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Department of Defense May Give Private Cloud Vendors Access To Top Secret Data

captbob2002 Re:Outrage (60 comments)

... Us old folks call it 'a file server on the internal network'. Of course, us old folks don't call things 'the cloud' either unless talking to people who don't understand networks, so for your case I'll use 'cloud'...

I've lost count of the times I have told people the "The Cloud" is just using someone else's computer for storage. They are always shocked. I am not sure what that actually thought "the cloud" was.

Same folks that are shocked to learn that Google is reading their Gmail.

about two weeks ago

2014 Nobel Prize In Physics Awarded To the Inventors of the Blue LED

captbob2002 Re:As well they should. (243 comments)

because some designers decided blue is the new green - the future is blue so let's make our product futuristic. Bah. Very overused.

about three weeks ago

Nvidia Sinks Moon Landing Hoax Using Virtual Light

captbob2002 Re:I know one... (275 comments)

...(Americans - the moon landings were among your finest achievements....

Thank you. I wish we'd some something equally noteworthy in the last 40 years.

about a month ago

In Maryland, a Soviet-Style Punishment For a Novelist

captbob2002 Re:In Soviet Maryland (441 comments)

Stephen King is probably lucky he lives in a different area of the northeast.......otherwise, he'd be on trial for all sorts of sick demented things.

Like "Rage" which was released under his Richard Bachman Pseudonym?

about 2 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What Old Technology Can't You Give Up?

captbob2002 Re:Rotary Phone (635 comments)

Have two rotary wall phones. With Uverse they are only good for incoming or established calls - but Uverse does put enough current on the line to ring the bells for incoming calls. I keep them because any phone made in the last 25 years is absolute crap. Been though I don't know how many cordless phones made by AT&T (in China, not Western Electric) Panasonic and Uniden...nothing but crap with awful sound quality and they never last very long. Yet the Western Electric phones just keep on working.

Remember those phones were built in the day when Ma Bell owned them and was responsible to fix them if they broke - and they'd have someone out to your house to fix the things quick - not this "sometime in two weeks" crap we see today. So Western Electric built the phones to WORK and LAST, just the way damn near nothing is built today.

about 2 months ago

States That Raised Minimum Wage See No Slow-Down In Job Growth

captbob2002 Re:Local testing works? (778 comments)

screw fines - passed along to consumer. JAIL TIME for those that hire the undocumented.

about 3 months ago

The Improbable Story of the 184 MPH Jet Train

captbob2002 Re:Railroads killed by the government... (195 comments)

...Most of the Interstate is supported by fuel taxes. Fuel taxes are paid for by drivers.

Who are not now paying enough into the system (highway trust fund) to keep it solvent due to the combination of rising costs for maintenance and rebuilding of the highway system and the loss of revenue generated by the fuel taxes as cars have grown more efficient. At some point fuel taxes will need to be raised, tolls imposed, or more money from elsewhere in the budget shifted to highways. That'll be a fun fight to watch and the roads and bridges crumble

about 3 months ago

Rand Paul and Silicon Valley's Shifting Political Climate

captbob2002 Re:Silicon Valley is officially old (533 comments)

That's an interesting alternate history you've concocted there. So robber-barons, child labor, rampant pollution, and killing workers the attempted to stand up for themselves is you idea of the best the United States ever was?

about 3 months ago

Massive Job Cuts Are Reportedly Coming For Microsoft Employees

captbob2002 Re:Microsoft's only commodity is ... (300 comments)

Once upon a time a company that made a decent product and treated its customers (and employees) well didn't have to worry about their stock prices.

about 3 months ago

Google, Detroit Split On Autonomous Cars

captbob2002 Re:Too bad. (236 comments)

Personally, I think if autonomous cars can be proven to be safe and reliable, there will be a virtual tsunami of adoption by the buying public.

The lemmings can have them. What is the real push for autonomous cars? It is not safety. It is so you can be trapped in a metal and glass bubble and pay FULL attention to your infotainment system which will be delivering advertisements to you for the bulk of your ride. No thank you.

about 4 months ago

Google, Detroit Split On Autonomous Cars

captbob2002 Re:Slow Industry (236 comments)

Not all of us toss out our automobile when the newest model with its whizz-bang new options comes around. I'm still working on the third 100,000 mile cycle on my 1991 chevy truck. If I haven't gotten rid of it yet I won't be doing it just to get a USB port. Cars cost too much to replace due to fashion....unless you buy into (ha) the permanent car payment scam known as leasing.

about 4 months ago

Emory University SCCM Server Accidentally Reformats All Computers Campus-wide

captbob2002 Re:Backups (564 comments)

...Universities tend to have important data that absolutely cannot be backed up in any normal way. Data that is legally obligated to stay on one specific computer in one specific room and never leave; under penalty of legal action.

Hate this. Why keep the data where it can be encrypted and backed-up? Why keep it in a secure location as opposed to the Primary Investigator's (PI) office? Gah.

about 5 months ago

Adobe Creative Cloud Services Offline (Again?)

captbob2002 Re:The best part... (164 comments)

State wide we are being strongly encouraged to find alternatives to Adobe products. Adobe told the university system to eff-off and well as a state consortium of CIOs for state agencies.

fine by me, they are being assholes.

about 5 months ago

An Engineer's Eureka Moment With a GM Flaw

captbob2002 Re:GM should've died (357 comments)

Yes, pure luck. A gentle breeze in 2006 could have blown Ford into bankruptcy - there were that close. Ford executives made clear at that time and for a couple years afterwards that they could very well approach the government for financial assistance. If Chrysler and/or GM went down it would have taken Ford as well: supplier networks are very intertwined these days.

about 7 months ago

Why Buy Microsoft Milk When the Google Cow Is Free?

captbob2002 Re:Pay more in taxes (time to bitch) (409 comments)

You really don't understand how unions and contracts work, do you? It is not about protecting the poorest workers - why would any union member want to do that? It makes more work for everyone else and makes all look bad. It is about making sure the contract is followed (especially language pertaining to discipline and dismissal) in each and every case.

If a lousy worker is being kept around it is because a manager somewhere is too lazy to do their job and get rid of the worker.

Too many would rather pawn-off a bad worker on another department or group rather than document the problems, attempt corrective actions, and dismiss the worker if that action doesn't improve performance.

about 7 months ago

What If the Next Presidential Limo Was a Tesla?

captbob2002 Re: The important question is (330 comments)

Pretty common if you were driving a 1971 Vega with its unsleeved aluminum block and cast iron head and ran with it low on oil and low on coolant as so many of them did back in the day.

These days cars require so little maintenance that many folks don't even bother with the tasks they should perform. Change the timing belt? Why? the car still runs.

about 7 months ago

Environmentalists Propose $50 Billion Buyout of Coal Industry - To Shut It Down

captbob2002 Re:This is what Thatcher was good at (712 comments)

So speaks the 1%, or the 1% wanna' be. Did we forget the 11 times Reagan raised taxes or how high he ran up the nation debt or how he declared open season on workers by crushing PATCO -and middle-class wages have stagnated ever since regardless of how productive the workers become or how much profit corporations rake in?

about 7 months ago


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