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catfoo Re:Beagle - installed wrong? (293 comments)

Beagle runs much better if you are using extended attributes, http://beagle-project.org/FAQ "Do I really need extended attributes? It is strongly recommended. There is an sqlite-based fallback in place, but using this as the primary store is slow and noticably degrades performance. Note that, with extended attributes. beagle will use some extra space for storing the attributes of each file. It depends on the filesystem how much is used for each attribute and it is a small amount. However, it can add up to some 10s of MBs for several GBs of files. Also, writing extended attributes changes the ctime of a file; this might cause problem if you are using any backup utility that compares ctime to backup changed files. If you want to run with extended attributes disabled, set the environment variale BEAGLE_DISABLE_XATTR. Keep in mind that beagle will run slower with extended attribute disabled. "

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