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Tiniest Linux COM Yet?

cachimaster 20 u$s for a pcb (76 comments)

You might as well buy the bare chip for u$s 5, it's almost the same as this board.

about 4 months ago

Military Drone Lost Over Lake Ontario

cachimaster So what (258 comments)

15 million dollars in equipment was lost. What's the big deal? I'm sure they spend that much in air-conditioning per day.

about 10 months ago

Fusion Reactor Breaks Even

cachimaster Re:Link to the NIF Status Update (429 comments)

From your link:

>The shot resulted in the highest DT neutron yield obtained to date, estimated at nearly 3 × 1015 (three quadrillion), or almost 8,000 joules of fusion energy

And then:

>All 192 NIF beams delivered 1.7 megajoules (MJ) to the hohlraum

That doesn't look like break even...

about a year ago

Fusion Reactor Breaks Even

cachimaster Congrats humans (429 comments)

Fusion achieved. Sometimes we are awesome creatures, congrats to all involved.
And not a minute too soon.

about a year ago

3mm Inexpensive Chip Revolutionizes Electron Accelerators

cachimaster Re:More like Gamma-ray devices (113 comments)

Fair enough, just two questions:
1) An electron hitting an atom will produce photons with the same energy via the Bremsstrahlung effect. As electrons will hit atoms sometimes, 300 MeV electrons means you will have 300 MeV photons, right?
2) How much energy a photon needs to transmute an atom? I believe it's lower than 300 MeV (but as a commenter said, it's 300 MeV *per meter* so really you need a lot of those devices chained together for them to become dangerous, I guess)

about a year ago

3mm Inexpensive Chip Revolutionizes Electron Accelerators

cachimaster Re:More like Gamma-ray devices (113 comments)

Ahh didn't see it was 300 Mev *per meter*. Small detail, thanks!

about a year ago

3mm Inexpensive Chip Revolutionizes Electron Accelerators

cachimaster More like Gamma-ray devices (113 comments)

Unless you can somehow turn down the volume of the device, 300 Mev photons are high-power gamma rays, not x-rays. BTW unlike regular x-rays, at gamma energy levels you can actually activate matter, I.E. turn it radioactive.

about a year ago

Bell Labs Break Record With 31Tbps Via a Single 7200km Optical Fibre

cachimaster This is what internet is made of (125 comments)

Not wifi, wimax, 3g, 4g, ethernet, satellite, etc.
All those tecnologies are just "last-mile" ways to bring data from this big pipes to the users. Internet is made of optical fibre.

about a year ago

Progress On the Open Laptop

cachimaster Re:A Python Scripted Oscilloscope? (57 comments)

Most modern digital oscilloscopes have USB interfaces and are controllable with C or a python api. For example, Rigol scopes have python drivers since some years ago.

about a year ago

Mystery Intergalactic Radio Bursts Detected

cachimaster The Dish! (259 comments)

The parkes telescope making history again. It is one of my favorites radiotelescopes, it was used to track the apollo 11 mission, and there is a movie documenting this that I highly recommend:

about a year ago

Google Glass Teardown

cachimaster Overdesigned (97 comments)

That huge CPU coupled with the memory and flash disk has to consume arround 200mw, no way it can last more than 1 hour on that tiny battery.
IMHO cramming a 500 MB Linux distro into something that is basically a proxy for google services is a complete waste of resources.

about a year ago

Kinectasploit: Hack Tools Meet Kinect

cachimaster Chaos (33 comments)

To think the amount of food, power, and time wasted in projects like this one... that only contributes to the ultimate heat-death of the universe.

about a year ago

Astronauts Fix Phantom Space Station Ammonia Leak

cachimaster Chris Cassidy is a fucking hero (54 comments)

Meet him once, he's awesome, very humble and funny in person. There is a documentary about him even before he became an astronaut. He certainly have the right stuff.

about a year ago

Pavel Vinogradov, At 59, Sets New Record As Oldest Spacewalker

cachimaster 6 hours 38 minutes (32 comments)

I don't think I can walk for 6 hours, much less spacewalk, and I'm 30. The training of those guys is amazing.

about a year and a half ago

Study Finds Universe Is 100 Million Years Older Than Previously Thought

cachimaster Re: The difference between science and religion (245 comments)

>The bible is a bunch of bullshit, its just a fact.

You are clearly trolling but I will bite.
I think some of the bible advices are really good if you were born 2000 years ago.
"Eat only this stuff" "Do not kill" "Rest at least a day every 7" all those stuff just makes sense.
Then there is some fantastic stories and other wrong stuff like the age of the earth but hey, they were not scientist, we didn't have the Hubble back then.

about a year and a half ago

Cryptographers Break Commonly Used RC4 Cipher

cachimaster rfc4345 (90 comments)

If I understood the article, the reported RC4 weakness is known since so long ago there is a RFC about it (rfc4345) that TLS implementation just ignores. SSH also uses RC4 in a non-vulnerable way, and that's why it's not broken, and it's perfectly possible to have a secure RC4 algorithm by simply discarding the first N bytes, where N>1000.

about a year and a half ago

Cliff Bleszinski: Vote With Your Dollars

cachimaster Re:Kintaro was easy... (369 comments)

Maybe he confused the games. Goro from the original Mortal Kombat was a motherfucker.

about a year and a half ago

Sergey Brin Says Using a Smartphone Is 'Emasculating'

cachimaster Reverse marketing (325 comments)

IMHO even if Glass is clearly the superior device, it makes you look like a dork/nerd.
There is no way to change that until they look like regular glasses. Until then, all you can do is attack your main competitor, the smarthpone, or it will go the way of the segway.

about a year and a half ago

For Businesses, the College Degree Is the New High School Diploma

cachimaster Re:Screw HR... (728 comments)

You'll also be surprised how many of the people who own their own successful businesses at those exclusive clubs never finished college.

What does this means? I'm not surprised if many business owners never finished college. I would be surprised if *most* of them didn't. But as you say, apparently most of them did have a degree.

about a year and a half ago



Crypto Attack Affects Millions of ASP.NET Apps

cachimaster cachimaster writes  |  about 4 years ago

cachimaster (127194) writes "A pair of security researchers have implemented an attack that exploits the way that ASP.NET Web applications handle encrypted session cookies, a weakness that could enable an attacker to hijack users' online banking sessions and cause other severe problems in vulnerable applications. Experts say that the bug, which will be discussed in detail at the Ekoparty conference in Argentina this week, affects millions of Web applications. "We knew ASP.NET was vulnerable to our attack several months ago, but we didn't know how serious it is until a couple of weeks ago. It turns out that the vulnerability in ASP.NET is the most critical amongst other frameworks. In short, it totally destroys ASP.NET security," said Thai Duong, who along with Juliano Rizzo, developed the attack against ASP.NET."
Link to Original Source

Knowledge Sharing is good for the employee?

cachimaster cachimaster writes  |  more than 4 years ago

cachimaster (127194) writes "This is an "Ask Slashdot" Submission, I don't know if it's ok to submit it here.
I want to ask the slashdot community if knowledge sharing is good for the individual employee. As an employee I have to share my knowledge to the rest of my company in the form of courses, etc. Its clear than the company, and therefore the humanity at a whole benefits for the sharing of information. But what about the individual employee?"


cachimaster has no journal entries.

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