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Linux On Another New Architecture: PowerPC 64-bit

catpyss Re:its pretty bad when the editors troll... (131 comments)

I completely understand your point and agree, but if I may offer an example or two of Slashdot reporting: 4&mode=thread
"it looks like NetBSD could give Linux a run for its money in the handheld arena."
" 'Linux 2.4.0 is available for no money. So is FreeBSD. Linux uses advanced hardware, so does FreeBSD. FreeBSD is more stable and faster than Linux, in my opinion. "

Basically the precident is that it is acceptable to be inflammatory as long as your aren't Linux. A majority of the articles comparing BSD and Linux do so on a well-known point, stress under high loads. Notice that Slashdot does not post articles comparing native application support, user-base, or multi-processor support. Posting of such articles or comments will likely be considered inflammitory.

In posting this in now way am I trying to start a flamewar. However, I do feel Slashdot holds a double standard in how it treats BSD remarks, especially on the front page. Being immature and biased is useless, regardless of OS choice. Thoughts?

more than 13 years ago


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