to use the gmail interface while offline because I think no mail client has a better interface than Gmail's one.

The conversation mode is not just a thread mode : if you archive a thread but receives an answers related to this archived thread, the whole thread will come accompanied with the received message, which gives you the context of the message while facilitating the management of your inbox. If such a feature was implemented in a mail client, I would use the mail client.

more than 5 years ago

Montreal's Public Bikes To Use Web, RFID, Solar

c_fel Re:They only get a few months.. (146 comments)

We do have bike paths where the snow is cleared all year long. And since all the snow is cleared from the streets after a storm, there's not much snow in Montreal during Winter.

more than 6 years ago


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