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IBM's Watson To Be Used For Cancer Treatment

cblack Re:Why is Watson needed for this? (46 comments)

Disclosure: I work at the NY Genome Center.
The reason the language processing is important is because this application of Watson ingests journal articles to "learn" that tumors with mutation X affect pathway P and cross reference that with other articles that might say drug D is effective for regulating pathway P.
This creates a knowledge base watson can then use to apply to a sequenced tumor that has mutations that may include X and can suggest the possible effectiveness of drug D.
The Watson team has done a fair amount of work over the past few years to get Watson to "understand" the language and terms used in medical journal articles to enable it to extract information from the plain text articles.
One of the main wins of Watson isn't so much the query front end, but the ability to use unstructured text to develop networks of related assertions.

about 6 months ago

Can Red Hat Do For OpenStack What It Did For Linux?

cblack Re:So what's up with ovirt? (118 comments)

oVirt is a virtualization management tool. It controls lower virtualization layers like KVM.

KVM is the virtualization structure in the Linux kernel

about a year ago

Can Red Hat Do For OpenStack What It Did For Linux?

cblack Re:So what's up with ovirt? (118 comments)

Yeah well, before that they were the major player behind what, Xen?

Xen: yes, they were behind Xen for a while years ago. The community and experts moved on to KVM, so did RedHat.

And had the only decent management tools for it?

I don't see how this is a question. Maybe they did, idunno. Hardly matters now that relatively few people still use Xen.

They change their mind about this every week. I'll believe it when I see it.

No they don't. And you won't believe it when you see it because you won't recognize it.
Because you're dumb.

about a year ago

Google Rolling Out Gmail Redesign

cblack Re:labels = folders; you == uninformed; (303 comments)

Grr, should be "labels >= folders", /. filter killed that. That is, labels are BETTER THAN folders in my opinion and the opinion of pretty much everyone who understands them properly.

about a year ago

Google Rolling Out Gmail Redesign

cblack labels = folders; you == uninformed; (303 comments)

Many people are wrong-headed on this, labels are superior to folders.
With folders, an email message can be filed to one and only one folder.
With labels, any number of labels can be attached to a message.
This means you can have labels like "vendors" and "Project X" and a single message can be labelled as both.
In addition, you can easily set up filters in gmail to apply labels, set read status, etc.
In gmail the idea of "inbox" right now is just a label that gets applied to (most) incoming email. You can archive it out of your inbox by removing that label.

Regarding filtering, if you are going to slam gmail for missing a feature outlook has, at least don't be completely wrong.

You also seem to misunderstand the new mailbox and thinking about "tabs".


about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Do You Test Your New Hard Drives?

cblack Re:dban followed by smartctl (348 comments)

dd does a block copy from input to output, /dev/zero is a device in linux that will always read zeros. smartctl is a cmdline utility (part of smartmontools package) that can be used to read error logs and counters from hard drives. So he uses dd to write a bunch of zeros to a new drive in blocks of 8MB and then checks to see if the smart firmware reported any errors.

The zpool/scrub bits are specific to running a zfs pool but could be useful to check a batch of drives at once.

about a year and a half ago

Raunchy Dance Routine a PR Nightmare For Microsoft

cblack Re:Don't put the s/hip/young/ in charge (322 comments)

I think this could be replaced with just "Don't put the young/new person in charge of spicing things up". Hipster is a bit of a charged word, and I think there are plenty that others wouldn't think of as hipsters who would still make this sort of mistake (e.g. recently-graduated frat-bros who used to set up skits that pushed the edge of racism).

more than 2 years ago

Do Headphones Help Or Hurt Productivity?

cblack Metal with incomprehensible vocals is best for me (405 comments)

I find the more recognizable words there are or the more focus on the vocals the harder it is to tune out and use as background music. Growly metal with good drums/guitars is my favorite but I also like some electronica as well. If the task doesn't take much concentration I may switch to rock. Hip-hop is the hardest to tune out and I've heard many with the same opinion.
Note that I enjoy hip-hop it is just very much a language/vocal-centric genre much like pop and I think that is the key (for me at least).

more than 2 years ago

Iran Wants To Clone Downed US Drone

cblack Re:...But he said Please! (663 comments)

...and when it detects Ahmadinejad's voice print nearby it goes kaboom!

more than 2 years ago

Iran Wants To Clone Downed US Drone

cblack Re:Now these guys have some balls (663 comments)

Dick Cheney has criticized Obama's handling of this incident, saying that he should have ordered an airstrike immediately to prevent the tech from falling into Iranian hands. Sounds pretty crazy to me.
Also, upon further reading it sounds like the designers may have purposely avoided sensitive cutting-edge technology due to the high probability of a single-engined UAV failing over enemy territory.

more than 2 years ago

Iran Wants To Clone Downed US Drone

cblack Re:why no self-destruct? (663 comments)

These drones do have a self-destruct as well as other "things are going wrong" modes. One of them is to just circle waiting for control communications to be re-established. Another one is an automatic safe landing mode. Some people suspect that this drone may have gone into auto landing mode which would explain why it appears undamaged. For such a sensitive device leading to such horrible PR if captured, I feel perhaps the self-destruct should be the default failure mode :)
However, having it just blow up in some civilian household would probably not be good PR either.

more than 2 years ago

TV Isn't Broken, So Why Fix It?

cblack Lady Hoggers?! (was: Re:Simple...) (839 comments)

Wow, thanks so much for making me aware that there is a show called "Lady Hoggers." I have no opinion one way or the other, but the title alone made me smile when I searched and found out it was real.

more than 2 years ago

When Geeks Meet, Are They More Likely To Have Autistic Kids?

cblack Re:When I was a kid we didn't have peanut allergie (327 comments)

All this proves is that more parents are reporting to daycare providers that their children deathly allergic to peanuts. I've heard it before. The question is whether the incidents of children who are truly that allergic to peanuts (to the point of coma) has increased or parents whose children have mild peanut allergies have been led to believe they are OMGDEATHLYSERIOUS or at least tell other people it is that severe.

more than 2 years ago

Why We Shouldn't Begrudge Commercial Open Source Companies

cblack Can we still begrudge Oracle? (172 comments)

They aren't exactly an open source company, but a company that has bought the prior commercial sponsors of open source packages. In many cases they then proceeded to bungle community interaction and knock some of the appeal off the original technologies among many decision makers.

more than 3 years ago

Native ZFS Is Coming To Linux Next Month

cblack Re:ZFS recap (273 comments)

But we're all slashdotters here,...

I'm not!

about 4 years ago

How many processes are running on your desktop box?

cblack Re:50 exactly (382 comments)


more than 4 years ago


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