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Scientists Developing Remote-Control Cyborg Moths

cadeon Re:Wow (27 comments)


about a month ago

Scientists Developing Remote-Control Cyborg Moths

cadeon Wow (27 comments)

This is straight out of science fiction.

I can see it now, a comic book super villain and his swarm of programmable insects.

What a time to be alive.

about a month ago

KDE Releases Plasma 5

cadeon I for one, (108 comments)

Thank our KDE developers for their hard work. I'm really impressed by KDE and have used it a lot over the years.

about 2 months ago

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Buys the LA Clippers For $2 Billion

cadeon Re:What a punishment (270 comments)

It doesn't matter if he renames his team; Slashdot and the rest of the world will rename it for him.

I, for one, welcome our new animated paperclip basketball team.

about 4 months ago

How would you use science to innovate upon sports?

cadeon Re:Simple innovations are the best. (253 comments)

There was a study a while back that showed that most NASCAR drivers and crews had lead poisoning due to the leaded fuel- they didn't move to unleaded fuel until 2008!

So in a way, we've already seen NASCAR with drivers under the influence.

about 8 months ago

US Government Shutdown Ends

cadeon Re: 153 GOP voted to default (999 comments)

There is no need for tax. In a system where the government can create money directly, government projects which create "civilization" can be funded by simply creating the extra cash. Doing so devalues the existing cash (because now it's less rare) so this cash creation needs to happen in moderation, but it does work.

And this is how things work now. Tax does not fund the government. If it did, we wouldn't be taking out loans and racking up debt. As this situation proves, tax provides a very small amount of the government funding.

And that's fine. I like the government being able to create money. I like roads and schools and national parks and NASA. In fact, creating money is the perfect tax- the dollar decreases in value and therefore those with a lot of dollars lose more than those with only a few. And there's no administration to be done to facilitate it.

What's not fine is the only mechanism the government has to create money is to borrow it from a bank. People like to rant about which banks it borrows from (the fed, china, wherever) but that's short sighted.

The problem is the fact we end up paying interest on ever dollar the government creates.

And that's what isn't sustainable. Paying tax to pay interest is unacceptable.

The idea behind defaulting is to get away from this ridiculous idea that the government of this nation has to borrow money to create money. Going about it this way would have been horrible, but seriously considering breaking the tie is worth real consideration.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: What's the Best Way To Work On Projects While Traveling?

cadeon Tomorrowland Terrrance (273 comments)

One of the features I'm most proud of I coded almost entirely at the Tomorrowland Terrance Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom (WDW Florida).

Quiet places can be found just about anywhere. All you need is electricity, and for the most part you can bring your own these days (laptop batteries are way better than they used to be).

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Transporting Computers By Cargo Ship?

cadeon Heat. (249 comments)

My main concern would be heat- and there's not much you can do about it, unfortunately.

Sun on a metal box basically turns it into an oven. Hopefully your container isn't on top.

about 2 years ago

Google Says Some Apple Inventions Are So Great They Should Be Shared

cadeon All (347 comments)

ALL Inventions are so good the should be shared.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Bas Lansdorp About Going to Mars, One Way

cadeon Nominations (540 comments)

Can we, by popular vote, chose who needs to be sent to another planet? I have a few ideas...

more than 2 years ago

Space Shuttles Discovery and Atlantis Meet One Last Time

cadeon Re:I hate it when museums do this (52 comments)

The engines, in this case, are due to be used by the Space Launch System. They are planning on using 15 SSMEs from the shuttle program in the first launches of SLS. I'm sure a lot of the other components have similar fates, since the SLS is shuttle derived.

Aside from that, yes, I am totally with you. Seeing the Enterprise in DC was a rather empty experience. It looked like plywood.

more than 2 years ago

Space Shuttles Discovery and Atlantis Meet One Last Time

cadeon Re:SOUNDS SEXY !! (52 comments)

It's not a problem. Space shuttles typically... rendezvous... in space, where they can be in any position they like.

more than 2 years ago

Submitting "Nuking the Fridge" To Scientific Peer Review

cadeon Database Error (284 comments)

Hiding in the fridge won't protect you from Slashdot, either.

more than 2 years ago

Sony Raises Price of Whitney Houston's Music 30 Minutes After Death

cadeon Re:Price fixing... (507 comments)

Yes, but no.

There are other shoes that look and work like Nike shoes- therefore you can get very Nike-esq shoes from other manufacturers. Whitney wasn't allowed to sing for other labels. If someone else covers her songs, Sony can go after them (and block sales, if need be). If someone else uses similar music, they may get sued. Sure, if someone directly copied a Nike, Nike would likely send lawyers- but, short of using their trademarks and logos without permission, there's not a lot they can (or will) do. With music, it's a lot more subjective, and the threat of legal action is more than enough to not build on music that's currently with a label (unless you are also with that label).

But, more importantly, there's also the problem of exposure.

See, with shoes, there's exposure. You know you can buy shoes other than Nikes, because there are other shoes out there. With Sony's music, there is no other music. If you want pop music, you're likely buying it from them. Or from one of their close friends. This is by design.

You're unaware of the other products because you have no exposure. Everyone has feet, so everyone has shoes- but the only people allowed to broadcast music are people the labels allow to (and supply). There's very little exposure to let the public know there's music outside the major music labels.

And that, my friends, is what scares them about internet radio and piracy. It's not loss of sales, it's loss of control of exposure. As more of the public realize they can get music somewhere else, they will. That's why people who download music are pirates, internet DJs have to pay higher royalties than terrestrial radio DJs, and indie music labels are referred to as "Stepping stones" to really arriving and getting "properly" signed with a "real" label.

more than 2 years ago

Sony Raises Price of Whitney Houston's Music 30 Minutes After Death

cadeon Re:Price fixing... (507 comments)

Taiwan, not Korea. Let the flames come.

more than 2 years ago

Sony Raises Price of Whitney Houston's Music 30 Minutes After Death

cadeon Re:Price fixing... (507 comments)

Adding to above-

The real cause behind all this is the fact that Sony has a legal monopoly on Whitney Houston's music.

If her albums were available through other (legal) means, the free market would work. Sure, everyone would raise prices just like Sony did, but someone would raise them less than the others, and we'd have a price war on our hands. It's entirely possible that Whitney's death would result in *lower* album costs due to the increased attention and volume.

But since there's a monopoly on this particular product, the market can do nothing about it.

Maybe Korea can make some money off of all of this:

more than 2 years ago

Windows 8 Features With Linux Antecedents

cadeon Re:What bugs me is... (642 comments)

HTC and Samsung are known to be paying Microsoft royalties for the devices they sell with Android.

AC is pointing out that something similar could happen if Microsoft patented ideas it gleaned from the open source community. An "Embrace, Extend, Patent, Profit" modus, if you will.

more than 2 years ago

3,500 Year Old Florida Tree Dies of Natural Causes

cadeon Incorrect department (206 comments)

This story should be coming from the pre-primary-bush-burning dept., as it's old news and therefore occurred before Florida's closed primary.

more than 2 years ago



When is it right to enforce a software patent?

cadeon cadeon writes  |  more than 2 years ago

cadeon (977561) writes "I work for a small company with a workforce management software product. We brought a fairly unique approach to market in 2004, and have developed the idea continuously since then. Our first of three patents was awarded in 2007.

At the moment we have exactly one customer. And while I can't blame our lack of commercial success on our ideas being copied — "No one ever got fired for buying $established_product" — I find myself wondering if it's time to try and enforce our patents.

Would doing so make us a patent troll, or is this the situation patents were created to help solve? If this isn't the right situation, what is?"

Name My Software

cadeon cadeon writes  |  more than 4 years ago

cadeon (977561) writes "Probably the largest problem I've run into in recent memory is how to name a new free product the company I work with is going to take to release in about six months. I have ideas, but none of them are Awesome, and I'm really having trouble coming up with new ones.

Are there any recommendations for creative process? Any ideas for a name that aren't already taken?

As for what the software does; well, perhaps I should stay quiet on that. I don't want to bias any ideas by using buzzwords, and I'm definitely not trying to slashvertise. We don't even have a site up yet!"

What should I use for a helmet display?

cadeon cadeon writes  |  more than 6 years ago

cadeon writes "A friend and I want to build a HUD inside (or somehow on) his motorcycle helmet. The challenge so far is picking a display. With all the talk recently about Flexible OLEDs, we'd love to get one of those and just paste it to the helmet visor- but we can't find where to get one. What other solutions are there? Where can we get them? Has Slashdot built anything like this before?"

Invisible tanks?

cadeon cadeon writes  |  more than 6 years ago

cadeon writes "Well, we don't have flying tanks yet, but the UK isn't too far from invisible ones. New technology that can make tanks invisible has been unveiled by the Ministry of Defence. In secret trials last week, the Army said it had made a vehicle completely disappear and predicted that an invisible tank would be ready for service by 2012.

If these things work anything like the Stealth Tanks in Command and Conquer, then war has officially became scary."

Linux still doesn't make it on the desktop

cadeon cadeon writes  |  more than 6 years ago

cadeon (977561) writes "Michael Gartenberg writes about how Linux still isn't viable for end users or organizations, due to it's lack of hardware support and inability to run critical, irreplaceable business applications like Microsoft Office. He goes on to mention the office suites available for Linux, but casts doubt on their interoperability.

Here is one of (likely many) reactions to this story."

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