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Code Repository Atlassian Buys Competitor BitBucket

carlfish Re:Nevermind that bitbucket competes with sourcefo (150 comments)

A couple of years ago we (Atlassian) showed up at a trade show with a "Friends don't let friends use Sourceforge" banner. Maybe there's some latent corporate hostility. :)

Regardless, I don't understand what this article is truing to say and I sit two desks across from the Bitbucket team!

about 4 years ago

University Brings Charges Against White Hat Hacker

carlfish Re:Seriously? (540 comments)

"This is a University, not a business."

I hate to break this to you, but universities are businesses, and reasonably large ones.

"There's no cost, no down time."

Every successful intrusion costs, and requires down-time. Sure, the guy SAYS he didn't do anything bad or leave behind any surprises, but how far can you trust a guy who broke into your system to begin with?

"I'm sick an tired of seeing these cookie cutter CIS & IST majors graduating having ZERO or less then one year of real world experience. I would much rather hire this guy."

I strongly recommend you read this email from Marcus Ranum to the firewall-wizards mailing-list for an alternative point of view.


more than 6 years ago


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