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Artificial Spleen Removes Ebola, HIV Viruses and Toxins From Blood Using Magnets

canadiannomad Re:Poor source (103 comments)

This summary is a butchered summary of a far more interesting article. Here is a far better source! [Cause HTML has Anchor Tags] I'm quite surprised at IBT's lack of knowledge. Viruses killed by antibiotics? Toxins Multiplying?

Wow I agree! Thanks for sharing this! This is much more interesting.. Maybe someone should write up a summary about the actual article....


Oregon Suing Oracle Over Obamacare Site, But Still Needs Oracle's Help

canadiannomad Re:Mistake #1 (116 comments)

Much as I'm not a fan of Bill gates, mistake #1 is not following the rules of automation:

The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.

-- Bill Gates

about two weeks ago

NASA Telescopes Uncover Early Construction of Giant Galaxy

canadiannomad Re:How fast do stars form? (25 comments)

So when they say it is producing 300 stars per year, they are really saying that they are/have been observing about 300 stars completing that process?
How fine is that line between being "almost a star" and actually being a star? Is there a flash point?

about three weeks ago

NASA Telescopes Uncover Early Construction of Giant Galaxy

canadiannomad How fast do stars form? (25 comments)

The growing galaxy core is blazing with the light of millions of newborn stars that are forming at a ferocious rate.

In TFA it states that

GOODS-N-774 is producing 300 stars per year. “By comparison, the Milky Way produces thirty times fewer than this — roughly ten stars per year,”

I'm sure I could find it somewhere, or it is really an unanswerable question, but how fast do stars themselves generally form?

about three weeks ago

Airbnb To Hand Over Data On 124 Hosts To New York Attorney General

canadiannomad Re:Addressing potential problems (149 comments)

I've been to dozens of AirBnB locations all over Europe. I certainly can say that I've never had a truly bad experience. The only slightly bad experience I've had came from what I think was a hotel trying to sell their services on the wrong site, and that was in Amsterdam. Those that used the site as designed, were generally easy to sift through so we could find some real gems and avoid the cruft.

about three weeks ago

Selectable Ethics For Robotic Cars and the Possibility of a Robot Car Bomb

canadiannomad Re:Labor costs (239 comments)

You get less human rights complaints when you let the children(or entire populations) stave by using robots for your cheap labour instead of paying them a pittance. :(

about a month ago

Writer: Internet Comments Belong On Personal Blogs, Not News Sites

canadiannomad Re:Best of luck with that. (299 comments)

And I am not a troll.

I was ->.- this close to modding you a troll just for the above statement... But then I decided to burn my ability to mod on this article... :P

about a month ago

Judge: US Search Warrants Apply To Overseas Computers

canadiannomad Re:Good (502 comments)

The "common person" who can afford that crap.

Sorry buddy, but moving data around internationally can cost as little at $0.

about a month and a half ago

Google To Stop Describing Games With In-App Purchases As 'Free'

canadiannomad Re:Freemium vs DLC (139 comments)

Those would be a great metrics, average $ spent over total usage, and average $ per hour usage, and % of screen per minute that is occupied by advertising.

about 2 months ago

Dell Starts Accepting Bitcoin

canadiannomad Re: Until dell can pay it's bills with Bitcoin.... (152 comments)

True to a point, but if they receive in bitcoin and convert to Yuan directly to pay their suppliers then they may save a load in exchange and bank fees.

about 2 months ago

Why the FCC Is Likely To Ignore Net Neutrality Comments and Listen To ISPs

canadiannomad Re:Of, For, and By the People (140 comments)

In its landmark 5-4 decision in the case of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, the U.S. Supreme Court tossed out years of campaign finance law by ruling that corporations and labor unions have the same First Amendment freedom of speech rights as individuals in using their funds to support or oppose candidates for election. In his dissenting opinion, Justice John Paul Stevens raised an interesting, if somewhat sarcastic question: does this mean corporations can vote now?
"Under the majority's view, I suppose it may be a First Amendment problem that corporations are not permitted to vote, given that voting is, among other things, a form of speech," wrote Justice Stevens.

-- So, Can Corporations Vote Now?

about a month ago

Why the FCC Is Likely To Ignore Net Neutrality Comments and Listen To ISPs

canadiannomad Re:Of, For, and By the People (140 comments)

So if someone were to open a million numbered companies, then is each one like a little slave baby that has all the rights of a person, but not the self determination?

about a month ago

People Who Claim To Worry About Climate Change Don't Cut Energy Use

canadiannomad Re:It is a given that I'll use more (710 comments)

Don't know about where you live, but around here electricity is separate from rent. The landlord has not motive to upgrade electric equipment unless it is malfunctioning.

about a month ago

FBI Concerned About Criminals Using Driverless Cars

canadiannomad Re:Only because they're stupid. (435 comments)

There are already microwave transmitters that can fry a car's control system at range (such as the one promoted by SAVELEC). This should be the preferred method. The police should be *so sure* that the driver is a criminal that they're willing to stake a lawsuit on physically destroying a car's control system. That should be the bar.

I'd never thought of it that way, but I completely agree. That really should be the bar. That said, there should be a system by which an officer could notify the occupants of the car that they should immediately pull over and increases the ease of doing so (big red button on the display), or gives a way(phone/radio?) to explain why they wont (on way to hospital with critically injured child?).

about a month ago

People Who Claim To Worry About Climate Change Don't Cut Energy Use

canadiannomad It is a given that I'll use more (710 comments)

I'm concerned about the environment, but it is really a given that over time I'll use more electricity. Technology may get more energy efficient, but we will get more things that demand that energy. I'm under no illusion that I'll be able to meaningfully lower my emissions more then trying to fix the big things, like getting an electric car and upgrading my AC to a more energy efficient model. Everything else is just a drop in the bucket. Around here the pollution mainly comes from cars and trucks that are far out of repair and coal power plants. The only other thing we can do is get private solar power.
So my part will be to get an electric car and solar panels, but those are still a couple years away for me for economic reasons. The sooner they are more affordable and have longer range, the sooner I'll be able to take advantage of those technologies. Or I need to get a raise ;)

about 2 months ago

Does Google Have Too Much Influence Over K-12 CS Education?

canadiannomad I can feel it now (66 comments)

I can just feel it now, my job prospects dwindling in the next 10 years. Well gotta start working on plan B.

about 2 months ago



This Is The Best Takedown Of The 'Speed Kills' Myth You'll Ever See

canadiannomad canadiannomad writes  |  1 year,19 hours

canadiannomad (1745008) writes "

One refrain you hear frequently from insurance companies, police, and the media is that 'speed kills.' It doesn't, and this is the best debunking of that myth that we've ever seen.
I already thought that speed limits were low, and that was without any facts. This video will make you go nuts with anger about speed limits. Seriously. You'll go all Hulk on the next limit sign you see after watching this.


Link to Original Source

Ask Slashdot: Could government be run like bitcoin?

canadiannomad canadiannomad writes  |  about a year ago

canadiannomad (1745008) writes "Could government as it stands now be replaced by a computer program?
Could government be replaced by a verifiable distributed system(ala bitcoin)?
How would one go about it?

What parts of the bureaucracy could not be crowd-sourced, distributed, or otherwise reduced to an algorithm?
How could we protect such a system from hacking, tampering, or changing for nefarious goals.

It seems to me that there is a lot of waste in government, and a lot of processes that could be streamlined to a single line of code. What would be your favourite example of a government job that could be replaced by a single line of code?"

Space Jam, Barenaked Ladies sing with the ISS

canadiannomad canadiannomad writes  |  about a year and a half ago

canadiannomad writes "Watch the video as astronaut Chris Hadfield, from aboard the International Space Station, performs "I.S.S. (Is Somebody Singing)" with Ed Robertson, the rest of the Barenaked Ladies and the Wexford Gleeks from Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts, who were all at the CBC studios in Toronto."
Link to Original Source


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