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Best Way To Distribute Video Online?

caffeinatedOnline Try unicornmedia (227 comments)

Shameless plug, but check out They will take content, transcode it to near lossless h.264 quality, and host it on their site for free. As the content owner, you are given the opportunity to place ads, which you get a percentage from. They launch a new front end next month designed entirely in Flex, so as long as the client has Flash, it will play.

more than 6 years ago



caffeinatedOnline caffeinatedOnline writes  |  about 8 years ago

caffeinatedOnline (926067) writes "After yesterdays story of PS3 games selling for $75+ in Japan, a quick look on Sony Style shows that the 7 launch titles that are currently pre-ordering are priced at $59.99. So while not getting the console price cut the japanese are getting, U.S. Sony fans will at least be getting games priced inline with the Xbox360."


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