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Random Number Generator That Sees Into the Future

cardshark2001 Re:Are those REALLY random number generators? (1216 comments)

Typical pseudo-RNGs do not return a gaussian distribution. Usually they return a uniform distribution

True, true. However, when combined with a source of entropy, you can get a nice bell shape. Typical pure pseudo algorithms are seeded with a clock value. Instead, what we can do is seed a good pseudo generator with our entropal value once we have enough entropy bits. We then take the first number that the pseudo generator returns, and start over when we have enough entropy bits again.

(c) Who says that getting a gaussian distribution satisfies each and every possible criterion for randomness? Maybe it is good enough for you, but I'm not that easily convinced. Perhaps you should spend some time thinking/reading what "random" means

Let's not have a peeing contest about who has read more about the subject. I've read plenty. Yes, I know that a gaussian distro is not the only criteria for evaluation of randomness. However, you seemed to be laboring under the impression that a chip can only produce random numbers with a pseudo-RNG. I'm giving you information that apparently you were unaware of. There are sources of entropy even on a deterministic machine. Examples include interrupt timings, and IO timings. In linux, these numbers can be found at /dev/random. Read about it here:. If you accuse everyone who tries to educate you an idiot, people are going to be a bit shy of helping you. How about you learn something instead?

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