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Curved TVs Nothing But a Gimmick

carou +1 MOD UP PARENT (261 comments)

Curved TV's reduce breakage in shipping and handling. That's a big deal as screens get bigger. A curved surface is stiffer/stronger than a flat surface of the same area. That's one reason why all the sheet metal in cars is curved.

The marketing dept was charged with the task of selling the curve to the public so they came up with the BS about more realistic images.

I don't know if statistics bear that idea out, but mechanically it's very plausible. This is worthy of comment.

about 4 months ago

Apple Reportedly Buying Beats Electronics For $3.2 Billion

carou Re:3.2 B (198 comments)

Different meaning. In audio circles, compression is a technique used during mastering to make the sound louder without inducing clipping artifacts by selectively amplifying the quieter portions of the audio.

You're right about the ambiguity of the phrase "compressed to hell", but since the GGP then stated talking about "at least cd quality loss-less" I think he really was talking about the lossy file-size compression.

To the GGP: Try testing yourself at if you think you can hear the difference.

about 4 months ago

Theo De Raadt's Small Rant On OpenSSL

carou Re:Summary. (301 comments)

I think the reason he called them irresponsible, is that the code is formatted as though their reallocater were an optional feature, but in fact they've only tested with it switched on. If you switch it off, you're running a bitrotted code path which doesn't work.

about 5 months ago

Time Dilation Drug Could Let Heinous Criminals Serve 1,000 Year Sentences

carou Re:Ridiculous. (914 comments)

This is what happens when a biblical zeal for vengeance meets modern technology.

Biblical? "An eye for an eye" was a limitation, not an entitlement.

about 6 months ago

Android Beats iOS As the Top Tablet OS

carou Re:The year of the Linux Tablet (487 comments)

I'll give it a year. If the market doesn't implode that is. I doubt a tablet and guess what. I don't use it that often. I either use my PC at home, or the laptop when travelling, or the smartphone when I can't be bothered carrying my laptop around. It is niche hardware.

You don't use your Android tablet that often, and this spells doom for the iPad?

Admittedly I'm only guessing you bought Android, but you don't sound like an mass-market Apple user. You think the iPad is niche? I'll tell you what's niche: owning four different computing devices, when just one will do 90% of the things that 90% of people want to do.

about 7 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Do You Still Trust Bitcoin?

carou Objection! (631 comments)

I never trusted Bitcoin.

about 7 months ago

FSF's Richard Stallman Calls LLVM a 'Terrible Setback'

carou Re: It's about tactics: GPL helps free software (1098 comments)

LLVM weakens GCC's ability to attract free software contributors. That's why Apple funds LLVM.

You think Apple funded almost the entire development of a new open source compiler, in order to hurt Linux through hoping that GCC support would get worse. That's what you're seriously claiming?

about 8 months ago

Candy Crush Maker Has Trademarked 'Candy' For Games

carou Does prior art help? (169 comments)

I'm unfamiliar with the U.S. legal system, but surely the fact that King were not the first people to use the word "Candy" in a computer game title must weaken their claim to it? For example "Candy Crisis" from about 1997.

about 7 months ago

Google Seeks To Throw Out UK Safari Tracking Suit

carou Re:Typical American attitude (70 comments)

If you didn't want to limit your legal remedies to those available in a certain area, then why did you agree to doing so in the first place? Was it an intentional act of fraud in order to benefit from what you otherwise couldn't?

This isn't something that just got made up. Its part of the license agreement people agree to in order to install the software.

What license agreement? The only installed software in this discussion in Safari.


Speak for yourself.

about 9 months ago

Critics Reassess Starship Troopers As a Misunderstood Masterpiece

carou Re:The Only Good Bug is a Dead Bug. (726 comments)

As a Dutch person, America's sarcasm detector seems collectively turned completely off. All of Paul Verhoevens films are dark comedies about the big issues of our times (as seen by Mr. Verhoeven), but it seems it takes another Dutchman to see this. The fact that some people only now see Starship Troopers as perhaps somewhat sarcastic blows my mind. How can you miss it?

Yes! Same with Robocop, a satire on corporate greed and its influence on capitalism. Even the studio that produced it doesn't seem to have understood the joke judging by the two sequels they made.

about 10 months ago

Police Use James-Bond-Style GPS Bullet

carou Exchange Rate (210 comments)

It costs $5,000 (£3,108) to install and each bullet costs $500 (£312).

Apparently the exchange rate was updated while they were in the middle of writing that sentence.

about a year ago

Sleeper: LG G2 One of the Fastest Android Smartphones On the Market

carou Re:History Lesson (108 comments)

I only mean that, in isolation from other configuration, turning hyperthreading off produced a higher benchmark result than turning it on. Dell didn't publish details of how they had configured the computer to produce their numbers although the compiler probably had a large part to do with it; according to the follow-up article, the host OS was different (Linux vs Windows) and they had probably used the Intel compiler whereas the VeriTest study used gcc (for both the x86 and the G5, which makes sense if your aim is to compare chip performance as opposed to compiler performance).

From the article:

To be fair, at least Apple and VeriTest tell you what they've done, which is more than can be said for the vendor-supplied figures on SPEC's web site. What tweaks have vendors applied to boost their own scores?

about a year ago

Sleeper: LG G2 One of the Fastest Android Smartphones On the Market

carou Re:Apple Cheating on Benchmarks since 2003 (108 comments)

That report was later discredited. The accusation was largely based on the fact that the testers had disabled hyperthreading on the compared Dell PC: it turned out they had done this because it made that benchmark result *better*. They showed the x86 in its best possible light, so that those in the peanut gallery couldn't credibly accuse them of bias in favour of the G5.

about a year ago

AOSP Maintainer Quits

carou Just wondering... (221 comments)

Is there an upper limit to the number of times we can sarcastically quote "Open Always Wins!" after news articles like this one, before it stops being funny?
I know we haven't reached it yet, I'm just asking for information.

about a year ago

Jeff Bezos Buys the Washington Post

carou Re: good for journalism (150 comments)

iTunes had a DRM-free deal with EMI, which was launched as iTunes+, before Amazon launched their MP3 store.

about a year ago

UK ISP Filter Will Censor More Than Porn

carou Re:Esoteric material? (329 comments)

I'm convinced that he only got that job because Hunt and Health start with the same letter. There was an Embarrassing Incident in his previous role as Culture Secretary.

about a year ago

RMS Urges W3C To Reject On Principle DRM In HTML5

carou Re:Fascinating ... (320 comments)

So do you have any objection to DRM on rentals, then?

DRM is a way of forcing ALL sales to be rentals.

except, no discount for being just a rental. you pay full price but still don't get to actually own what you bought.

Well, that's utterly dodging the question. iTunes has two prices for most of its movies - £1-5 for a "rental" you must watch in a 30 period, or £8-15 to "buy" and you can keep until Apple go out of business. I kinda agree that the "buy" option is a long-term rental in disguise, and I wasn't arguing against you wanting to remove DRM from it. But the explicit "rental" option does have a considerable price discount, and makes it clear what you are getting (and what you are not getting) for your money. Are you saying that iTunes "rental" option should send a non-DRM movie file, and just ask you nicely not to keep it?

What about something like Netflix? You pay one month at a time, for one month's access to their library. It's explicitly a rental arrangement, and if they go out of business you don't lose anything you'd paid for in the past. Do you think their movies should be without DRM too? How do you stop someone from buying a subscription, downloading enough movies to occupy themselves for a year, and then cancelling the subscription after one month? Or is that not something that should be stopped, and Netflix would have to "just alter their business model" to cope with people doing it?

about a year ago

RMS Urges W3C To Reject On Principle DRM In HTML5

carou Re:Fascinating ... (320 comments)

So let's say that I buy 2000$ worth of movies, music, ebooks from some BIG CONTENT provider, and then BIG CONTENT provider is bought by another one, and sells off the music business to some other content provider. Now when I visit their site or use their app I no longer have access to the music I already paid for.

THAT is the why DRM is bad and needs to go away.

So do you have any objection to DRM on rentals, then?

about a year ago

New Study Suggests No Shortage of American STEM Graduates

carou Disambiguation (344 comments)

Why would we need so many people to work with Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopes anyway?

about a year ago


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carou carou writes  |  more than 6 years ago A Northampton curry restaurant has agreed to change its name following legal action by Stelios - otherwise known as easyGroup. Now, I do dislike easyGroup's habit of claiming that any use of the word Easy must necessarily be an infringement of their own trademark - but I do wish that idiots like easyCurry would stop giving them ammunition by so clearly passing themselves off. It wasn't just the name, it was in the same typeface and the same colours - not just in their marketing, but in fact the entire restaurant was decorated in orange, black and white. How did they ever imagine they were bring original?

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