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California City Considers Restarting Desalination Plant To Fight Drought

cahuenga Re:now I never looked into it (420 comments)

"Strong" El Nino. Qualified statement. Speed reading ain't all it's cracked up to be.

about 5 months ago

California City Considers Restarting Desalination Plant To Fight Drought

cahuenga Re:now I never looked into it (420 comments)

I never looked into it but I always hear how expensive it is to run these things?

In short, absurdly expensive. So expensive it became economically impractical after running for 3 month as the '92 El Nino made relatively cheap reservoir water available again. With the odds of a strong El Nino climbing this year it looks like we are set for a repeat of that expensive debacle.

Feast and famine of rainfall is a fact of life that politicians seem incapable of grasping. It has always been this way. Average and water-poor years followed by strong El Ninos, which reset the reservoirs and snowpack roughly every 10 years. Budgeting water better between El Ninos should be trivial, yet....

about 5 months ago

Skilled Manual Labor Critical To US STEM Dominance

cahuenga Utterly delusional self confirming horsesh*t (367 comments)

More Wall Street pimping of the "skills mismatch" myth, disproven repeatedly. Wages are not increasing for so-called mismatched skills and it might be interesting to see some actual studies rather than anecdotes being shovels out of manufacturer's lobby groups. Good grief, this is being reported as factual news?

about 6 months ago

Why Tesla Really Needs a Gigafactory

cahuenga Re:Does the math work out? (193 comments)

There's a reason most bakers don't grow their own wheat and mill their own flour.

The new mythology: Unicorns, griffins and vertical integration

about 5 months ago

Roadable, Vertical-Takeoff Aircraft Is Eager To Hit the Battlefield

cahuenga Purpose? (87 comments)

For the life of me I can't imagine any situation where a VTOL would need to be roadable. Maybe for Taco Bell?

about 9 months ago


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