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HTC Becomes Highest Shipping Smartphone Vendor In the US

carsamba Re:Shipped vs sold (151 comments)

HTC mainly does Android, but does Windows Phone too (which IMHO is like iphone with an inferior app store but better UI). HTC keeps churning out devices at a prodigious rate. Even if some are shipped but not sold (and eventually returned), it is a very very respectable number. Their growth figures are astounding. So.. Even if the numbers are inflated by some percent, it is definite that its marketshare is going up. And that's in a wildly growing market.

more than 3 years ago

Microsoft Claims OpenDocument is Too Slow

carsamba Since when Microsoft was concerned with speed? (553 comments)

As a bloatware vendor we all know and love, since when Microsoft has been concerned with performance? Office 6 readily comes to mind, among others. This is a poor excuse IMHO. Next please..

more than 8 years ago


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