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Community Networks and Websites?

cambridgeblue Matching the site to the community (155 comments)

I run a business/technology community in Cambridge.

Things we have found to be useful include:
- Getting local 'heros' to represent/communicate the values of our community
- Putting equal effort into 'physical' and 'virtual' activities of our community
- Getting our members to pay once per year and post their own material
- Using situations vacant as a way to drive up traffic and a value argument (we are a lot cheaper than newsprint media)

Things which did not go so well include:
- Assuming that people would renew membership automatically once they got an e-mail
- Trying to touch members outside our catchment area for meetings [50kms]
- Chat / bulletin boards

Our thoughts for the future include:
- Moving the whole process to pocket devices
- Being proactive - triggering the right people with e-mails/sms
- Linking up with other communities

more than 12 years ago


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