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Uniforms For the Help Desk?

ccktech Depends on your situation (837 comments)

My helpdesk decided on their own to wear flourescent vents that highway workers wear. They wanted to as part of a rollout of a new knowledge base system for the employees and as a way to let people know who they are. Results seem to be pretty good so far as when they go somewhere we get more of the hallway conversations that are really useful rather than just being some random unknown person in the building.

more than 5 years ago

Best IT Solution For a Brand-New School?

ccktech Active Whiteboards (411 comments)

I work for a school district in the US and the bang for your money is Active Whiteboards and software such as http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Activstudio. It was incredible how this technology really enabled better teaching and interactions with the kids. The next thing is mobile labs of laptops. However, these do require a good wireless support network. ski

about 6 years ago

Best Online Remote Backup Service w/Linux Client?

ccktech Divinsa is another option (70 comments)

I provide consulting services to Divinsa. They use BackupPC to provide online backups for unix machines such as Linux, Mac, and FreeBSD. Dual datacenters with the data replicated between them. Check them out at http://www.divinsa.com./

more than 8 years ago



How do you improve your general System Admin skills?

ccktech ccktech writes  |  about 2 years ago

ccktech (714574) writes "I am wondering what are the best ways for system admins to improve their general system admin skills such as scripting, troubleshooting, communication, documentation after they have been working for a few years. My wife, a nurse, has the requirement for so many training hours a year and there are many opportunities for her ranging from 4 hour sessions at work, online training, to weekend long seminars. Most of these are not specific to a vendor, but general nursing skills. For system admins it seems we have expensive ($5000/week) vendor training or conferences, slightly less expensive online versions of the vendor training, or weekend training at some smaller conferences such as LOPSA-East, Cascadia IT, or SCALE. Do you know of other ways for system admins to improve their general skills? What do you do to improve your general system admin skills?"

Israeli scientists freeze water by warming it.

ccktech ccktech writes  |  more than 4 years ago

ccktech (714574) writes "As reported by NPR and Chemistry world this morning the Journal Science has a paper by David Ehre, Etay Lavert, Meir Lahav, and Igor Lubomirsky of Israel's Weizmann Institute has figured out a way to freeze pure water by warming it up. The trick is that pure water has different freezing points depending on the electrical charge of the surface it resides on. They found out that a negatively charged surface causes water to freeze at a lower temperature than a postively charged surface, Putting water on the pyroelectric material Lithium Tantalate which has a negative charge when cooler but a positive change when warmer; water would remain a liquid down to 17 degrees C. and then freeze when the substrate and water was warmed up and the charge change positive where water freezes at 7 degrees C."

Ohio Linux Fest 2009 Coming Soon

ccktech ccktech writes  |  more than 5 years ago

ccktech (714574) writes "Ohio Linux Fest 2009 looks to be better than last year with talks by Dr Douglas McIIroy, Shawn Powers, Cat Allman, Paul Cutler, Peter H. Salus, Doug Vann, Klaatu and others on topics such as video editing, security, Ruby, Drupal, Gnome 3.0, Python, and more. Sponsors include Zenoss, Digium, Oracle, Novell, Google, IBM, Sourceforge and others. LOPSA is partnering with OLF to provide a day long tutorial program wiht classes on LDAP, SPAM filtering, Disaster Recovery, LTSP, and LTSP. There is even a marriage officiated by Jon "Maddog" Hall."
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Ohio Linux Fest Invitation

ccktech ccktech writes  |  more than 5 years ago

ccktech (714574) writes "Randy Noseworthy and Janet Edmonson

Invite you to join with them at the Ohio Linux Fest

5pm Friday the 25th, 2009

at Hyatt Regency Columbus Hayes Ballroom,

400 North High Street Columbus, Ohio

to join with them as they

merge their lives into a single source.

Officiants for this Service will be

Lord Drachenblut


John âoeMaddogâ Hall"

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M$ Vine - A mashup of Twitter, Maps, & Newsfe

ccktech ccktech writes  |  more than 5 years ago

ccktech writes "M$ is beta testing a new service call Vine (http://www.vine.net/about.aspx) which allows you to "Use the dashboard to know what's happening. Information associated with the places you have chosen will appear on your map, including articles from 20,000 news and public safety sources. Information from people you care about, such as alerts and reports, will appear on the dashboard too. Send and receive alerts. Organize people into groups" In their fact sheet (http://www.vine.net/static/pdf/vine_factsheet.pdf) they mention "Microsoft Vine aims to create an inclusive network so that ultimately anyone can participate, through a social networking application such as Twitter or Facebook or using e-mail, any computer connected to the Internet, or a mobile phone, kitchen phone or a special needs device." Unfortunately at the end of the fact sheet they have "System Requirements for Microsoft Vine Beta Operating system: Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (32-bit edition only), Windows Vista (32-bit or 64-bit editions)""


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