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Oracle Deflects Blame For Troubled Oregon Health Care Site

cascadingstylesheet Re:ALL the exchanges failed (84 comments)

You're close ... it's the "business" itself that is unworkable in this case . That's the common denominator.

"Do a bad idea ... but on a computer!" does not stop it from being a bad idea. It just digitizes the implementation of the damage.

about an hour ago

Lying Eyes: Cyborg Glasses Simulate Eye Expressions

cascadingstylesheet Re:authenticity (14 comments)

Why would anyone interpret simulated expressions as genuine other than to delude themselves? And if you're willing to delude yourself, you could also just interpret apathy as caring. I don't understand how this is supposed to work.

Maybe the same reason that it's easier to suspend disbelief when staring at a TV show instead of a blank wall?

Because you could just imagine the action and adventure without any visual aid, but it's easier with one.

1 hour ago

Lying Eyes: Cyborg Glasses Simulate Eye Expressions

cascadingstylesheet why stop there? (14 comments)

Just simulate the whole face ... we won't even have to show up!

1 hour ago

Apache OpenOffice Reaches 100 Million Downloads. Now What?

cascadingstylesheet Re:LibreOffice (249 comments)

LibreOffice is a fork of OpenOffice, created when some core developers were worried with Oracle's lack of attention to the project. Some time after that fork, Oracle donated OpenOffice.org code and trademarks to the Apache Software Foundation to continue the project.

How does that disprove that it is the true descendant?

The damage was done ... the fork was good and right. It's lovely that some attempt was made to right the ship later, but sometimes it's just too late.

The whole "ignore them and just pretend that we are the only real deal" thing didn't work at the time of the split, and it probably won't work now. It's kind of childish, really.

9 hours ago

Amazon Reportedly Launching Smartphone This Year

cascadingstylesheet Re:3D is going to mean jack shit (38 comments)

You mean, like T-mobile with a SIM?

You mean, the US still has phones without SIMs? Locked to a carrier!? No wonder cell-phone plans are so expensive compared to the rest of the world then. (When most things are cheaper in the US.) Its sad. The US once led the world in antitrust law enforcement.

The point was that you can get voice and data with a SIM for around $30. I did. I do. It wasn't that hard to figure out how.

If there was that big a demand for it, it would happen more often. Apparently more than one factor is at work.

3 days ago

The Comcast/TWC Merger Is About Controlling Information

cascadingstylesheet Hmm ... if only ... (107 comments)

Huh, if only "progressives" controlled the federal regulatory agencies ...

5 days ago

Ask Slashdot: Are You Apocalypse-Useful?

cascadingstylesheet meh (728 comments)

The ability to think logically and to analyze and solve problems would be highly useful.

5 days ago

Amazon Reportedly Launching Smartphone This Year

cascadingstylesheet Re:3D is going to mean jack shit (38 comments)

If it can get people a smartphone for $30~ish a month voice and data. Then it will be cool and a game changer.

You mean, like T-mobile with a SIM?

5 days ago

Commenters To Dropbox CEO: Houston, We Have a Problem

cascadingstylesheet Obama (446 comments)

It's Obama's NSA that you are angry about. It's been Obama's NSA for over five years.

When's he going to resign?

5 days ago

Double Take: Condoleezza Rice As Dropbox's Newest Board Member

cascadingstylesheet Re:meh (313 comments)

I really don't care, this is a private company and they can hire who they want to. That being said, I assumed dropbox already was infiltrated by the NSA.

Um ... Obama is currently in charge of the NSA. And has been for over five years.

And you are paranoid about ... Rice?

about a week ago

Google Chrome Flaw Sets Your PC's Mic Live

cascadingstylesheet Re:How conveeeenient! (152 comments)

The NSA really is out to get everyone! Except themselves, of course. That's private.

If only there were some way to rein them in ...

I've got it! "Progressives" could control the Executive branch for over five years. I'd love to see the NSA pull this stuff then!

about a week ago

Photo Web Site Offers a Wall of Shame For Image Thieves

cascadingstylesheet Gaaahhh .... (126 comments)

.... summary ... is word salad ... my head ....

about a week ago

Stephen Colbert To Be Letterman's Successor

cascadingstylesheet Re:WTF? (193 comments)

Because he's a Lefty.

And we must be totalitarian ... all life is politics, you know.

about a week ago

It's Time To Bring Pseudoscience Into the Science Classroom

cascadingstylesheet Re:Why stop there? (470 comments)

I think I misunderstood the point you were making.

Basically, raising minimum wage has always preceded a spike in unemployment.


We are indeed on the same page.

about two weeks ago

Interview: John McAfee Answers Your Questions

cascadingstylesheet sad (124 comments)

When someone that age still feels the need to brag and play the peacock.

about two weeks ago

Why Are We Made of Matter?

cascadingstylesheet Re:Ah, antimatter (392 comments)

God hid it.

God is made of it.

Okay, that's the god excuses out of the way... now on with the physics!

Which is more scientific because ... look, strings! I mean, alternate universes! I mean ... squirrel!

about two weeks ago

The Verge: Google Is Working on a TV Box Of Its Own

cascadingstylesheet So ... (117 comments)

... I use Roku. I like it. I can't just try everything on the market.

Is there some compelling reason for me to try one of these other things?

about two weeks ago

Why No Executive Order To Stop NSA Metadata Collection?

cascadingstylesheet This guy *just now* figured it out? (312 comments)

Hello, Obama has been the man in charge of the NSA for over five years. He's the head of the executive branch.

about two weeks ago

It's Time To Bring Pseudoscience Into the Science Classroom

cascadingstylesheet Re:Why stop there? (470 comments)

History bears this out. It's not pseudoscience. It's economics 101.

Economics 101 is that raising prices lowers demand.

Now, if you want to argue that it achieves something so good that lowering demand is OK, then go ahead. But you can't argue that it doesn't lower demand, because it does.

about two weeks ago

More On the "Cuban Twitter" Scam

cascadingstylesheet Um, what? (90 comments)

It's a bad thing to let some light into a communist dictatorship?

about two weeks ago


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