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Google, Apple, Microsoft Sued Over File Preview

catwh0re Re:Two words: (250 comments)

It's a gift for the lawyers really... who is dumb enough to go against three litigiously-experienced heavy weights with a frivolous patent lawsuit.

more than 5 years ago

Of childhood "building" toys, my favorite is ...

catwh0re i loved my capsela. (785 comments)

capsela is why i am an electronic engineer.

about 6 years ago

Study Finds iPhone Twice As Reliable As BlackBerry

catwh0re Re:This result isn't surprising. (301 comments)

While the newton, geoport modem, scanners and displays come to mind, I am thinking of Apple's larger skill set here in producing electronic devices. Such as laptops, chips and at a more basic level many electronic standards. They have a very wide tool set of experience to call upon.

about 6 years ago

Study Finds iPhone Twice As Reliable As BlackBerry

catwh0re Re:bias. (301 comments)

actually, the apple consumers are usually very pedantic about their product and rightly so, the product is usually marketed as a premium item and costs a little more than the competitor.

So far even minor issues found in the iphone have been turned into a maelstrom of users, fanboys and haters all cashing in their feedback. There are people actively petitioning the iPhone for the following: Canadian pricing, the autocorrection feature having a disable switch, iphone unlocking/drm, 3rd party application NDAs, iphone in china & other providers, chrome for iphone, mms, 802.1x NACS, etc etc.

The blackberry is not getting anywhere near this much attention, petitions for the blackberry are aimed at the service providers disablement of a particular BB feature.

However all this vocal activity is a good thing for apple, as it gives them ways they can improve their product.

about 6 years ago

Study Finds iPhone Twice As Reliable As BlackBerry

catwh0re This result isn't surprising. (301 comments)

Apple have many years of experience in making small electronic devices that users run with, drop, hit, sweat into, cover in dirt, dust and sand, sit on and so on. They've learnt and studied reliability significantly from and for all those iPods.

Combining this with apple's experience in electronics and software and I'm not surprised that the iPhone is failing less than a company who only have experience in producing one kind of product for a significantly shorter amount of time with a much smaller research & development budget.

about 6 years ago

Apple Can Remotely Disable iPhone Apps

catwh0re Re:makes sense to me.. (550 comments)

I second that, meanwhile there is a lot of distrust for apple - in spite of them having one of the most trusted operating systems... bizarre.

more than 6 years ago


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