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What Isn't There an App For?

cb_abq An abundance of crappy software (421 comments)

Many applications (I refuse to use the term 'app' that diminishes the need for quality, but prefer the term 'applet') are still poorly written and documented. The obvious desire to release a product and start getting paid smells the same as a generation that values instant gratification over investment. I want an application that identifies and rejects poor software, sending it back to the code mill for completion.

about three weeks ago

In the US, Rich Now Work Longer Hours Than the Poor

cb_abq Reverse logic, as usual (311 comments)

The rich are rich because they work longer hours, and the poor are poor because they don't.

about 9 months ago

Aging Is a Disease; Treat It Like One

cb_abq Insanity, pure insanity. (625 comments)

If we cure narcissism, then we don't have to worry anymore about people who believe themselves so valuable as to be needed by the world forever. There is no mathematical reasoning that supports an immortal species, or even one that has extended their lifespan beyond three or four generations. Nature, at least on this planet, will not allow it.

about a year and a half ago

Higher Hard Drive Prices Are the New Normal

cb_abq SSD, baby (268 comments)

Spinning disks are dead. They cost too much to produce, have too many moving parts, and require more expensive fabrication facilities than SSD. SSD manufacturing is easier and cheaper to distribute, preventing this problem.

more than 2 years ago

System Admin's Unit of Production?

cb_abq KW productivity (556 comments)

As a technical member of a highly specialized profession, you alone may be able to quantify your output, particularly if you work independently on projects. Measuring the productivity of knowledge workers for the purposes of assessing cost and improving efficiency has been a management problem since Peter Drucker began writing about knowledge workers and the knowledge economy in the 1950's. Your counter of beans should know that if he or she has had any formal management training or has picked up a book. This is also one of the problems that has plagued the information technology field due the difficulty in determining return-on-investment and setting budgets accordingly. Your manager has a challenge ahead if he or she is determined to attach a prod-o-meter to your seat. One of the methods commonly used is through trouble-call tracking systems, and measuring statistics such as calls closed and average time to closure. It is unreasonable at best and destructive at worst to assess performance of project-oriented workers using these metrics. YMMV.

more than 7 years ago


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