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Turkey's Science Research Council Stops Publication of Evolution Books

camcorder Re:This is a country that wants in the EU (444 comments)

I'd prefer decent parents teaching kids to do the correct thing for the right reasons
Description of 'correct' is carried through centuries with the help of religion. That's the most important part of the religion, that it creates a foundation of moral thoughts. Since it's information age, that you 'reach' everything through a single search query, you think you're god now. But you forget that vast majority of the thoughts that keeps the society awake and in a living condition is because of moral experiences of our ancestors carried to our age with religion.

Civilization has been a long journey. All these 'uber genious' atheists were existed in all ages. 'I know everything better than everyone' people became majority, society corrupted, then a new page with a new "sin" was added to testaments. Even if all these religious sayings, and prophets etc. were man-made, not god-made, someone considering himself clever enough, should respect them. Because an idea that would affect billions of people for centuries is nothing they could dream of to produce.

about a year and a half ago

The Strange Math of Apple's Alleged Massive iPhone 5 Order Cuts

camcorder Re:so? apple is still selling less product (298 comments)

Stocks go up on profit. And profit does not grow only with revenue. You can also deduct spendings. That's how big businesses work. They spend enormously for marketing, branding, hire unnecessary amount of people, to build a brand. Once they think their product/service in saturation they start cost cutting. Because you need to give dividends to keep your stocks up and these dividends rely on profit.

Unfortunately most of the time these cost cuts are not based on R&D to invent a new method to decrease costs of production or increase the efficiency; which would take time and also uncertain. Remember high-earning managers don't like to wait (their time is money), and their stress level can't endure uncertainty of that level and they go the easiest way of cost-cutting; which is called mass lay off. They know human can increase their efficiency automatically when they are afraid of something, for this case losing their jobs (not steve). They know remaining workers will work twice to secure their places, instead of criticising the bad management etc. And exploit this fact every now and then.

about a year and a half ago

Pirated iOS App Store Site Shuts Down

camcorder Re:Living in the wrong country (432 comments)

What made you think you can have anything you want in anywhere you want? If content is not available in your region then don't consume it. I've never seen someone dies due to the lack of a movie to watch or a music to listen.

about a year and a half ago
top and 284 Other .PK Domains Hacked

camcorder Re:Its the TLD that was hacked (35 comments)

So in the first place, they wouldn't have registered those domains if they didn't trust on an operator. If someone hacked google and this way hacked my box, I can't blame Google for my losses right? I'm hacked, and my security hole is Google. So it's Google, Apple etc. hacked because their security hole is their domain operators. Google and most of the big web services, try to look local with local domains, translations, on the other hand they pay zero taxes to those governments, so it's also their mistake that they don't pay taxes to those governments with which they improve their IT infrastructure.

about 2 years ago

New Technology May Cut Risk of Giving Syrian Rebels Stinger Missiles

camcorder US Military (279 comments)

Doesn't US military and government have better things to do, other than supporting prospective pro-Islam terrorists; in past Osama, and now Rebellions in Syria and Fettullah in Pennsylvania?

about 2 years ago

More Than 25% of Android Apps Know Too Much About You

camcorder Whose hands is my data? (277 comments)

I'm afraid of big corps than small application developers for giving my data. If a small company, or an independent developer gets my data and use it without my permission and that harms me, I can sue that guy or small company and probably protect myself. A painful process but doable.

On the other hand, I'm helpless against a big corp. I don't think there's any difference, since it includes profit and big corps can make more money out of it, in a way that big or small company can do with my personal data. Major problem is I can't fight with a big corp. I won't be able to have a energy and money to protect myself. They will do whatever they could do and I would be helpless.

It's important to educate people about the importance of their privacy, so there will be a common uprising against the big corps in case they do evil. People ignorantly trust big companies. They will accept any kind of pop-up, or warning you'd put and install their applications. Though they have no idea what could they do and what kind of power they have with these data after they get a big harm. There must be thousands of families or lifes ruined because of irresponsibility of privacy protection of facebook or google. Even I personally know couple of people affected by those. But I haven't heard any case these companies paid for their wrongdoings.

about 2 years ago

Behind the Scenes At NASA's Mission Control Center

camcorder Re:0.005$ is not enough (38 comments)

Only with that spent $4 trillion, you can pay that $2.5 billion. One spending is for needs and one one spending is for "joy".

about 2 years ago

Will the Desktop PC Live Forever?

camcorder Why does it matter? (625 comments)

I don't see why does it matter at all. New technology always wipes out the previous one, time it takes depends on marketing and social changes of people's life. Since people started to be mobile every now and then, mobile devices are rampant now, and I would not think that smart phones that ubiquitous if Telco companies didn't offer data services. On my first desktop i was playing games and now if I want to do that I have plenty of other options to choose from. It's just that technology has entered people's life so much that there's a more market so different gadgets pop-ping up.

I'm sure one day your e-identity (via biometrics or NFC tags) will follow you and you'll have devices all around your environment which can authorize you and bring your data there, so you won't need to carry a separate device. Devices handy could be even a public service at some level. So you'll be able to use any phone you'll around and only that one will ring when you're around. Might look futuristic, but one day it's going to be your identity and data to be mobile, not your devices. Then we'll have desktop "PC"s all around again. Even with cloud computing we're getting there.

about 2 years ago

SpaceX Dragon Set To Launch

camcorder Facebook user (111 comments)

No I'm one of those few 348 billion people.

about 2 years ago

Apple Wants Another $707 Million From Samsung

camcorder Lawyer costs (316 comments)

This additional damages must have been linked to lawyer costs associated with the trial.

about 2 years ago

iOS 6 Adoption Tops 25% After Just 48 Hours

camcorder Re:Always with the jabs (513 comments)

.. and it didn't bring any new feature that could be noticeable.

about 2 years ago

Open Source Increasingly Replaced By Open APIs

camcorder Re:What's the point? (224 comments)

Security. If Facebook source code was open, security flaws which are disclosed every one day or another, probably ruining life of thousands due to privacy leaks, would have been closed faster and I'm sure dozens of sane coders would report facebook to close its bugs. Moreover Facebook engineers would be more careful. Windows taught the lesson that security from obscurity is flawed decades ago.

more than 2 years ago

Windows 8 Store Will Allow Open Source Apps

camcorder Re:Microsoft and open source (333 comments)

- Linux still cannot compete on desktop. Much larger competitor to MS is OSX, and even then MS does programs for Mac too.

For me it competes pretty well. I used Linux desktop (Gnome on Fedora) both on my desktop and laptop. After the web era I never need a Windows OS for any reason. I don't say Windows is obsolete, of course it has niche stuff for some people. But it's non-sense to say Linux can't compete on desktop. I have to say that using a Gnome desktop (and I'm sure KDE is on par) is a lot easier than using Windows' interface. That's even true for those got used to Windows way of doing things. Currently Linux desktop is best of both worlds, they get useful concepts from MacOSX or Windows, and it gets mature and mature every day due to open source nature, and beats on stability thanks to Linux. Application support is pretty decent and has all the recent technologies on desktop from 3d acceleration to smart network integration.

Desktop on Linux is improving in a lot faster pace than Windows even Mac, but I don't understand why people keep spreading 'Linux can't compete on desktop' FUD. I got money to pay for Windows, and I actually paid for Windows several times without using it on my computer purchases, (so what market share are we talking about?) and even though I'm not a Free Software purist, I find Linux Desktop much more productive than Windows all the time.

Maybe year of Linux on desktop joke will never get old, but that doesn't change the fact that Linux was on my desktop for years.

more than 2 years ago

Syria Bans iPhone, Protest App

camcorder Steve Jobs (69 comments)

Ironically creator of iPhone had Syrian blood.

more than 2 years ago

Facebook Settles With FTC, Admits Privacy Violations

camcorder Re:Mixed Feelings. (138 comments)

Being part of people's life and affecting people's life is two different things. Granted one way or another Facebook affects people's life (News, events, (flawed) marriages etc.). But in no way, it's part of my life. I won't feel anything missing if I wake up one day seeing Facebook disappeared. I'm sure most people addicted to it won't feel big void if Facebook disappears. They will just find something else to waste time with. That's nature of humans, not Facebook's invention.

more than 2 years ago

Why Amazon Can't Manufacture a Kindle In the US

camcorder Re:Labor conditions (598 comments)

Eh, why it's always Americans who complain about slavery in China, India but on the other hand happily consume products from them? On the other hand Chinese and Indians are not that unhappy about the hard working conditions, since they know they need to work hard in order the catch pace with European and US standards of living if not for them, for their children. "Unfortunately" they didn't have a chance to invent colonization so they need to earn their wealth by working. There's nothing inherited to them, as their European or US counterparts.

Luckily after centuries they are doing good now. Every single day Asian countries, those developing ones, are really developing. That's in expense of harsh working conditions, but seeing "developed" world falling while they are getting better every day is evidently the real paycheck, numbers only fool economists, and angry workers in developed world. They think those workers work for peanuts, but actually they are getting their futures.

about 3 years ago

Imagining the CLI For the Modern Machine

camcorder Re:Advantages of CLI (317 comments)

How do you plan to i18n that thing than? It's ok for English, and even English might lack form in some phrases. Shell has its own language, and it's not a natural language. Whatever tongue you have, you can learn this language, but if you add natural languages into the equation, then you create a big chaos, since you need to implement syntax differently for vast majority of nations. Otherwise while it wouldn't boggle your mind, it would boggle mind of someone else.

I hope this explains it for your.

more than 3 years ago

Developer Blames Apple For Ruining eBook Business

camcorder Re:Business 101 (660 comments)

And you smell like a coding monkey to me. It's not easy to say 'it's life' when your business bankrupt if you're a capitalist. Pawns of capitalism (ie. workers) mostly have no idea how hard is to run a business, that's why regardless where they work, they always complain about their bosses and working environment.

more than 3 years ago



OLPC Laptops To Be Used As Election Propaganda

camcorder camcorder writes  |  more than 5 years ago

camcorder (759720) writes "Upcoming local elections in Turkey brought a new market for OLPC project, as nominee of the ruling party in Kocaeli municipality, which populates almost 1.5 million people, pledges to give away one OLPC laptop to every children living in the city. He demonstrates toughness of the laptop by throwing it during his address to public for his election campaign. In the video (Turkish) he throws the laptop twice to the ground and gives bogus information about the laptop claiming it's charged by solar power and it's the best laptop in the world."


camcorder has no journal entries.

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