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Platform Independent Gaming?

catseye_95051 How about some research before writing? (505 comments)

I find the /ignorance almsot amusing.

Would anyone else who actually WENT to the GDC like to comment? Here's what I saw at the Sun booth...

A Granbd Prix racer that looks as good as EA's latest , was cross paltform compatable with Win32, Linux and Solaris, and ran at better then 60fps on 1.4gig AMD witha GF3 GTS.

An FPS, equally portable, that ran at 145 FPS on the same kind of box.

A poster sized copy of the PC Gamer reveiw of Roboforge, a commerical game from Liquid Edge. PC Gamer gave it an "Excellent" rating (87%, which is very high in their scale.)

A 3D fighting game with real interactive shadows that ran at 60 fps on the 1.4Gig/GF3GTS box.

A MMOLRPG that looked terrific (better then EQ or DAOC, at least that's what pothers around me looking at it said) that apparently also runs on Win32, Linux and Soalris./ theyd eveloerps told us it took them a total of 2 hours fro mwhen theyw ere first handed a Soa\laris box til they had it running.
(See their GDC report at www.cosm-game.com)

An internet "Smash breothers" type game in 3D that looked and palyed terrific on both Win32 and a OSX Mac.


>>> flame on

Ya gotta love the internet. Its the only medoum I know of which so freely allwos thsoe who knwo nothing to inform those who knwo less. And slash tends to be the internet in microcosm.

Open your minds to new ideas and its amazing what "impossible" thinga you will discover are already happening.

flame off

more than 12 years ago


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