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Soldiers Call for Engineering Tech Support

caouchouc Re:The US army (314 comments)

Have you cared to read the database from the site you have now linked?

Why yes, I have. I've also read the various discourse available on the site as well as breakdown and statistical analysis also available on the site.

How does a car bomb, intended for a US convoy, that ends up killing Iraqi civilians count against the US?

It doesn't, and I never said it did. What you seem to ignore is the fact that these casualty counts are small compared to those caused by US military action.

On just the first page I counted 10+ instances where the "weapon" was listed as either "car bomb" or "roadside bomb".

And one US offensive on that same page completely dwarfs all those casualties combined. It's quite obvious that you've got very selective senses.

You are harming your credibility by not actually reading your own source and researching in depth. Instead, you take a number off the front page whose sole purpose is to be sensational.

On the contrary, I have read the source. It's you who has not. You've simply skimmed perhaps the first couple pages of the database, saw something that at first glance looked like it corroborated your position, and then rode with it. And when did I ever refer to the tally on that site's front page? Never? That's right. I'm not responsible for how a website organizes its headlines, and I deliberately made no reference to that tally because it was not relevent to the subject of who is killing more civilians.

You're fabricating your own references to sensationalism and then for some inconceivable reasion, arguing them against yourself... Don't speak to me of credibility when have none yourself.

You come out with some statistic that makes you look good, but ignores many sides of the story.

Don't hand me that; this is precisely what you have been doing. I couldn't care less how I "look" on a faceless forum. I gave you a source of information and you cherry-picked partial statistics and then presented it to me as if I wouldn't notice what you ignored/left out.

Now, come out and truly, truly show me one thing that shows why Iraq as a whole is worse off now than it was under Saddam's cruel rule

What on God's green Earth led you to believe I'm arguing this at all? All I'm doing is informing you that the evidence supports what the other poster told you; that the US military is the cause of most of the civilian deaths in Iraq.

Christ... Yeah, you go on making shit up and arguing points no one brought up. Asshat.

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