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Samsung Ships Hybrid Hard Drives

captain_craptacular Re:Linux (118 comments)

If you read the blurb, or the article, this is not the same thing as ReadyBurst TM which MS touts as a new feature in Vista. ReadyBurst TM, allows you to plug in a flash drive and use it as a sort of replacement for part of the disk. ReadyBurst TM allows you to use up to 2GB of flash. This technology puts the flash right on the drive, uses a much smaller amount of flash (128-256MB is optimal), and is more about power management than speed increases. Think of it as a relatively large, non-volatile cache on the HDD. The drive can use it as a buffer until it's full then write the data in one concentrated burst. This way, the power hungry spinning drive only has to spin occasionally.

more than 7 years ago


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