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School Spying Scandal Gets Even More Bizarre

cavemanf16 Re:To be fair (699 comments)

Sancho, either you actually believe such a ridiculous statement, or you sir, are the worst troll I've seen in a while on Slashdot.

more than 4 years ago

Physicists Discover How To Teleport Energy

cavemanf16 Re:Consistent Histories? (365 comments)

I love this! The "science is god" crowd always loves to cry foul when anyone claims that there are fundamental absolutes about morality, existence, and rationality because, well, obviously we don't know everything. But when science fiction *possibilities* (not probabilities, but possibilities - and in this case, rather far-fetched ones) are taken to task, they want to cry foul again. So which is it, atheists/evolutionists/agnostics? Do we have ANY reasonable, rational basis to believe that information CAN be transmitted faster than light? (Cluetrain: The answer is NO!) Do we have any reasonable, rational basis to disprove God's existence either? (Cluetrain: no, you don't... perhaps you can't prove His existence, but you also can't disprove His existence, either, on purely material grounds.) BTW, The General Theory of Relativity *refined* Newton's theories; it didn't blow it away and make it null and void.

more than 4 years ago

Best Tool For Remembering Passwords?

cavemanf16 Dropbox + KeePass (1007 comments)

Dropbox is a great "access anywhere" secure solution across all major OS platforms, and using KeePass is a great software (as many have already mentioned) for managing all the different passwords you have. Upload KeePass - the executable and the database - to Dropbox, keep your master password verification file that KeePass creates for you on the computers you use and a USB key drive, and you will be very safe and secure, but unhindered by being tied to a particular OS or physical media. When you use dozens of different password-only websites, multiple network logins at work, and your own home computer password apps, it becomes imperative to manage it all in some sane way. The only way to do this for me before was a USB key + TrueCrypt + KeePass, but with Dropbox you eliminate the physical media to be lost accidentally. (And I thought a while back that I HAD lost my USB key, and I literally started freaking out before finding it on my car floor. Switched to Dropbox later that night, and no more freak-out sessions for me.)

more than 5 years ago

Bad Driving May Have Genetic Basis

cavemanf16 Re:Chromosomes? (449 comments)

I've been saying for years that I need such a contraption on my car!! You bikers have all the fun! :(

more than 5 years ago

How Do You Sync & Manage Your Home Directories?

cavemanf16 del.icio.us, TrueCrypt, USB stick, and iPod (421 comments)

del.icio.us has plugins for IE, Firefox, and there is a less useful third-party plugin for Safari which make it easy to "sync" your bookmarks across computers, so I use that for my browser synchronization.
TrueCrypt keeps my really important data (passwords, resume, other sensitive personally identifiable info) safe and secure on my USB drive.
My USB stick on my keychain holds a copy of TrueCrypt to boot from directly when you plug it into a USB port (you need admin authority on the computer you're using to use this feature though), and then some other miscellaneous documents I wouldn't want to lose but aren't sensitive sit on my USB stick in generic folders.
And lastly, my iPod holds a copy of all of the music I care to not lose. (My wife and I also have a 750GB backup drive attached to our iMac at home to keep all of our media files, like photos and video, backed up)

Everything else is either done "in the cloud" online for us, or is proprietary or sensitive data that shouldn't be getting moved off of the primary computer it is on anyway.

more than 5 years ago

Gene Transfer Immunizes Against Monkey HIV Analog

cavemanf16 Finally (104 comments)

Because people should just stop touching the monkeys. They've got problems enough as it is!

more than 5 years ago

Against Unknown Viruses, Avira AntiVir the Winner For Now

cavemanf16 Yay for uber-dorks (170 comments)

I downloaded one of the reports from this AV testing company/lab. Yeah, their report used Courier New throughout. Seriously, it's not that hard to just use the default Times New Roman or Arial fonts for reports. I don't expect perfection in presentation, but to intentionally choose a difficult-to-read font because it's what programmers use on the command line reeks of annoying.

more than 6 years ago



How to emmigrate from America in IT

cavemanf16 cavemanf16 writes  |  more than 6 years ago

cavemanf16 writes "How would an American citizen with an IT background and 5-10 years of business experience expatriate themselves to a European country to take a similar job to what they do today? Recently I have been interested in the possibilities of moving permanently to the UK (likely Scotland) or Ireland 1) to experience a whole new world outside of my American upbringing, and 2) to improve my business skills in a much more international setting. I am married with no kids, my particular job (Business Analyst) remains an in-demand job worldwide, and I would like to continue doing this job if I were to move overseas so I think my prospects of this idea becoming a reality is somewhat higher than a mere dream. I know that Monster.com, LinkedIn.com, and Salary.com are all good starting points for this search of mine, but what other methods might I use to further explore this option of moving permanently to an English speaking foreign country?"
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My question got included in an Ask Slashdot

cavemanf16 cavemanf16 writes  |  more than 13 years ago 7) Polling questions
by cavemanf16

I have often wondered how biased polls are based on the questions asked, the demographics of the people polled, etc. When results about polls are made public, is it also possible to obtain information about how the poll was conducted in a simple, by request method? Now if the answer to that question is, no, how much can we rely on polls, since we have no way of verifying if the questions asked and the people interviewed were heavily biased to favor one outcome over another? (Such as in the recent large discrepancies of the 8% vs. 24% use of Linux as a server results that we've seen on Slashdot recently).


I believe that I've already covered this area in previous answers. It is clear that IDC's server operating environments data is being compared to another research firm's server adoption data. This comparison really isn't valid for several reasons including the fact that supply-side research is being compared to demand-side research and the fact that software research is being compared to hardware research.

IDC's extensive hardware research shows that Linux only holds a small share of the market when one examines shipments of servers and then segments it by the operating system which was installed at the factory. IDC's software research is showing that Linux server software is being installed on both older and new systems and that the configurations being used as servers include PCs, workstations, appliance servers, and more traditional server configurations.

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