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Surge In Online Orders Overwhelms UPS Christmas Deliveries

callmebill Re:Thankful (378 comments)

GP's point (and the point made in the summary) is still valid, though: Customers were still offered 2-day shipping, when the grounded planes and full trucks should have caused a red flag to be raised indicating that the offered delivery window will not be as dependable as it usually is.

about a year ago

CryptoLocker Gang Earns $30 Million In Just 100 Days

callmebill Re:Said every IT person. Ever. (202 comments)

So maybe a good backup situation (for individuals) would be: 1. Keep flash drive in USB hole a. Leave it unmounted somehow 2. At backup time: i. Mount the flash drive ii. Copy files iii. Unmount 3. ... 4. Profit!

1 year,19 hours

Bitcoin Exchange Value Halves After Chinese Ban

callmebill B-b-b-but... (475 comments)

They promised that THIS time it's DIFFERENT!

1 year,1 day

OpenSSH Has a New Cipher — Chacha20-poly1305 — from D.J. Bernstein

callmebill slashdotted (140 comments)

Guess I'll never know what it looks like.

1 year,8 days

Sweden Is Closing Many Prisons Due to Lack of Prisoners

callmebill What steps are they taking? (752 comments)

The article doesn't state what specific steps the country is taking to reduce crime. That would be much more interesting to read. Currently the article isn't much more than a page out of the IKEA catalog.

about a year ago

Qcloud Puts Quantum Chip In the Cloud For Coders To Experiment

callmebill simulator (73 comments)

I'm neither a physicist nor a computer scientist, but if you can "hone [your] skills" using the simulator, why isn't it sufficient to have a fast enough simulation of a quantum system using a classical computer, and solve your problems on the simulator?

about a year ago

Scientists Discover New Clues To Regeneration: How Flatworms Regrow Heads

callmebill which is the "real" starfish (76 comments)

Suppose you could cut a starfish into 5 segments, and they could each regenerate the missing 4. Which is the real one? How much of a body can one replace before it's a different body?

about a year ago

Boston Officials Did Not Shut Down Cell Network After Marathon Bombing

callmebill still allow outbound? (211 comments)

Boston slashdotter, here (as if that mattered). Anyway, wouldn't it be as effective to just disallow inbound calls/sms/etc? Allow people to make outgoing calls to call friends and family and all, but don't allow phones to receive calls.

about a year and a half ago

The Science of Game Strategy

callmebill noughts and crosses? (136 comments)

I'm guessing "noughts and crosses" is "tic tac toe".

about 2 years ago

The World's First Supercavitating Boat?

callmebill Re:A boat? (186 comments)

AND captain nemo called the nautilus "[his] submarine boat". I think he deserves to name it!

more than 2 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S3 Face Unlock Tricked By Photograph

callmebill Re:Solution (174 comments)

ha! where are my mod points?

more than 2 years ago

Documentation As a Bug-Finding Tool

callmebill help (188 comments)

When I write little utility programs, I start by writing the words that will come out with "--help".

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Allow Test Takers Internet Access, But Minimize Cheating?

callmebill i don't buy it (330 comments)

So what happens when all the "original content" makers die off? If we just search the web, we'll only get old information. Let people figure out how to create their own OC by searching within and solving/exploring on their own, so that the future internet will have new information. In the meantime, grade on the curve just to keep the education process moving.

more than 2 years ago

Least worthy tech-world cliches / buzzwords?

callmebill Re:Standards! (297 comments)

Standards are like toothbrushes. Everyone agrees you should have one, but no one wants to use yours.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Free/Open Deduplication Software?

callmebill Dragonfly BSD's HAMMER... (306 comments)

...includes dedupe. There was a blog entry a while ago where on a 256MB RAM machine someone was able to dedupe 600GB down to 400GB and the performance was fine. This is much unlike ZFS which wants the entire dedupe tree in memory and requires gigs and gigs of RAM.

more than 2 years ago

Smallest space my belongings could fit (unbroken):

callmebill missing option (312 comments)

"What's a 'meter'?"

about 3 years ago

Sprint Orders All OEMs To Strip Carrier IQ From Their Phones

callmebill Re:1.3M? Why Not All? (156 comments)

If they are still collecting on 1.3 of the 26, then maybe it's a sample group of phones, for collecting service quality stats. 1.3MM/26MM happens to be exactly 5%. That's a nice round number.

about 3 years ago


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