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New Class of Malware Will Steal Behavior Patterns

calibre97 Then I'll misbehave! (73 comments)

Fine. Then I'll constantly misbehave in atrocious patterns so they get nothing. What better way to misbehave than to claim FRIST on a /. story.

about 4 years ago

Hardy Heron Making Linux Ready for the Masses?

calibre97 Re:Almost (1100 comments)

The item was I'd borked the update manager with the GUI for adding resources. I just wanted to get a working list back so yes, since I was already having to type something, I went with the most expedient and that was to copy the .list file where it needed to go. So I'm not talking about every time. It was really for that one time. As for going forward, why should I have to type a command to launch an app? I'm not saying it isn't possible, it's just not easy to do some things that should be basic. On a Mac, you are prompted for credentials when certain operations warrant them. I don't believe the Windows way is correct, where too many apps just operate, or have to, as 'root', but come on, I think it could be easier is all. I don't mind learning and I get better and better but I guess I'm just speaking for general situations and most novice users.

more than 6 years ago


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